Written by him

21 Jan 2013

As I had told you I had an idea that June my wife was playing away behind my back but couldn't catch her out the only way I could was by fitting surveillance cameras in the house and I had jest found the first evidence recording I had it on disc now

I will say you will need to read the other posting to fully understand this one

The second time I watched it I was shocked to relies Brian her lover had shot his load inside her and we not use contraception for years sine I had a vasectomy and I was guessing he not had one at his age or it was doubtful and as far as I knew he was single

That lead to me having a even closer look round the house and in June's makeup box was a packet of pills the strips had days on them so she was on the pill and I never knew and in her knicker draw was all sorts of sexy underwear all at the back behind the normal things I had never seen her in any of them before then in the wardrobe hanging at the back was assorted sexy dresses skirts cloths I never seen her in I found a shoe box hidden away with sex toys in it this was not a one off it been going on some time so it maybe true what the drunken lad that works where she do said and he was right right when he called her hot June no wonder I wasn't getting my marital rights only really

I had watched the recording a few time by then each time I wanked like crazy I had never let it finish run to the end I knew it finished with then showering together but that's about all it was a Saturday afternoon June had gone shopping so I was safe for a hour or so I put it on there was sex part I stilled framed bits this time I let it run

They lay in bed together at first getting the breath back then talked it was what was said I should of listens to before I will not go into all of it the first part was them saying how good it had jest been and so on later he asked if she thought any more about what the spook about the other week she paused as it thinking then said I don't know Brian came back with you did seem quite keen I know but I am still not sure I am a married woman to which he said you with me and I am not the first she said yes but that's not the same is it

That Carl I don't know him he said you have meet him a couple of time with me and you said then his a nice guy she added yes he is I did like him but what you are suggesting is not jest being friends is it he then said I have known him a long time and his is okay

It was at that point she said look I am not what you think I am do you think I am jest another easy lay or what he could see he was near the mark and backed off she did add I still thinking I wondered what that was about then she added we will see after we been out for a meal with him next week Brian then said how are you going to get round your old man with that what excuse are you using she smiled and said it my girls night out

I look at each recording of each day but they mundane usually but I was paying more attention to every thing now like she was on the phone on Monday evening before I got home it must of been one of her friends the interesting bit was can I ask a favor we going out can you cover for me yes jest some me time no no okay you pick me up and I get a taxi back yes that be fine

It had been that evening June said I will remind you I going out with girls on Wednesday

On the Wednesday when I got got home I asked if she wanted a lift she said no May will pick me up I noticed she was more dressed up than usual May picked her up at seven and off they went with me behind them June was dropped off in town she then walked down a one way street the wrong way for me to drive down so by the time I got round she was gone I lost her after a drive round with out any luck I went home she was a bit late it was getting on for twelve she did get in said she had a good time and a laugh with the girls she seemed quite happy

It was the Friday recording and that was the one day I had told her I be late home that evening as I had to go up the the midlands and and she had asked me to phone her an hour before I get home so she could cook get my dinner on I had told her week before so she knew I would be late it could of been a big mistake on my part but you don't think of things like that or I don't

On the recording it started at mid day earlier than the last one by an hour June came in

it followed the same patent as the other shower getting ready the differences this time she left the bedroom then came back like an after thought she moved the tissues onto the bedside table with a tube of some thing then stripped the duvet off the bed so it was jest the bottom sheet and pillows

The next thing she came into the lounge had a look round as if checking things where okay

then left to come back with a bottle of wine and three glasses where they where put on the coffee table she had a mini skirt on that short jest bending down with wine you could almost see her bum she had a black see thou blouse on no bra when the light was right it was almost transparent I stated to get a stiff on jest looking at her why she never wear that sort of thing for me god I wish she would Brian would be impressed

She got a glass of wine and sat down she looked a little nervous I thought she had tried to pull the skirt down it was up above her stocking tops in the end she gave up when she did that I glimpse of pussy bold pussy she saved it

It looked like a nervous wait then the door bell rang she got up then Her and Brian came in hand in hand they sat chatting June had another wine by then it was if they where waiting there was a couple of things Brian said like you be fine don't be nervous you enjoy it my wife was saying I am Iv have never done any thing like this before the door bell cut her short she jumped Brian said I get it June gulped down her wine and got another she had half the bottle now more than she drink normally that quick

Brian came back fallowed by another man I was really surprised to see he was black he looked West Indian I would guess about his thirties but he was huge over six foot and broad shoulders no fat on him they all knew each other the conversation was about the meal they had together and other things

So this was Carl they had spook about June must of agreed in the end she wasn't as nervous now another glass of wine she seemed to relax Carl was sitting with my wife on the sofa as they talked he keep looking at her legs he could see her tits as well there was also the odd glance at Brian he was in chair Carl lead the conversation he had June laughing he then said to Brian come and sit with us which he did on the other side of my wife she looked like you do when your name is called at the dentist Carl sensed that he softly said your fine as he slipped and arm round her his other hand was on her knee there was a second where she tensed up Brian kissed her she relaxed as soon as he stopped Carl took over he gave her a full on snog it was like a barrier was past Carl's hand moved up past the stocking tops her legs parted he rubbed her pussy she widened her legs as a finger went in her then Brian's hand joined Carl's they both had a finger in her he had freed one breast I watched my wife lay back with two blokes fingering her she soon had the both sucking on a breast each the look on her face said it all she loved it

Brian suggested they move upstairs they trooped out

The camera in out bedroom came on as they went in both men went about stripping my wife with out any resistance from her at all as they did it they sucked her tits there hands went all over her I could see how turned on it made her she tugged at Brian's trouser till they dropped she then sat on the bed to take his cock in her mouth he was hard already Carl was playing with her nipples as she did that one of her hands came up to rub his crouch as she did that he was undoing his trousers they fell to the floor her legs where parted she look very moist Carl's had a hard on and my god what a cock it was very black it seemed bigger than Brian's fatter and longer he had no foreskin jest a big mushroom bell end it curved upwards quite a lot so it could be longer than it looks

He placed her hand on it she stopped sucking Brian with a surprised look on her face she turned to look at it the sheer size of clearly shocked her her finger wouldn't und it for a few seconds she jest looked at it as she held it I heard Brian say I told you he was big well that'a understatement I thought he had pushed it towards her by then it looked as if she thought about before she let it in her mouth the best she could do was get her mouth round his helmet he like that both his hand when round her head Brian shook

his head as if to say no he murmured not this time Carl was going to face her to take more she would choked on it if had a done

As my wife suck both there cocks in turn they stripped so they where naked I think they both keen to fuck her Carl more so Brian tried to slow him down I did catch him whispering take it easy this time mate it was obvious they both done this before together

They all ended up on the bed June in the middle Brian went down on her Carl moved to her head he had to bend his dick down for her it was that stiff she sucked the end licked it all they down the shaft and back up he had the biggest pear of nuts I have seen on a man he was later going to refer to them as his baby makes I was going to see they held about gallon of spunk as well or seemed to

By then the three of them where rearing to go June had climaxed with the oral she was given Brian said she ready mate be my guest it struck me both men talked about her not to her like they where using her in a way

They swapped places Carl was between my wife's legs holding his cock given it a couple of strokes as it to make sure he moved in he touched her pussy she felt it she looked at Brian he said take easy mate he pushed but didn't go in she had a scared look on her face

Brain looked down saying relax baby let him don't fight it she then cried out my Christ my god his to big Brian he must of got in her he said relax babe relax Carl heaved she screamed out he said fuck she tight Brian with a huge smile on his face looking very pleased your in now he had a hand on both her shoulders Junes head was going from side to side shouting NO NO NO OH CHRIST FUCK he must of force him self up her it seemed she stopped breathing for a few seconds then a huge gasp came from her I think I had jest watched a huge black stud destroy my wife he then started to fuck her slowly at first as he got going Brian let go of her shoulders she was taken him now he had stretched her opened her up her pussy was never the same

Now he was ridding her she started to get into it even starting to enjoy it she had a climax she had hold of Brian's cock as Carl fucked her after a few minutes her legs went in the air then round him she started to move with him when she bucked under him Brian said I told you mate she fucking herself and she was what ever that cock did inside her it did the trick touched the right places she climaxed one after the other she was screaming and gasping her eyes rolled she seared then cried fill me fill me up I am cumming oh god I am cumming Carl did jest that he pick her legs up onto his shoulders and pounded the hell out of her till he cum the din't let her rest they changed places Brian fucking her he said what have you done to this cunt its loose they both laughed he fucked her for ten minutes till he shot his lot inside her I was surprised to see her licking cleaning Carl's cock

When it was over June looked snacked she lay there breathing really heavenly they asked her if she enjoyed it she replied god yes with in a few minutes she was playing both there cock slowly they stiffened Carl before Brian soon she had them laying together sucking each one in turn I heard Brian say I told you what she like she didn't hear or want to it wasn't long before she climbed on Carl straddled him lowing herself down on him she started off rocking on him then lifting a bit till she fucked herself like a mad woman as she did that I watched Brian he got the tube and was putting it over his cock he moved to there back I thought at first he was fingering her as they fucked but no he got a finger in her ares hole he then knelt behind them Carl then slowed her down and pulled her over him once she was bent over Brian moved in he had his cock on her ares he pushed she move away so Carl put both hands on her hips to hold her in place she gasped really loudly he got his cock in her ares Carl didn't move letting Brain slowly fuck her ares

The he started she was impaled on both there cocks once they got it right and moved together it was plain my wife enjoyed it like that it was taken a long time for them to cum this time even with more lobe she complained she was sore so he pulled out and let them fuck once Carl cum they pushed her on her back Brian made her suck his cock she didn't want to at first she didn't get much choice he soon cum in her mouth and over her face

It was getting late by then and June told them so I could come home she went in the shower as them two got dressed Brian said I told you what she like Carl said yes its jest the start we got another one they laughed and this one really good looking the other will like her we have a few more session with her first what about her old man oh his wanker any way its her problem