Written by Nigel and Hanna

25 Apr 2018

Hi, I’m Nigel, I’m 25 and my girlfriend is Hanna is 19. We met a couple of years ago and have had an amazing time ever since. When we met, Hanna was 17 and was in a relationship with a 56-year-old guy and I had just ended a relationship with a 45 year old married woman. We realised that we both had a thing about fucking older people so we decided to go our separate ways. However, we kept bumping into each other so decided to keep it casual and just met for sex a few times a week but agreed that we could fuck other people when we wanted. Hanna is amazing, she’s got a killer body, slim, red head with huge tits and pretty as fuck, I look after myself and have a decent sized cock and can go for hours so we have great sex. However, after a while we fell for each other and decided to have an exclusive relationship.

That lasted about 6 months until we went on holiday to a great place in Portugal called Porto. We love it there and spend a decent amount of money to stay in a really nice hotel. Now, because we are both good looking and look after ourselves we never had a problem making friends, especially Hanna and as the hotel where we stay has mainly older guests (some younger ones as well) it was like a playground for us. Hanna would always have older men fussing over her. The first tie we went we arrived on the Saturday and had coffee but within 30 min she was approached by a guy in his 60’s. I had gone to get a map of the city and when I came back she saw me and sent a text to tell me that he was flirting really outrageously.

To cut a long story short I sat as close as I could so I could hear what they were saying. I sent a text telling her to see if he wanted to fuck. The next thing I hear is, she’s asking him if he wanted to have sex with her. He, very politely tells her ‘of course’ and they go to his room and fuck. Needless to say that after a while she comes to our room and we fuck as she’s telling me all about it, how he had a long skinny cock and didn’t cum much but she liked it.

It never ceases to amaze me how couples you would never think would fuck, do. For example, on that holiday we fucked a couple on three separate days / evenings. They were French and well off.

He was in his early 60’s and she was about the same age. Both good looking, he had a body of a man 20 years or ore younger and she wasn’t too bad herself. As I found out later, the only thing that gave her age away was her very soft long tits. Hanna and I were minding our own business having an evening meal, she was wearing a tight low-cut dress which showed a lot of breast and got a decent amount of attention and I think she wore it to for just that reason. This older couple sit on the next table and start a conversation. We are talking about what he does and what I do and where we are from and what part of France they are from and so on. Then they ask us to join them for coffee and its obvious that they are taken by Hanna, giving her compliments and telling her how attractive she was. Then at around 11pm the conversation stops and the French guy sits back and I shot you not this is what he says. ‘ I hope I don’t offend you but we are French and French people love having sex with other beautiful people. Not please don’t be offended and feel free to refuse but would the two of you like to come to our room to fuck’?

I was thinking of what to say to that when Hanna sits up and say’s ‘ok’ and stands up. He says ‘ that’s great’ and we all walk to the lift. I sneak a look at Hanna who has a bit grin on her face and shrugs her shoulders with that ‘what the hell’ expression on her face.

I needn’t have worried about how it would play out because as soon as the door to their room closed Hanna unzipped her dress and steps out of it, she was stark bollock naked, her big tits hanging there. Our two French friends start getting undressed so I joined them and in seconds Hanna is on her back, her legs hanging over the end of the bed with her fuck buddy eating her pussy.

Her groaning gives me a semi hard on. This guys wife gets on her knees and starts sucking my soft cock which soon gets hard. I watch Hanna pull herself back to the top of the bed and watch this guy sucking her big tits and finger fuck her pussy. Hanna is groaning and thrusting her hips into his hand whilst my fuck buddy is moaning and sucking my cock and balls, her soft tits swaying.

Then he says something in French and feeds his impressive cock into my girlfriend who lets out a loud groan and then they start fucking. Hanna’s feet are over his shoulders and he’s pumping her for all he’s worth. She groaning and telling his how fucking amazing he is and how his ‘amazing cock’ is filling her pussy and begging him to keep going repeating ‘ this is fucking amazing, this is fucking amazing, fuck me, fuck me’. I almost forget about his wife who’s still sucking my cock so I pull her up and lead her to the bed, I get her onto her hands and knees next to Hanna and kneel behind her and guide my cock into her partially shaved grey pussy and as I start to fuck her she lets out s squeal.

But even as I’m pumping his wife and having a feel of her soft tits I can’t stop watching Hanna, her fuck buddy is laying on top of her and the one huge tit I can see is bouncing with every thrust. Hanna is sweating pint’s, perspiration covering her breast, her nipple big and hard and erect. He gets up and stretches his arms out whilst continuing to fuck my girlfriend who’s legs are now wrapped round his back. I can see both her tits and I’m made even harder by how wet she is and how sweat is dripping off them as they bounce. Hanna is telling grunting ‘ your fucking amazing’ and ‘ I want to cum’ followed by ‘ I’m going to cum’. Her continual rant about how amazing he is and how he’s making her cum is muffled by his tongue in her mouth. He kneels up and drags Hanna down so his cock can stay inside her and as they continue fucking he’s squeezing her big soft tits. Hanna’s mouth is open and I can hear faint whimpering.

I feel guilty that I’m not giving my fuck buddy much attention so I pull out and turn her onto her back. I can get her whole breast in my mouth and have a good suck and put my hand in her pussy and give her a good hand fucking.

By now I am well on my way to shooting my loan so I slide my cock back into his wife, she’s groaning and howling and this sets Hanna off and she starts demanding that he fucks her hard and is thrusting her hips to get him in as deep as he can go, I know this because it’s what she does with me.

Our French fuck buddies are grunting and saying stuff in French, I ‘m fucking his wife hard whilst bent over sucking her soft tits. Her husband is banging Hanna hard whilst Hanna is announcing to us all that she’s going to cum.

For a brief second, I wonder what the etiquette for this is, should I pull out and cum on her tits or is it ok to cum inside her, should I have asked first and should he cum inside my girlfriend? She’s on the pill but neither of us are wearing condoms. But that soon passes and becomes irrelevant when Hanna lets out a deep squeal and groan as she climaxes and he gives a number of hard thrusts and is clearly filling my girlfriend with cum over and over again. So I think ‘ fuck it’ and let go, shooting my seed into his wife who starts to shake and grip the sheet with her hands, letting to and gripping them over and over. I keep fucking her and cum again whilst Hanna cleans her man’s cock with her mouth.

After a good while of trying to get our breath back we say out goodbye’s and thankyou’s and leave.

Hanna and I are too knackered to fuck. After looking at the time we realise that we have been fucking for the best part of an hour so we shower together then fall asleep. We did fuck in the morning before breakfast. That evening the four of us fucked again and it was amazing, Hanna being fucked by the three of us. It was weird watching my girlfriend rubbing pussy’s with another woman after her fuck buddy had cum inside her and then me. Then he fuck her again and I fuck his wife, all four if us pressed against each other. The next evening was much more dignified. Hanna appends the night with him and his wife with me so I decide to take full advantage of it.

She’s a bit of a slut and loved rough play so fuck her against the wall, over a chair, missionary style, doggy style. She begs me to fuck her in the ass so I hold her down and do as I’m told. She asks me to wash my cock so I od as I’m asked and then she gets on her knees and tells me to fuck her mouth. I warned her I was going to cum and she grabs me so I can’t move and I cum good and hard filling her mouth. She shows me and then swallows.

I manage to fuck her once more before we go to sleep and fuck again in the shower the next morning before she leaves for her room. Hanna comes in a few minutes later, she clearly hasn’t slept and skips breakfast. I decide to leave her alone for the rest of the morning and go for a walk. Later she tells me that he is an animal. They fucked all night, they would fuck and rest fuck and rest and that he come inside her five or six times which I didn’t think was possible and leaves me feeling a little inadequate.

For the next two days Hanna struggled, too tired to do much and sore. She told me that he fucked her in the ass with his big cock whilst at the same time his hand was in her pussy, she told me he was amazing but more than she could handle which is something coming from her. Our fuck biddies left that day and we never saw them again. We realised that we sent most f the week having sex and didn’t see much of the city so went back to the same hotel 6 months later but attracted similar attention but that’s a whole other story for next time.