Written by Eve

7 Jun 2018

It seems like a long time ago now but last summer, hubby Ronnie and I (Eve) spent two weeks at one of our favourite camping sites, in St Girons, south-west France. It was our third visit in ten years or so but on this occasion we decided to include visit a nearby nudist beach, a wonderful experience for me since I met a very handsome young guy, Christian. Like Ronnie, I’m in my late fifties, slim, good figure, healthy, not bad looking, both us enjoy hubby-wife sex two or three times a week, seeing it as an important part of a loving relationship. Then came last summer!

We drove from the UK to the campsite, situated in a pine forest, a short walk from the beach, bikes on the back of the car, as we have done on previous visits, enjoyed the very large tent, the site facilities, and cycling in the forest. We knew there was a nudist beach not too far from the site’s family beach but hadn’t given it a second thought. But, after seeing a flyer on our car window, we discussed it, decided we were keen to try it out, especially since we had fairly presentable bodies for a nudist beach!

I trimmed my pubes so they were not a forest of ugly hairs, a more acceptable landing strip, packed the sun screen, put on a bikini under my mini dress, made a few sandwiches for our lunch and the two of us cycled to the beach. It took almost an hour but we eventually arrived, found a dune, pleased the beach was busy with some very wonderfully nude people, and enthusiastically stripped off. Ronnie had brought a sun umbrella under which he sat while I laid out under the mid-morning sun.

And that was it for a good hour, me turning every twenty minutes or so, Ronnie reading his book, then falling asleep, me enjoying the freedom our first trip to a nudist beach gave us, along with the sun, the heat, and the beautiful people around me.

As Ronnie had fallen asleep I went for a walk, secretly taking in my fellow nudists. Some were young, some middle-aged, some elderly, some slim, not so slim, and the rather over-weight. I then decided to have a swim. As I weaved my way to the water’s edge couldn’t help but notice (as a lady who enjoys her sex) the various sizes of male members on display. Some were limp, some were half-erect, others fully hard. Some were normal size, others were worryingly small, and a few were impressively large, and enjoying the freedom the beach offered, a good half dozen couples were having lovely straight sex or the 69 variety, and one lucky older gent with a massive appendage was being sucked off by two adoring ladies, one, his age, looked like his wife, the other a much younger lady, it all leaving me feeling very sexy, wondering what I had to do to join in the fun!

I swam for a good ten minutes, enjoying the cool water, deciding to leave when, out of the blue a beach ball landed next to me. I assumed it had come from someone on the beach but no-one there. I looked around and about twenty feet away was a guy, arm in the air, inviting me to throw the ball back. I did and he promptly threw it back. I smiled, pleased to have a little fun. He was certainly a handsome looking fella, probably in his thirties, slim, blond haired, an impressive tan, and a heavy gold chain around his neck. It didn’t take long before he waded over, and, in a German accent, introduced himself, Christian.

We chatted for a good five minutes, bobbing up and down, me admitting it was the first visit to a nudist beach for me and hubby, Christian saying he and his wife were life-long nudists, St Girons beach one of their summer favourites. He then suggested we swim a bit further out, to a rock, probably a few hundred yards away, and do some sun bathing. I liked the idea and Christian led the way, taking my hand to pull me up onto the rock, his magnificent manhood, circumcised, hanging large and wonderfully close to my face, impressing me greatly! And that was when I decided this was all a ruse to have sex with me.

Deep down, I hoped it was – and me, a long, happily married woman with such thoughts! I knew my wonderfully sexy hubby had told me a number of times when we made love he wanted me to be fucked by other men, although I knew he’d want to watch, preferably a well-endowed guy who’d leave, in his words, gallons of creamy spunk inside me!

Well, here I was – with a young, strapping fella, and an excitingly large example of manhood! I told myself that if Christian made a move on me I wouldn’t resist. The beach was far enough away to make it impossible for anyone to see what we were doing. And anyway, this was a nudist beach with lots of nakedly horny couples enjoying sex in the sun and heat.

Now, I have to get what happened next in the right order! We were lying in the sun, occasionally speaking, when Christian lent over and began to suck a nipple! What a sexy feeling that was! It sent me into a wonderful seventh heaven! As he bit around my nipple put I my hand around his manhood, massaged it gently, felt it grow, then we kissed, lightly at first then with some passion, tongues and everything! Then I saw him move his body over mine. Oh my god! The excitement, the anticipation gave me such a wonderful, butterflies in the stomach moment, I felt like a teenager again, the first time I ever had sex! I linked my hands around his neck, parted my legs, felt him guide his erection towards my very excited vagina and let out a ‘wow!’ as he slowly eased his cock head into my very eager pussy. Yes, wow! He was big! What a wonderful feeling it was, an incredible experience, Christian inching his massive size slowly all the way in, a gorgeous feeling!

We kissed very passionately for half a minute, both of us enjoying the moment, his cock filling me up, me feeling like a million dollars! Then he gently moved in and out, his body supported by his hands on the hot rock, my arms still linked around his shoulders, his neck chain bobbing on my lips and chin, his size amazingly exciting, feeling his wonderful, beautiful cock go right up inside me, then slide out, and back again. As we continued to kiss passionately, Christian began to move up a gear, slowly at first but, within a minute or two, moving at top speed, both of us letting out moans of appreciation, enjoyment and satisfaction.

It took another five minutes or so, my body shaking with three quick orgasms, then Christian froze, gave out loudly some German expression of ecstasy, shoved one last time inside me and exploded. I experienced the most wonderful sensation as his cock shook inside my vagina, releasing three or four spurts of his beautiful, hot spunk!

Our passionate kiss continued as I shoved my hips up on his cock, greedily displaying no intention of letting him go. But, after five minutes or so, eventually I had to as he slid from me. I sucked his cock for a minute, secretly hoping I’d get him up hard and excited again. But, no, it wasn’t to be.

We slid off the rock and swim back to the beach. We parted and I rejoined hubby, asleep beneath the umbrella. I laughed, kissed him, and as he stirred I stood, looked for Christian, feeling absolutely wonderful about the man. I may not be a dolly bird, I told myself, but certainly wasn’t some ugly old bag lady. I was slim, attractive – and a sexy, young, handsome guy, with a wonderfully satisfying cock, had just made unforgettable love to me!

That was last August and the reason for waiting so long before writing this is that when we got back from holiday my experience with Christian got me fired up and I shocked Ronnie by saying we should dip our toes in the swinging scene, see what it was like, finally confessing to my wonderful moment with Christian (hubby getting very excited, leading to some lovely sex). It took a bit of time to organize but we did eventually meet with three very friendly marrieds, enjoying some wonderful fun sex with them, with one (twenty years younger than us!) becoming our favourites, spending some lovely sexy weekends away with them.