Written by Andy

19 Jan 2009

Our Night out, it was a Friday afternoon and we were thinking of what to do when I suggested to Deb that we go to a club that evening, I was expecting her to say no as it was the couples and singles night but was shocked when she said ok. We sorted out sitters and started to get ready for the night ahead.

Once we had left we were both looking forward to it which makes a change because normally we are both nervures, the hour drive soon went and we had arrived at the club Deb looking sexy as ever wearing a black dress with no bra and a black thong with nice high boots on to complete the look I wanted to fuck her there and then.

We entered the club and paid the entrance fee. I sorted out a drink for Deb then went and got comfy on a sofa so we could see who was arriving. Deb was getting a lot of attention off of the single guys but as she is very picky a lot of it was unwanted attention there was no couples that caught our eyes which all the time we have been to this club in the past we have played every time I started to think that we will just have to make the most of it on our own, when Deb replied that she see a guy that she would consider playing with if we all got on ok I said we will see what happens.

After a couple more drinks this guy had taken a seat on the sofa behind us but Deb had come over all shy, I really needed to go to the toilet so said to Deb that I will be back in a min just popping to the loo she looked at me as if to say don’t you dare but me being me said you will be ok I will only be a min, with that I got up and went to the loo.

After I had been I was hoping to see some conversation between Deb and that guy I was happy to see there was upon my return he had moved next to her and they were chatting Deb introduced us and we started chatting all the normal stuff like where do you come from have you been hear before etc, Deb then said “ I am just going to the little girls room” and off she went.

The guy then turned to me and said “she is hot” it felt strange I had never heard someone say that to me about my wife but at the same time thought yep and she’s mine, I guess it was a twinge of jealousy but it soon went when Deb returned, she then sit back in between us both I then noticed he had put is hand on her leg and was rubbing gently I started to kiss Deb on her neck and whispered in her ear are you ok I said to which she replied yes I then asked would you like us to take you somewhere more private and once again she replied saying yes, with that I looked at the guy and said that I think we need to take her somewhere more private and he said ok.

We found a private room and entered locking the door behind us Deb started kissing the other guy as I watched then she turned to me and started to kiss me while he started to touch her body, she then turned back to him and started to undress him while I started to undress her, they both started kissing and where both naked I was just taken in the since for a minute but Deb made sure she kept me involved, she then turned back to me and started undressing me, I noticed that the other guy was a little larger than me in that department and wondered if Deb would be comfortable going all the way with this guy she turned back to him and started to suck on his cock which I was surprised at as she said she would never do this to a single guy but I was happy and was getting even more turned on by the sight of this, I then took her hand and placed her on the bed and started to lick her wet pussy, she continued to suck is cock at that point he asked if he could fuck her I was sure she was going to say no due to the size but she said yes I was happy and then moved myself up the bed he put a condom on and put his cock near her entrance he was good and worked it in slowly until he was right in, I looked at her face and could tell she was liking it I was almost Cumming at the sight. He then turned her over and I move to her and put my cock in her mouth he was fucking her hard and I was getting really close but wanted to fuck her after so did not want to cum in her mouth is was hard to hold back when she started to deep throat something which she has never done before I don’t know how I didn’t cum, then the guy started to cum and moan and pulled is cock out I was quick to get behind her and fuck her used cunt I was worried that I might not feel nothing as the size of is dick but like I said he was not that much bigger than me I started to pick up speed and know exactly how Debs likes it so was hit the spot that make her really wet she was really really wet, I then could not hold myself back any longer and cum deep inside her pussy.

We collected ourselves and got dressed and went out of the private room to get a drink, we did think about going again but time was late and had to get back for sitters so we said our good byes and left.

We are meeting up with friends of ours soon so may tell you the details if anyone’s interested