Written by Ticle of Squrtandticle

25 Jan 2017

I am a the female member of the 60 ish year old couple Squrtandticle. This episode in my life took place as a result of the Smoking ban affecting where and when we could smoke at the care home I worked at when in my 50's.

Only two of us smoked anyway, myself and a girl in her twenties called Jane. Because it was a care home that had been a large country house in it's former life and had numerous outbuildings we were told we could smoke in the old potting shed just outside the kitchen door. This establishment also housed the home's resident gardener and Handyman Bert?

Bert of course was referred to by Jane as "Dirty old Berty" because of the sometimes, indeed quite often lewd comment's and suggestion's he was known to make to the female staff member's, myself included. He was about the same age as me(mid 50's) and fit through physical work but he was not a constant bother to us, just when close proximity made him think about the possibility of being naughty.

I took my week's holiday with my husband of thirty five years in Portugal that year. Poor Jane was left to brave the smoke house on her own? But to Bert's credit, she reported he had been as nice as pie to her while I was away Except he had never shut up about ME? Ooooh I fancy her you know? Those bum cheek's, her sexy knowing smile! Jane reckoned he missed me.

Jane took a week off three week's later. I had his undivided attention. He became more and more shall we say,Probing? about my sex life and asked thing's like, " have you still got white bit's?" I felt myself becoming more and more curious as to how far he would go if given the chance and also how far I wanted to go? I decided that at my age I got very little sexual attention apart from with my husband and was curious to find out if I could still PULL? That afternoon I walked over to the potting shed in a mood for discovering if?

No stocking's, not a hint of extra makeup, just a four week regrowth of my pubic hair after my holiday and my bum cheeks in their black trousers off to see the world. I could feel my heart trying to come out through my mouth as I entered the potting shed and yes! There was Bert? seemingly expecting me, chair next to his and cigarette ready for me. I sat down and as I went to light my cig I dropped my lighter over the edge of his little table and bent deliberately in front of him to get it. The hand I was expecting never came to touch my bum! I looked round at him and said" missed yer chance for a feel then Bert!" "I wanted too " he replied. so I dropped it again! His hand was so big,I was so excited I nearly came on the spot. I just stayed there, he just gently felt my buttock and held it in his hand and off we went. He took me up and stood behind me holding me at the hips and pressing an excited bulge into my back, we didn't speak, we only had a few minute's or I would be missed. "Just fuck me for now Bert I need it" was all I could say as I pulled my black slacks down with my knickers inside them and bent over the bench ready for him. I could hear him undo his pant's and felt him touch my bare cheeks with his cock. I was wet and at my age it was not tight but I felt his end touch my clit and he was in! It was so dirty and I came straight away! Just as well, because so did Bert. I felt it soften and slip out and felt his cum running down my legs. Bert and I often fucked each other, but just Quickies because we never wanted anything more than sex. When the home shut we moved and I have not seen him since nor have I had anyone else I could go bareback with and feel the cum dripping. cheers Ticle xx