Written by First Ears

11 May 2016

Obviously, my wife and I love sex. We usually have it every week unless it's her period. Tonight was the best we've had so far. As you know, no one does it when the kids are awake. This can backfire. Anyway, it was a Tuesday night. My wife texted me about 12.30am saying,"Can I suck my lollipop? I promise I'll lick it all off." I instantaneously knew what she meant. I was on the toilet reading something private. I could hear my wife moaning as she was fingering herself. It was time. As I flushed the toilet, I rushed to wash my hands. As I entered my room, I felt kidnapped. My wife pinned me on the ground and told me to wait two minutes. As I waited, I could hear and see her taking her nightie off. Underneath was a tight red blouse that was calling for fucking. As she pulled her trouser off, her ass was calling for me. We closed the door firmly as the kids might hear if they awake. Then my wife, 36, nice juicy breasts, a lumpy body but enough for fucking said," take your pants off." My cock undressed my boxers as I was already a bit wet at the end. That's when my wife took the light off. She took off her sexy red blouse then started pulling off her fitting bra. As she undid the strap, her 36DD bosoms popped out. We jumped on the bed. Our bed had already been a bit broken due to my wife's birthday night when the sex was a bit extreme. She got her hand on her cock and started stroking it. Slowly, her mouth had an attraction to it and covered my bellend. Eventually I pulled her off and fucked her. As she screamed, "oh, Ajay." I calmly said,"shamila, wait." Then suddenly I put my cock up her pussy. I pinned her on the bed and started fucking her too hard. We were up till 3. I don't think the kids heard us. The neighbours were doing the same. For Asians, we are pretty good at sex. My wife is good at bjs also. For any one reading this, I suggest you do role play as cat woman and batman. For us, we speak in Urdu in bed so it sounds a lot sexier.