Written by Nikytrev

2 Dec 2014

We have posted a couple of true stories in the past, this one happened last July it was a Saturday and very hot.

We had done all the shopping and in the afternoon had a barbi just the two of us with lots to drink and just chill out soaking up the sun.

In the evening we had decided to go to a local pub and relax in the beer garden and get slowly drunk on vodka and red bulls for me and vodka and tonic for Niky, she was wearing a thin strap summer dress that came just above the knee and I was in shorts and tee shirt.

At about 10 ish a group of lads came into the beer garden they were well on their way to being well pissed making plenty of noise and larking about but not bothering us.

As we were drinking one of the lads ( Alex ) we both knew him from the gym came over to have a chat he said all the guys were going on to the local night club if we wanted we could tag along but we declined saying we were going home soon.

Well about half a hour passed and I had just returned from the bar when the lads started to leave the beer garden, they were now singing the latest football songs but no trouble. I had said to Niky may be we should have gone along and had a late drink but she said we can have a drink when we get home with a smile and a wink.

As we had been drinking most of the day we were both on the way to being well drunk and when Niky has a lots to drink she is always very horny and up for some serious sex.

After a few minutes of the noisy lads leaving Alex came back I thought he had forgotten some thing but he came to our table I said you not fancy the night club he said one of the lads was only going to the club as his ex girlfriend would be there with her new boy friend and he was looking for have a row with them.

Alex asked if we wanted another drink we said we were just about to leave but just to be sociable we would love another drink, with that Alex went to the bar.

A little about Alex we had both met him at our local gym he is a black guy in his late 20's good looking chap (as Niky says) he always takes the time to have a chatter he did have a girl friend but she left to go back to university in Manchester.

Alex returned with the drinks and as we sat talking he explained his girl friend had been in touch and told him she was not coming back down south so he was a little upset as I think he had hoped she would have returned to South Oxfordshire.

The bar had now finished serving and as we got up to leave Niky suggested that Alex might like to have another drink back at our house, he readily agreed so we started the walk back to our house which is only about 15 min walk.

As it was still very warm we all sat out in the garden just talking and drinking this went on for about a hour when it did start to turn a little cooler so we went into the living room Niky sat on the settee with Alex in the chair and me asking if they want more drinks which they did so off to the kitchen and returning with more vodka by this time all three of us were well drunk and the talk started to get some what of a sexual nature.

Niky was her usual giggly self but what surprised me was Alex he was openly flirting with Niky and she was loving all the attention Alex was giving her.

I went to get another drink for us and on my return Alex was on the settee next to Niky she looked at me through her blurred vision with a cheeky smile which told me she was up for some fun.

I made the excuse I needed the toilet and left them alone I took my time and crept back into the living room where the lights had been turned off I could see Niky and Alex with their tongue's down each others throats and Alex openly playing with Niky's boobs.

When Alex noticed me he jumped up saying sorry but I soon put him at ease saying I did not mind in fact it turned me on to see Niky with another guy, fuck he did not telling twice he was back with Niky in a flash they both started kissing again with Alex trying to remove Niky's dress and her removing his shirt.

I settled in the chair to watch the action in no time Niky was stood in front of Alex naked with him stroking the insides of her legs, after a while he stood up and Niky helped him out of his jeans and boxers I could see the out line of his cock which looked quite big, Niky was by now on her knees stroking his cock and starting to run her tounge up and down its length, then she started to insert his black cock into her mouth and by the noises Alex was making she was doing a good job.

This went on for ages with me now out of my shorts and stroking my cock trying not to cum but what surprised me was that without warning Alex started to moan and then just started to pump his spunk into Niky's willing mouth she tried to swallow as much as she could but there was loads all over her face and running down her cheeks.

Alex calmed down and was really embarrassed saying he had not had sex for ages and Niky was so good at sucking his cock he could not help him self, we both said not to worry we had all night, with that I laid Niky down on the floor and just pushed my cock straight into her well wet pussy it did not take long for me to fill her with my cum.

We all just sat there not saying to much Niky broke the ice and asked me to get some water for her to drink when I returned Niky was once again kissing Alex and I was surprised to notice his cock was fully erect again I know young guys can get hard quickly but he was very quick.

I thought I would leave them to it for a while and went back to the kitchen, Niky followed me and asked if I would mind if Alex stayed in our bed tonight of course not I replied and suggested I could sleep in the spare room for a few hours just to give them some time together.

We all made our way upstairs with me going into the spare bedroom this is not the first time I have done this and I get great pleasure laying in bed listening to Niky getting well fucked by a young fit guy and tonight was not exception, I must say Alex was fucking her for hours I fell asleep waking about 8ish I went to our bedroom were Niky and Alex were asleep, I crawled into the bed neither of them stirring I must have fallen back to sleep because I felt movement in the bed and realised it was the sound of Niky being gently fucked I turned to see Niky gently rocking to and fro on Alex's cock he had his eyes closed as Niky got faster and faster she let out a loud moan, Alex grabbed her thighs and went stiff as he pumped his cum into Niky's well fucked pussy.

She just collapsed on top of Alex and stay like that for at least 15mins after that we all got up had a shower, Alex had some breakfast and left to go home.

I took Niky back to bed and went straight to her pussy with my mouth and had great pleasure in licking all of Alex's spunk from her, I then got her on all fours and doggy fucked her until I came in her.

We have seen Alex at the gym a few times since and he says any time we fancy a repeat he would be more that up for it, Niky has suggested we invite him round before Christmas will let you know if we do.

We can assure you all this is a true account of a great night.