Written by Shagger33

17 Mar 2016

For those of you that know "No18" in Edinburgh, this is for all the wonderful cocks I have played with in the sauna.

I go when I have some time on my hands, this day was just such a day, I was finished working early , feeling randy I decided to visit No18.

Pressed the bell and was let in, paid my fee and went through to the changing room, quickly got undressed and went down stairs to the wet area, I usualy go to the steem room first, it relaxes me, usualy sit and play with my cock when others come in with the hope that some one will offer the play with my cock, usualy I get a nice hard cock and play away for a while, then I go and dry off in the sauna.

As I was in the sauna a fit looking man sat oppisit me, he was just as randy as me, playing with his hard cock, I slide of the bench and offered to play with his cock, he was bigger than me with a fine hard cock that I was a delight to wank, soon we were enjoying mutual wanking, but it was too hot, so we went of the the "dark" room and got comfy still playing with eachother.

Another man entered the room and striped off his towel to reveal a wonderful large cock, we were both thrilled at the size and proceded to get to know this fine cock, I was wanking him, he was wanking my first friend and before long I was wanking both of them, a lovely big cock in each hand, I was in heaven, I wanked and kissed each cock in turn, then I felt my first cock throb and release a fine load of spunk all over my hand, I massaged it into his balls and cock, then he left to clean up.

I was still playing with No2 and he was playing with my cock then stood up to offer me his man pussy, which I was very happy to play with, I first sucked his giant cock, then licked his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time, I was fingering his bum when he turned and bent down offering me his bum hole, I sliped my cock up and down his crack, dribling some spit onto the end of my cock, and entered his hole, it was a very erotic shag as he had a great cock sticking out the front, with me wanking it and my cock up his bum, I was in heaven.

We were interuped by some watchers, but carried on till I sliped out of his bum nackered, we sat down and I was then treated to my new friend wanking me till I came, we were both exhausted, after so much fun.

I just hope that I can meet up with him again, what a wonderful cock to play with, I would like to return the complment and feel his fine cock up my man pussy.