Written by treecreeper

4 Mar 2015

Just a quickie really, intended to assist anybody dangling on the edge of a precipice about whether to try a swinging club or not. I must say my wife and I were rather uncertain whether it was for us and had pulled back on a few occasions when we got cold feet for one reason or another. Eventually we braved it and were very pleasantly surprised to find the place very clean, comfortable and relaxed. We did enjoy some activity with another guy as I watched and she took him in the play room with a lock on the door. Afterwards we relaxed and returned home satisfied and curiosity and fears overcome.

Over the next few years we visited a few other places all quite distant but I always fancied the idea of one involving less traveling and knew there was one less than twenty miles distant. We decided to go for it and arranged a visit at the next party night. As usual I did not drink but my wife always wanted a nerve settler even though she always gets plenty of attention.

On this particular night we turned up and after our courtesy look around with a hostess, we went to the bar. I produced the gin and ordered the tonic for my wife and had a fruit juice for myself, then to my amazement saw a near neighbour looking aghast at us. I grinned and said hi just as if we were in a local pub back in our own town, he flustered a bit and then I saw his wife being groped by a guy on a sofa in a corner of the bar. Activity was going on all around us and nobody else was interfering. I asked him how long he had been coming here and he said it was their first time. He asked if any other people from our community had been here and I said I was not sure, but we had been to other places and found them very friendly and discreet.

He looked at me unsure of my trust and I said that we saw no problem, after all what were we doing here except enjoying ourselves without upsetting anybody. We are after all adult and consenting. He said 'But what if it gets out'. My reply was that I knew him and he knew me, we were with our wives and whatever went on would be kept to ourselves. I offered my hand in friendship and we shook on it, I assured him that we would be discreet, indeed we told nobody from our circle of friends because they had no interest and we had no wish to spoil a friendship if we had a slightly different take on sex to them and that was how it should stay.

The point I am attempting to make is that nobody need fear being seen by someone they know, because what are they doing in there as well, not market research I can assure you, so don't be scared, the places I have been to are all very nice and there for us to have harmless fun.