Written by Nigel Smart

5 Aug 2009

My wife had arranged to go out with one of her friends recently, she's 52 this year but looks younger, her friend is about 46 and also looks good for her age.

I was giving them a lift to Cheltenham and then they were getting a lift back with her friend's husband.

I dropped them both off about 8pm and my wife said " see you about 1'ish, ok?".

Later on, after i'd gone to bed, i woke up as i heard my wife coming in, i glanced at the clock, it was way past 1am,in fact it was nearly 4am.

She crept upstairs, expecting me to be asleep; when she came into the bedroom i asked her where the hell she'd been.

"oh don't be like that" she said, "we met up with Sue and her friends and so we went back there for a coffee."

"Well you could have rung" i said but excepting what she said was true.

I didn't think any more of it untill three days later when her friend called and asked to speak to Lin.

"She's not here" i said, " she's out at a meeting."

"Oh really!" replied Alice, " i bet she is!"

"What do you mean by that? i asked.

"Well", she said, " after last Friday's excitement i bet she couldn't wait for this meeting!"

" What the hell are you on about?"i demanded.

It all came out then; they hadn't met up with any friends, they had met up with a party of blokes who'd been chatting them up all night and at the end of the night, after a few too many wines, both of these 45+ year old married women had gone back to a flat where they were shagged senseless by no fewer than 6 men, 3 each apparently.

I was furious and all Alice could do was laugh.

"You should have expected that, it's what happens if we don't get enough of it at home you know".

When Lin came home i asked her where she'd been, she lied and said it had been a long meeting but i could see her face was flushed and the smell of sex was on her; she confessed that she'd met up with two of the men again and they'd fucked her every way they could for the past two hours and that she'd loved it.

She'd had a drink and started telling me what had happened the first time.......................

" Once we got back to the flat the men were all over me, i could feel hands under my blouse groping my tits, another mouth was on my neck sucking and licking it, you know how that gets to me; they made me stand up facing them and then ordered me to strip, i took off my blouse, teasing them one button at a time till it was open completely, i had my lacy bra on and my nipples were sticking through it; one of the men came behind me and undid the clasp and then was felling and squeezing my tits from behind; another was on his knees and pushed my skirt up high and then pulled my lace pants to one side and was licking at my clit for all his worth; they pushed me onto a table face down and one of them stood at the other end of the table with his huge cock forcing it's way into my mouth, i sucked him as hard as i could and then he came all over my face, meanwhile another was shagging me from behind, i loved that; finally they stood me up again and turned me round to sit on the end of the table, the first man put his cock slowly into me and screwed me till i came, i was so wet and acreamed as the orgasm ripped through me.....................and then tonight, we went at it again and i'm seeing them next week as well so there's nothing you can do."

I'm waiting to see where we go from here.