Written by gray

1 Nov 2016

this is a true story I was on holiday with my wife and I fancied a cold beer so I went to the bar I was drinking a cold beer when a good looking black bloke started chatting to me I could not help but notice how big is cock was in is shorts he noticed me looking and said you like cock then I relied never tried it im married he replied would you like to by this time I did not know wat to say so he replied he for gotten something from is room asked if I fancied another beer at the bar by is room so off we went to is room first where he got is sunglasses then he said one minute while I put my swim shorts on I could not belive it he changed in front me a big black cock bout 10 inches I looked at it he said feel it I daint so he grabbed me arm and put it on is cock it felt great I started wanking him next thing I was sucking is nipples thetn I looked him in the face and he kissed me god it felt good is tongue in my mouth next thing I went down on him sucking is cock next thing he came in my mouth it tasted really nice I wanted more of it in me mouth then when it was hard again I asked him to fuck me bareback I wanted to feel is hot spunk going in me once he finished I gave him a good rimming I got fucked by him bout 6 times that week best holiday I ever had now I want more black cock would love 2 be spit roasted now