Written by Naughtiescouple

9 Apr 2008

Our family holiday in Cyprus last summer turned out to be much nicer than we were expecting. Together with our two kids we were at a luvly hotel in Cypus and had got friendly with another group who included one couples 21 year old son....

Now as a couple we have had our share of nice times, sex with other people etc - which has almost always meant other men, cos I'm greedy like that. But this had almost always beenw ith people (guys) of roughly our ages - late 40's... Always had the woman fantasy of young guys having me,,,,but.....

Anyway, this 21 year old had obvioulsy had too much sun as it was obvious even to me that he sort of fancied me, he had a great ability to turn up just as I was topless and trying to put lotion on - but I by and large let it all pass. However, hubby had other ideas and finally after days of encouraging and then far too much wine at lunch time, I was persuaded to go out on a pedalo/small sailing boat with just this young guy.....very silly... Topless, a bit drunk and loving his compliments I gave in and some 500 meters off the beach, ended up minus bikin bottoms, being seriously fingered and having my tits played with for ages...I got very horny, and came on his fingers - before pulling his shorts off and giving him a BJ....

Don't think anyone could see from the beach - so ended up sitting astride him and being fucked in this boat - and it was sooo very sexy..

Went back to the beach after that - and should have left it there, but ended up having sex with this young guy loads more over the remaining holiday, both with and without hubby including on the beach, in the pool and over a pool table....My sexy 21 year old really seemed to be turned on by me - that was horny..

I like Cyprus