Written by small_man

21 May 2012

I posted in February describing how my wife had become the dominant partner in our relationship (Wife in charge) following my redundancy and how she viewed me as being sexually inadequate. We discussed taking this to the next step and we now have, which I would like to share with you.

Before we were married, she had an affair with a married guy (we will call him Dave).

He stood out among her former lovers because he knew his way round a woman's body, gave her a number of orgasms and had a 'decent sized dick'. He was an older guy and is now close to retirement.

I encouraged her to get back in touch with him (he works for the same company) and see what happened. They started off with lunch and she made it plain she was available, wearing a low cut top which showed off her large breasts to good effect and laying some heavy flirting. After a few weeks of meeting for coffee, Dave suggested dinner. My wife, who is a larger lady, dressed carefully, in a long black low cut dress, black stockings and French knickers. She had her hair done too. She was very nervous. It is one thing to talk about it but quite another to go through with it. We have a really good marriage and she needed a lot of encouragement. I reminded her that he had a good sized cock and would be able to satisfy her sexually in a way I simply can't.

They had dinner which was a very enjoyable and light hearted affair and he drove her home. We live in the country so Dave was being gallant offering to do this - I had dropped her off at the bistro. As suspected he parked up in a secluded lane near our village. She told me that they sat for a while and and then he began to kiss her, a really deep snog with his hands cupping her big breasts. It wasn't long before his hands found their way up her skirt and began stroking her pussy through her knickers. He then put his fingers inside her knickers and began fingering her. She said that was the point she felt she should stop but he persevered and soon had her hips writhing as he brought her to a really intense orgasm.

As she lay there she said she felt she should have stopped him but he pulled her knickers down and threw them in the passenger footwell. He had unzipped himself and his cock was standing to attention. She said it was ages since she had seen such a big, stiff cock, some seven and a half inches or so and thick, dwarfing my five inch cock. She stroked his cock and began to suck him. She has always given a good blow job.

She is a mature lady in her late 40s, and fucking in the car wasn't an option so they climbed out and she bent over the boot. As he pulled her skirt up she said she realised this was the point of no return, and went a bit hot and cold as he lifted her dress up over her hips exposing her big bare arse. He then pushed down his own trousers and pants and entered her quickly, although she was wet she said she really felt him fill her up and became quite vocal!. Dave didn't last long and fucked her hard before spunking his load. They tidied themselves up, got back in the car and he dropped her off.

She looked flushed and a bit embarassed when she came through the front door. I made us a coffee and she told me all about it. We went up to the bedroom, I was really stiff as she told me in detail what had happened. Her pussy hair was still wet and she smelled of her own juices and his fresh spunk. There wasn't much of Dave's cum left inside her but I had waited for this moment for so long and when I entered her, that delicious feeling of another man's spunk had me spunking my own load really quickly.

She now teases me about her lover and his big dick and how much he filled her up. I am delighted she has gone through with this experience, especially with a good, decent guy who is also married and knows how to be discrete. The next step will be a weekend away I think. This isn't about sexual acrobatics, that doesn't happen at our age, but I am glad she has found a man who can satisfy her and give her the pleasure of a genuinely large cock. She also knows this is a huge turn on for me.