Written by Nikki & Mark

20 Apr 2011

When I told you how I encouraged Nikki to fuck Frank after he’d been talking dirty to her on the phone, I said I’d tell you how I made her jealous by screwing her best friend while she watched. However, to understand that story I need first to tell you how, six months after Frank, Nikki discovered that she really enjoyed eating pussy!

I told you that Nikki is six foot tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and great tits; a very attractive lady. A couple of years ago she had her hair cut very short. I loved it but, going to work one day, some dumb guy on the train had taunted her about being a lesbian and she was so pissed off!

Now Nikki has a long-time friend called Linda and they’re very close. So close in fact that I’d asked Nikki if they were lovers. She was adamant that they weren't but her response was intriguing; she wasn't as defensive as she was when she’d been teased her about being gay. I told her she should try a woman as a lover because she had a strong enough sexuality to let her enjoy the experience. She said, "If I did it would have to be Linda - I don’t think I’d trust anyone else. But I'd love to see her face if I tried!”

I know they discuss every detail of their sex lives on their regular Friday night get-togethers. I liked Linda, fancied her really I suppose. I knew that Linda liked me, she’d told Nikki that her partner Tom was uncaring and she’d love to be treated the way I treated Nikki. I asked Nikki about Linda's sexual preferences. She told me that her sex life was pretty dull; they only ever had missionary sex or occasionally spoons and she’d never cum with penetration. She’d like to have her pussy eaten but Tom didn't like doing that; she did suck cock but she didn't swallow. Tom once asked her to “talk dirty" to him while they had sex and she really got off on it.

I asked Nikki if she had ever kissed Linda. "Of course, not sexily though, we kiss as friends." I asked, “Have you ever seen her naked?” She said, “Yes, she had some bleeding once asked me to look at her bum once so I saw most of her!” I said, “Did you see her pussy?” “Of course I did,” she replied. “Did you kiss it?!” I asked hopefully. "No, but I could have done, I was that close!"

One morning, after making love, I lay between her thighs kissing her soft, shaved mound and said, "You should be doing this to Linda!" Her eyes were closed and she quietly said, "I’d enjoy that." I propped myself up on an elbow and said, "Well, why don't you try?" She said, "I’d like to but I don’t think she’d agree it if it was just with me." I said, "You know she likes me so invite her to join us and we could both have some fun with her! Your Friday nights could be a lot more interesting if you two got sexually active. She could ditch Tom and come to live with us; I could be your live-in sex slave!” She said, “I’ll try asking her if she’d let me watch while she was having sex with someone and see what she says.”

A week later they were going out for dinner so I said, “Invite her round for a drink before you go out”. Linda arrived at 6.30 and I opened a bottle of champagne. She looked very good. Her make-up was good and she was very well dressed. Blue tailored suit and medium heels with bare, tanned legs. I didn’t want to make an overt sexual approach that night in case it frightened her away. But I spotted and opportunity just before they left.

As they were leaving Linda and I joked about Nikki's height saying that we would make a more conventional couple. She took my arm and leaned against my. As we walked to the door, I kissed her on the mouth and slid my hands over her bottom. She laughed and said, "Careful, Nikki's watching you!" I grinned, pushed Nikki out of the front door and closed it. Linda looked a little bemused so I kissed her again, firmly but gently, sliding my hand over her breast as I did. I could feel her nipple stiff under my palm. She started to kiss me back but pulled away and said, "No, I can't do this to my best friend." As I stepped away and opened the door I said, "She wouldn’t mind, she’d probably want to join us!"

Nikki told me later that Linda had mentioned me kissing her and touching her breasts. Nikki cleverly asked her if she had enjoyed it and she said, "I did actually but you know I've always fancied him! You can pass him on to me when you're finished with him!” Nikki said, “I took the opportunity and asked her if I could watch while she had sex with you. She laughed and said, “If you’d let me shag him you could watch us as much as you liked!””

Linda was coming round on the following Friday for a girlie night so I suggested I stay in and join them. Nikki was excited by the thought. On Friday she looked stunning. She wore a knee length dress with black hold-ups and black patent heels. She wore no underwear. I took the hem her dress and lifted it slowly over her hips and over her breasts. With one movement I could have her naked from the shoulders down. She sat on the edge of the table and licked her just short of an orgasm. "We’ll save the rest for Linda shall we," I said. She panted, "You bastard, don't stop now!" Her throat was still flushed when Linda buzzed the entry-phone, I kissed her lightly on the lips and she went to let her in.

We sat and chatted, listened to some music and laughed at photographs of Linda at a recent party. As usual, their conversation got dirtier the more they drank. We’d drunk two bottles and Nikki asked if Tom liked champagne. Linda said, "Not really, but he doesn’t enjoy anything nowadays!" I said, “Well, it all depends on how you drink it!” She asked what I meant so I told her, "There is only one way to drink champagne and that is from your lover". Linda laughed and said "I can’t see him doing that!" Nikki said, "I always keep a half-bottle in the fridge, it’s much more comfortable!" Linda laughed again.

I took a sip from my glass, leaned over and kissed it into Nikki’s mouth. Linda said, "Oh is that what you meant?" I said, “You sound disappointed! Do you remember when Nikki bought me the video camera? Well I bought her a little bottle of champagne to say ‘thank-you’!" Flushing deep pink, Linda laughed and said to Nikki, "You dirty bitch! You didn't video it!” Nikki said, "No I didn't video it, Mark did. I was a bit tied up at the time!" Linda slumped on the sofa laughing, "Wonderful! I would love to have seen that!" As casually as I could I said, "I think we've still got it if you want to see it," Nikki said, "No! You can't show her that, she'll never talk to me again." "Don't be so prudish, dog face!" said Linda, "Mark doesn't seem to mind."

I went to the bedroom and fetched our DVD. When I returned they had turned on the TV and were sitting on the sofa waiting. They both looked flushed, partly with the wine and partly with excitement. I sat between them and pressed "play". On the screen Nikki, in just a black basque and stilettos, is sitting astride me as I writhed on the floor, shuddering as I cum inside her. Linda and Nikki both held cushions in front of their faces and squealed with laughter and embarrassment. I press fast-forward.

Play! Nikki is lying back in a chair naked except for black suspenders, black stockings and hand-cuffs. I am naked and kneeling beside her, sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy. I walk out of shot and come back with a champagne flute. I drink from it and kiss some into her mouth. I give her a drink from my glass and she takes my penis in her shackled hands and plunges it into her cold mouth. Linda looked on spellbound.

The TV shows me taking the bottle and screwing the neck deep into Nikki’s cunt as she leans back and stretches with pleasure. Champagne foams from her as I pull the bottle out and I kneel down and lap it up. I lift the sticky bottle to her lips, she sucks it clean and kisses the mixture of champagne and cunt juice into my mouth.

I put my glass on the floor and let the back of my hand rest along Linda's leg. I stroked Nikki's thigh as we watched the pictures and could hear Linda’s rapid breathing next to me. I raised my right hand and rested it on her thigh, waiting for that very female "lift, move and drop". Nothing! I ran my hand up her thigh and passed my fingers over her mound. I felt her hand touch mine gently but she didn’t stop me. I was so hard! She laughed again as the video showed Nikki finally licking the last traces of spunk and cunt juice from my prick. "Do you enjoy doing that?" I asked Linda. "I do, but I'm off luxuries at the moment!" she laughed, trying to put some distance between the video and her faltering sex life.

I stopped the disc and Nikki went to the kitchen for another bottle. I turned to Linda and brushed her forehead with my lips; she smiled. I kissed her mouth and my left hand explored her breasts, feeling the outline of her bra, before sliding down over her stomach and between her legs. My fingers crept under her skirt and Linda's tongue traced the outline of my lips, her eyes wide open staring into mine.

Nikki returned and Linda tried to pull away but I smiled at her and said, “It’s OK, Nik’s fine with it!” Nikki filled the glasses and sat on the floor - her head resting on my thigh. I kissed Linda again and my hand explored her further. Her breath was vibrating softly as her heart beat faster. I kissed her throat and smelled her fragrance. She parted her legs very slightly and I slid my hand between them. I kissed her face several times and whispered, "I'm going to put my hand inside your pants but only if it’s OK with you?"

She gave a small nod of consent. I pulled her face gently onto my shoulder while my left hand slid over the moist crotch of her panties. I massaged her mound but she suddenly gripped my hand between her thighs. I thought she’d changed her mind but she said quietly, "Come inside them." I ran my fingers around the edge of her panties, touching her soft skin, slipped under them and into her warm dampness. Her lips were wet and my fingers slid easily into her. I probed her with two fingers and let my thumb brush her clitoris. Nikki unfastened my trousers and started stroking my rock hard cock. I continued to explore Linda’s pussy, stretching, stroking and rubbing her with my fingers. I longed to taste its musky scent.

Suddenly, Nikki plunged my prick deep into her mouth filled with cold champagne. I jumped and Linda said, "What's wrong?" I said, "Nikki's got the champagne out again - would you like a drink." She smiled and said, "Only at this end, thank you." Nikki told me later she’d got really horny watching me fingering Linda and wanted to join in. It was certainly one of the best blow-jobs she’d ever given me!

I slid my fingers out of Linda’s wet opening and offered them to Nikki. She took them in her mouth and got her first taste of Linda’s pussy. I heard Linda give a little gasp as she watched her friend licking her cunt juice from my fingers.

I undid the buttons of her blouse and traced the swell of her breasts with my tongue. I lifted her bra and my tongue flicked over her stiff, excited nipples. Now it was her turn to take me in hand, slowly and firmly pulling my shaft. She started panting and I was astonished at the speed of her arousal but I realised that Nikki had taken my place. She was stroking Linda’s pussy with her long, slim fingers; her face serene, eyes fixed on Linda's crotch, silently fingering her friend to a climax. I returned to sucking Linda’s nipples and her body quivered, each small shudder rippling her belly.

I waved Nikki up onto the sofa and I slid onto the floor where she had been. She sat next to Linda and put her arm round her shoulders. I pushed Nikki’s dress over her hips exposing her shaven mound. I ran my hands up her legs, pulled back her pink lips and exposed her clitoris. I licked the perspiration from her groin and gently bit the lips of her vulva as my fingers pulled her wide open. My mouth explored her, my tongue slid into her fuck-hole collecting the sticky moisture oozing from her. I began to lick at her clit with slow, flat strokes and rapid flicks. Nikki’s hips moved and she took my head in her left hand, pulling my face into her crotch. Her buttocks tightened and relaxed as she thrust her pelvis against my tongue. I felt the tremors of her orgasm and heard her breathing in short, staccato gasps.

Linda had pulled her panties down and Nikki's right hand had returned to Linda's crotch where both their fingers were sharing her wetness in slow masturbation. Linda was laid back against the cushions with her eyes closed, one hand following Nikki's and the other stroking her own nipples.

I bent down, removed Linda's shoes and slipped her panties off. I changed places with Nikki and lifted Linda’s left leg over across my thigh. Nikki knelt down as I opened Linda’s lips to reveal her deep pink cave. She kissed Linda’s soft, pubic hair. The muscles of her opening were pulsing and glistening with moisture and Nikki pushed her tongue into her hot, wet hole. Linda lifted her right leg and wrapped it around Nikki’s neck while I caressed Linda’s stomach and breasts. Nikki probed her vagina, fucking her friend with two stiff fingers while her tongue flicked at her clitoris.

She was gasping and every few seconds she said, "Oh yeah, oh yeah". Nikki licked her faster, slid her fingers out of her cunt and used their wetness to massage her pulsating arsehole. When she pushed a finger into her arsehole, Linda came immediately, her body stiffening as she cried out with pleasure. Nikki kept licking at her, keeping her at that peak of ecstasy for as long as possible. Then Linda called out, "Oh fuck..!" and fell limp on the sofa.

Nikki lifted her sticky hand to me and I took her fingers into my mouth, sharing her enjoyment of Linda's taste and scent. She stood up, pulled me to my feet and slipped my trousers off before pushing me back onto the sofa. My shoes and socks followed. She knelt between my legs and started to suck and lick at my prick. Linda undid the buttons of my shirt, pulled it off and started to suck at my nipples and run her hands over my chest and shoulders.

As Nikki's lips and fingers brought me closer to orgasm, Linda started kissing me deeply and wetly, her tongue exploring my mouth and her lips sucking my tongue until it ached. I could feel the pressure building through my body and Nikki, recognising the signs, started to squeeze my balls. I held on and held on as I came near to ejaculation. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I pumped my hot spunk into Nikki’s open mouth. I came and came in endless jerks, each one spitting cum into my partner's face. I lay back exhausted. Nikki climbed over me and kissed my juice into Linda’s mouth. For someone who didn’t swallow, Linda was very keen to taste my jizz! Nikki pulled Linda’s blouse loose and her skirt, blouse and bra joined my clothes on the floor and she sat beside me naked, washing down my spunk with champagne.

I stood, helped Nikki to her feet and lifted her dress over her head. Now she was naked too and just stood there, 6’ 4” in her high-heels and hold-ups. I started to get aroused again. I knelt and kissed her crotch and felt Linda's hand caress my buttocks. I turned to Linda and kissed her face and breasts, my hand reaching for her pleasure centre. As I leaned over Linda, Nikki slapped my arse hard. "Leave her alone and get back on the floor!" she ordered. I knelt down and she walked forward pushing her wet crotch into my face. "Lick me again", she demanded. Linda was fascinated by her assertiveness. She sat beside me on the floor and started to wank my slowly reviving tool.

As I got hard, I reached up and pulled Nikki down onto the floor with us. We fell together laughing and I said, "Let's try something new". I laid Linda on the floor and pulled Nikki towards her. Nikki straddled Linda’s face, ran her tongue along her thigh and buried her face in her snatch. She licked and sucked at her friend’s gash and Linda joined in tonguing Nikki’s pulsing fanny. While they were busy eating each other, I got my camera from the drawer. Linda came again, quietly, her body shaking in orgasm but she continued working at Nikki’s cunt. She was rewarded for her efforts as Nikki’s orgasm squirted into open mouth. I got some great photos!

We all lay on the floor resting, drinking and caressing each other until Nikki stirred and said, "Come on Lin, let’s give Markie a treat!" She patted the floor and I lay down next to her. She knelt across my shoulders and lowered her dripping cunt onto my waiting mouth. As I probed her hole with my tongue Linda moved round, knelt at my feet and took my now stiff cock into her mouth.

As I sucked Nikki’s cunt lips, I realised that Linda had stopped sucking me. She was straddling my hips ready to take me into her body. I felt her thighs stretch across my hips and her soft pubes brushing my prick. She settled down on me; her arse cheeks pressing on my balls as my erection entered her hot, slippery hole. She just sat for a moment before beginning, very slowly, to rise and fall on my shaft. At each rise her muscles contracted and her vaginal walls tensed against my prick. Nikki slid forward, sitting astride my chest, her hands gently stroking Linda’s face, shoulders and breasts. I could feel the fluid running from her cunt as her excitement increased. Linda changed to a rocking motion so my prick rubbed at her clit with each thrust of her hips. Backwards and forwards, harder each time as we both became more and more aroused.

It wasn’t long before I shot my load into her burning cunt. It creamed with her own juice and oozed from her gaping gash into her wet pubes. My head dropped back and I saw, reflected in the darkened lounge windows, Nikki and Linda, each kneeling astride me, kissing passionately. Linda was holding Nikki's face in her hands, Nikki’s thumbs brushed gently across Linda’s nipples and it was obvious that their tongues were exploring deep inside each other’s mouths. I was mesmerised. Then Nikki slid back over my face, as if to say, "You just keep licking!"

Linda and Nikki are still the best of friends and she comes in occasionally when I’m there. We still get on well but we’ve never repeated that lovely, sexy night.

I’ve never asked Nikki if they enjoy their Fridays any differently now but one Saturday morning, I found two small, dark bruises under her breasts, just where she sometimes asks me to love-bite her. It’d be nice to think their sisterly love for each other has become a bit more than sisterly! It’s also nice to know that every now and then, after a Friday night, Nikki will come home very horny and plead for me to fuck her. Her pussy is usually very wet, very slippery and very sensitive!

Hope you enjoyed this episode and I look forward to telling more about Nikki’s taste in women - and I will tell you how she got jealous when I fucked her other besty mate while she watched! I’ll also tell you about her recent request to go out alone and pick up a stranger! But I’ve not said yes to that yet!!