Written by Graham

17 Apr 2008

Sitting here in the office this morning with little or no work on as the the weather was wet and cold and I had sent the staff home I was reading some of the latest on SH. I became aware of someone behind me. Swinging round on my swivel chair I came face to face with a pair of small upturned breasts I recognised as Sandie's. I had not seen her naked since we made love last july as her now ex-husband had been staying in the house while the divorce settlement went through the french court.

I drew her to me and took her left nipple into my mouth, my hand slid up her thigh and my finger parted her golden hair and slipped into her slit. Her clit was soon sending messages through her body and I could tell she was ready to make love."He left finally thirty minutes ago," she breathed.

I stood and pushed her across the room to a day bed in the corner. She had undone my trousers and slid my boxers round my ankles. We fell onto the bed and she said "Fuck me. No foreplay."

She pulled her legs over my shoulders and my cock presented itself at her hole.

I gently slipped it into her feeling her firmness and moistness. She had always been a tight fit but after eight months of no use it felt really gripping.

I began to pump into her and her cunt muscle clenched me even tighter. She pushed against me urgently and banged into her hard. We were both soon sweating and breathing hard. I felt her body spasm with her first climax and as I shot the first string of my juice into her she screamed with delight.

We lay there until my cock slipped from her cunt and our juices ran from her cunt.

She wiped herself and taking my flacid cock in her hand she said " Now we can really enjoy it." She took my cock in her mouth and .......