Written by Toyboy sean

12 Mar 2008

I walked up the lawn, my deeply tanned torso and legs sticky and scruffy from the sweat and dirt of my work. I wasn’t sure but thought it might make me seem manly. As I approached the pool I began to smile, and as I approached Cath turned and raised her head towards me, her arms stretched out along the side of the pool against which she had her back to. She smiled and noticeably took another look at my boxers, as I felt my cock begin to swell but luckily not harden. I asked if there was anything she’d like me to do for her now that I was finished. She told me that I looked all hot and sweaty and that I should join her in the pool to cool down – going well I thought to myself. I walked towards the poolside but she raised her eyebrows and a wagging finger – was she about to tell me to take of dirty boxers and join her naked, my mind went mental!! No – not quite, she told me to go for a shower first. She also told me where to find some trunks in their airing cupboard. I was told not to bother drying myself as I would be straight back in the water.

I went into the large conservatory into the house and as soon as I was out of the house I legged it up the stairs and to the bathroom, and now my dick went fully to attention! I showered as quick as I could and tried to find the manliest scented shower gel. Oh my God I kept thinking, this is incredible! I really did feel like a genuine stud being seduced by this mature goddess. Before hopping in the shower I went to find the trunks – it was a blue speedo the dirty bitch! She wants to get a good like at me I thought, and I was delirious to comply. I rushed into and out of the shower and pulled on the speedo and briefly stopped to relax and compose myself, before trying to coolly walk back down and out into the garden.

I went and sat on the pool edge with my legs in the water and Cath, who was down the other end, drifted her way up to me grinning. She come to a stop a couple of feet in front of me, her tits – inducingly supported by the blue bikini – just above the water. After her ogling of me I made no hiding of taking a good look. She laughed and told me the speedo suited me, before coming up and taking my legs, drawing me into the water with me. We drifted right up close to each other and looked into one anothers eyes. Her tits pressed into me and my dick began to harden against her firm thigh, and which she grinning and laughed, and I grinned back and decided the time was most definately right!

I put one hand halfway up on her back and the other toyed with the elastic of her bikini pants, and Cath moved a hand round behind my head and we kissed lightly and first, then increasingly hard and passionate. After a minute or so she pulled away and floated off away from me, grinning and waving me to follow her. She told me to take off the speedo as she got out of the pool – Christ her thighs looked divine as she did so – and I quickly followed her, pulling it of and shaking it off my feet and I followed her into the house!!

She had a start on me but I was able to follow the wet footprints through and up the stairs, along the landing and into the master bedroom! My dick was yet to catch up with the excitment and as I entered the room Cath, after bouncing onto the bed still cripping wet and bikini-clad, saw me naked for the first time – “ooorrhh yasssss!!!” she said reaching a hand out for my swinging cock and big hairy balls. I was immediately on the bed with her and she was sucking me in an instant, stopping frequently to look up at my face as if checking this was all real. I kept looking down at her to do the same! Meanwhile I got her bikini top of and was well impressed at the condition if them, for a 40 plus they looked incredibly well-upholstered ;) I felt my balls tighten a couple of times but she knew the job well and slowed it each time, quickening again leaving me in cum-straining delirium.

After a couple of minutes of her blowing me and me generally groping her cracking bod, she puched me onto my back and as she did I pulled down her knicks and unashamedly fingered her. She gave an opened mouth smile and told me to ‘keep it up boy’….