Written by Lin

15 May 2013

This happened a couple of years ago when on holiday my husband and I went to the west indies on holiday after three days George was taken ill a really bad stomach upset two more days of seeing a doctor in the end he went to hospital and was keep in for tests he insisted I carried on with my holiday

I was at a lose should I go or stay with him in the end he made me go I was back at the hotel and made my way to the pool it was funny being by myself I meet a couple that was staying there quite nice to take to I told them what had happened

We lay in the sun having a couple of drinks James the husband said he was going to there room and left me ans May chatting in the conversation she said well look at your situation you can have a bit of fum now I didn't understand what she meant at the time

That evening I was going to have a meal ad I past the bar James and May spotted me and asked id I like a drink I joined them then we had a meal together before I knew we where going to a local bar it was packed but James got us a table there was music playing and people dancing as time past I had quite a few drinks James suggested me and his wife should have a dance so off we go we hardly got on the dance floor and two guys where after us wanting to dance May said yes so I didn't have a lot of choice both the young men where in there twenties I guess I started to enjoy myself I could see May was

Any way after the dancing both guys joined us at the table more drinks after an hour or so James said to May looks like you girls are okay I go back and let you get on with it I thought that was a funny thing to say but with the drink I didn't think any more of it

We had more dances with our two new friends and I was enjoying it a lot

May and her guy where back at the table when we got back I was very surprised to see her snogging her guy I think that gave the idea it was okay for my friend to do the same any way we did kiss and hell he was good at it he then got me more drink by now I think I had one more than I should of dune

We where having a real snogging session by then he felt my breasts not inside my dress then his hand was on my thigh I closed my legs he smiled then kissed me I have to admit I

starting to feel randy his hand moved up my thigh this time I let it his finger pressed on my knickers crouch I could feel myself getting horny I looked over to May and she was engaged in much the same

A little later May said its time to go we left with our two young man I felt a little uneasy walking out with a young black man I didn't hold his hand like May was doing

Once back in the hotel we all went to May's room as we when in I was surprised to see James with jest a pare of shorts he greeted us telling us to come and make our self comfortable the rooms have twin beds I sat on one with my new friend and May and her guy on the other with James in a chair I was thinking all we do is have a drink and go

May soon got to grips with her guy I look at James who smiled at me as I was pushed backwards on the bed we where soon kissing some how he got a hand inside my dress and pushed my bra up and was playing with my tits I was getting turned on a lot now I sore May was now topless she had what looked like a huge black cock in one hand with in seconds my dress was round my waist and I had lost my bra between snogs I looked over at James who was now naked holding a sizable dick in his hand I then felt my knicker gusset being moved I gasped as maybe two fingers went inside my pussy he started to suck my nipples as he fingered me he was touching the right spot I jest went wet before I knew it he was licking me I could feel myself cumming he was pushing my hand to his cock which some how he got out I jest held it as I cum my finger only jest meet round it as I came down I moved my had up and down it Christ how long was it my hubby I know now is small but till then I thought it was quite big as I wanked it my dress was tugged off with my knickers

Next thing he was as naked as me and laying on top of me I could feel his cock laying on my tummy a thought went threw my mind god where is that going to go I was soon to find out it was pushing at my pussy lips then it entered me slowly my god the sensation of being so full and stretched at the same time I wondered if I could accommodate it he was now touching parts of that I think had never been touched I was in heaven it hear a little when I had taken his full length he was still for a moment I was getting my breath back as he started to move inside me from that moment I feeling started to build deep inside my body he got quicker I couldn't help myself I cried out as my body started to shake I trembled as I started to climax he was now pounding me I never knew a man could be that energetic I arched up as my climax ripped threw me I felt him tense and his cock jerked inside me I took his load very deep inside me we lay locked together by his cock

As we lay there I could hear May almost screaming as she cum on her cock my lad move off me I then felt embarrassed by what had done both the boys had finished with us and stood

with Jame was getting a drink I was sitting up looking at three naked men two black and one white Kay came and sat with me her arm round my shoulders she kissed my cheek saying you really liked that I nodded it felt funny having a naked woman that close to me but it also felt nice her other arm came round me turning me she kissed me full on the mouth I resisted at first then I opened my mouth it felt right to me we fell back on the bed as we kissed she massaged my breasts tweaking each nipple she then lick and kissed my neck moving down to a nipple as she was doing that her hand went between my legs I moaned out loud as she started to finger me this was happening as the two lads where leaving

May was now kissing her way over my tummy James came back after seeing the other two out and said lovely two full pussies I hear Kay say no one as she went down on me I was gasping Jame dropped behind his wife and started licking her

I was going mad Kay made me cum she stooped and moved us all round so James was laying up the bed his dick near my face she looked up at me saying go suck him he did have a large cock it was very fat I took in my mouth and licked and sucked it he was pushing into me I heard him grunt then felt it twitch as he cum in my mouth for the first time in my life a man had cum in my mouth he he now holding my head I had to swallow it as that was happening Kay gave me a huge climax James moved away we roiled and ended up head to toe with Kay on top of me I then licked her out thee still loads of sperm inside her I did drink as much as I could but a lot went over my face and in my hair we got each other off

Kay and me showered together we washed each other god that was sexy she asked if she could come to my room I said yes but what about James she said don't worry he be okay we got some closes on and ran hand in had to my room giggling it was like we couldn't keep are hands off each other we made twice more that night I never dreamed I could be bi but I know I am it was wonderful sex

We got up it was almost mid day I had to go and see my husband when I got there god did I feel guilty he told me they said he be in all week till we went home when I got back to the hotel I told Kay and James he said well I give the lads a call we giggled at each other that night was a repeat but this time we swooped boys Kay and me had a 69 this time I was on top and James fucked me at the same time I still didn't know the two lads names and I had fucked both of them the next night we went out on the pull that didn't take long once more I was having a night of sex with some I didn't know there name I didn't care I don't know how meany time I got fucked that week now back home I had Kay and James phone number and we arrange to get together as much as we can or I can with out hubby knowing what I doing we took on five men once and there is always a stud to fuck me James arrange them Kay and me are lovers what a holiday that was