Written by Joe

16 Apr 2017

I am currently a night manager of a medium size hotel in the provinces, we are about 20 miles from a major town, in a small town quite close to a motorway, we have a four-star rating and the hotel is privately owned.

Our weekdays are mainly weekdays, funeral wakes and meetings, some of our visitors are play away couples, you can always spot these easily

Weekends are couples on romantic breaks, family visiting family, weddings and all associated parties, these can be interesting!

As the job title says I am night Manger this in real term means jack of all trades but mainly security. I do have responsibilities for late drinks, food and the rearranging of meeting rooms. I am totally un-shockable I would say that “if you can dream it I have seen it”!

It’s also worth pointing out that the whole of the hotel is covered by CCTV, all corridors, lifts public area

My wife and I have been players on the swinging scene and still dabble, so again I have seen hotels from both sides, of the desk, as we have used hotels for swinging meetings.

To generalise for a second, weddings are often quite interesting, by the time I come on shift all the formalities have been completed hours ago, the dancing is drawing to and end and often the first job is getting folks to taxis. The hard core is settled down in to the bar area and are asking for late drinks and some have rooms booked, other try to book rooms as the realised taxis are a long wait.

Flashes of stocking tops, knickers, tits and the occasional pussy are very common in these situations, and I see them as the none taxable customer tips. Sometimes it’s a known and considered flash other times it’s the drunken giggle wardrobe malfunction.

It’s not unusual to find articles of clothing as a wedding function room is cleaned and secured, as well as Aunty Doris’s cardigan, often more personal items are discovered in dark recesses, it’s funny, but they are always taken and stored as lost property. We have a box of panties Tom Jones would be proud of, as they are rarely claimed.

But that’s enough background. I was on duty last Thursday night, the shift looked like being a quiet one, a few customers still enjoying a last drink in the bar, mostly guys, but a few couples. I announced that I would be closing the bar and any last orders required.

Most declined the offer, and started to make their way to the bedrooms, but one couple asked if they could have another round of drinks, I served them and started to turn off some of the lights as I secured the bar area. Noticing that they were still sitting in a corner I apologised and suggested that maybe they would like to take their drinks to the room?

The lady spoke, asking ‘if it was ok with me they would prefer to sit in the bar as it was a nice cosy area, and even more discrete now I had turn the lights down’ with a slight giggle.

I smiled and saying, ‘it was ok, and did they want to background music left on’?

She nodded on is fine, but I did turn it very low.

It was at this point that I really noticed her, she was a very well put together lady, mid to late forties, a nice figure, dressed well, not tarty, but showing just enough to interest any guy.

The guy she was with was again well dressed, I would say lightly older, but fit toned and with a good tan.

I carried on with my tasks in the bar area, but noticed movement from their area, the lady had stood up, I presumed a visit to the ladies. I noticed her walk out of the room. What caught my eye was the heels and the seamed stockings as well as her delightful arse swinging as she left to the room.

The guy spoke to me again asking if they were ok to stay longer in this area, I assured him that was ok, but if they needed anything it may take me a few minutes to attend as I had other duties.

I made my way back to main reception, the time was close to 1.30am I was the only staff member left on site, so I cracked on with my tasks, security checks, cash sorted. It was now time for a coffee, but before coffee I checked all was ok with CCTV.

Scanning the carparks and the perimeter of the hotel all was well, fitness area locked down, and so it went on until I checked the bar area, I was baffled by a white screen that quickly washed out and returned to normal. I then realised that it was a flash from a camera.

The flash washes out the picture for just a few seconds

I studied the CCTV and wound the time line back a little, I saw the lady sitting in a nice chair as the guy took her picture, did I see a little flash of stocking top? I had now lost interest in coffee, as I replayed the CCTV. I confirmed to myself that this in fact was the case.

I switched back to live view, little had changed the lady was still sitting in the chair legs crossed and showing more stockings and leg. I was still watching, and to be fair little was happening in the bar, as my phone went off. Another guest wanting to book an early morning call and breakfast tray! I entered his requirements on to the system.

Keen to get back to the bar CCTV, the chair was now empty so I widened the camera angle to show more of the room to see the lady standing with her skirt raised showing of her bum to his camera as another white flash filled my screen. Seconds before I had seen them both look at the CCTV camera, it was then I realised that maybe the camera had made a noise?

I was unable to stop watching, she was a very sexy lady, I had found my voyeurism one hell of a turn on.

They dismissed the CCTV camera and carried on snapping away for about another 10 minutes, she continued to pose, always in a way that she could recover her dignity easily if interrupted. The CCTV camera had been noticed a few times but dismissed by them. I then saw the guy head towards the bar and pick up the house phone. Seconds later my phone bleeped, I cleared my throat and answered, He asked if I could come back to the bar as they would like more drinks. I said I would be with him in a few minutes.

I had to stand for a few minutes thinking of horrid stuff to get rid of my hard on!

I entered the bar area they were now sitting down in the same place as before, asking what could I get them. The guy explained that they didn’t really want any more drinks., but they were aware that they had been captured on CCTV taking pictures. I explained that I the entire hotel was covered by CCTV and that it did constant monitoring, and could be activated by movement as well. The lady then asked me directly had I seen what was they were doing? Feeling a little caught in the headlights, I explained I was aware that they had been taking photographs. ‘Of a personal nature” she added.

I replied, in a public bar of a hotel, surely you must have realised that CCTV is active.

The guy spoke next, listen chill….we aren’t upset, Caroline (the lady) gets off having her pictures taken in public places being naughty. We were wondering if we could take more pictures, but maybe in more of the hotels public areas. Caroline added ‘and you could watch if you would like to’?

I knew my answer would be affirmative, before my mouth opened, but I asked them to tell me what you want to do and where?

Dominic (the guy) explained that the reception area would be good, or more in the bar, lifts stairs.

Caroline asked if these areas had CCTV? I explained that all the hotel had CCTV.

Dominic said its ok,

I explained that I had to do a hotel security round, and that would take me 20 minutes, so whatever they would like to do was ok with me, but I would be back after 20minutes. Caroline asked if I would like to watch? I nodded. ‘Catch us in the bar then’ she giggled

My security round was completed very quickly that night.

As I returned to the bar, I first saw Caroline sitting on the bar, her blouse was fully open and her breasts lifted out of her bra, she had amazing nipples big, dark and red, her skirt was pulled tight across her thighs but exposing the vee of her crutch, on display matching panties.

She jumped down from the bar, and said ‘so glad you caught us’, giggling, she quickly stripped of her blouse and popped her tits back in the bra, Black and sheer, but matching panties and suspender belt, were quickly revealed as her skirt hit the floor. Dominic was taking pictures all the time, Caroline was really into this now as we followed her around the ground floor public area, she posed topless in reception in just stockings heels and panties.

On the grand old stair case, she sat open legged her panties tight across her pussy, then she asked me to move closer and she pulled her panties aside to show me her wet lips.

Standing facing away from us she eased her panties over her bum and then bending forward she opened her legs wide, displaying her wet pussy to me and Dominic’s camera

I was so hard by now, who wouldn’t be? She turned to face me hands on hips, legs wide apart, a very proud lady, tits, and pussy displayed, and what a pussy! trim with a covering of hair.

She moved forward and kissed me, full on the lips, guiding my hand to her pussy, I felt her wet cunt as I slipped fingers between her lips. She pulled away and moved my hand to my lips taste my juices, she said. I am taking Dominic to the room to fuck now, then adding you know the room number.

With she giggled turned and skipped up the stairs. Dominic following. He shrugged his shoulders and said see you later.

So now I had a massive hard on a hand smelling of pure cunt. I was close to bursting. I picked up her panties from the stairs, and thought that her blouse and skirt were still in the bar.so I collected them.

I did sniff her panties they smelt of pussy and rich perfume, still slightly sticky, as I returned to the CCTV. Moving back to night manager mode I scanned the hotel outdoor systems and then the hotel corridor’s

Voyeurs mode activated again and I searched the timeline and areas for a replay as I wanked away into Caroline’s panties. I knew how to burn a copy to disc so I did, but the system records any deletions of events so it has to remains in the system.

I placed Caroline’s clothes in a laundry bag and took them to the room the door was ajar, I could hear the unmissable sounds of her getting fucked, I eased it slightly open and just watched a few minutes before leaving to have another wank.

My shift finishes at 7am, so I was surprised to see them both in the breakfast room early the next morning, even after just a few hours’ sleep Caroline looked remarkable. I discreetly acknowledge them as I went about my business. Reception was up and running so after handing over a quiet night to the day staff. I was making my way to my car when I saw them leaving reception. Dominic called and asked me to wait, as they both walked over. They both thanked me for an enjoyable stay, and asked for my discretion. I again explained that I couldn’t switch off or erase any of the CCTV but as it was a quiet night it would be over written at some point. Caroline thanked me for returning her clothes adding that I should have stayed longer as she wanted to thank me properly, she kissed my cheek and whispered her thanks for me using her panties.

Dominic Shook my hand and pressed a note into my palm, I thanked them again.

I drove home before looking at the note, it was hotel note paper, with a telephone number and the message please call tonight to discuss further bookings, and two fifty pound notes.

I did call.