Written by uni

29 Jul 2008

Been a while since I submitted a story but I have still been sucking cock and drinking pee.

My main wank buddy is Derek who comes round every 2 weeks or so and we do it all and he now swallows some of my pee and all my cum.

Just had a 3some this morning while my wife was out - didn\'t think that Kurt would show for the 4some - he was too much of a wannabe - you get to know these things.

Both arrived about this same time so into the bedroom, stripped - Andy needed a pee so he peed first - He had to stop while I drained the glass (a pint) and Derek drank a couple of swallows too then cleaned his cock of drips then he needed to finish off. Then Derek gave me his pee and Andy tried a taste although not impressed. Then we started wanking sucking rimming kissing rubbing then Andy rode me - not very successful as I kept coming out - he was very tight and then going soft so Derek kept having to suck me to get me solid so we changed round - Derek sucking me and Andy fucking him from behind and that is how I came in Derek\'s mouth - 3 weeks worth. (My wife was ill last week so we had to cancel).

Then Andy tried to cum but it took him ages but in the end Derek has his second mouthful and his second taste of cum as he has only had mine before - he is a cum slut!!!! He didn\'t bother to cum this time but it was a nice day.