28 Nov 2016

Today was going to be amazing! I had been dying to get this guy in to bed for ages (since Feb this year), and today was going to be the day I got him inside of me - I was so excited.

Last week I had a chat with the CEO of big corporate company - who happens to be super sexy and someone I have been dying to fuck for ages! I have a massive thing for guys in power and when I saw him earlier this year I knew I needed to have him! He knows how bad I have wanted him and he arranged sometime in his busy schedule for a fuck session today. I obviously had to ask my Master for permission (as many of you will know I am in a Master and pet relationship and cannot therefore do anything sexual without my Masters consent). He gave me the all clear for today but had told me I had to put the story up after - so I hope you all enjoy.

The whole weekend I was excited - ensuring I was waxed and smooth all over for the CEO. I wore a super sexy outfit as well, I have 34F tits, which I put in a push up bra to give them some extra cleavage (as you can see from my profile pic). A sexy black leather mini skirt, with a tight v neck jumper that showed off just enough cleavage and some tights that were lacy in design. I wanted the CEO to see me, get so horny and aroused that he pounded my tight pussy like I had imagined so many times! Unfortunately, it was not to be! We met but because of scheduling conflicts in his diary I had only 30 mins with him - I was super gutted especially as I didn't even get a kiss!!!!!

I was so frustrated and horny when I get home that I needed to masturbate to relieve some of the stress. I asked my Master for permission - He said yes but that I had to use his favourite toy.... my little butt plug. Feeling extra frustrated I put the butt plug in my mouth and turned on my mini clit stimulation vibrator. As I placed the toy on my clit, I could instantly feel my pussy juices starting to flow! I knew I was ready for the plug when I started squirming all over my bed! I slowly pulled the butt plug out of my mouth and inserted it into my ass - God it felt soo good!! As I came, I screamed out my Masters name and felt the most incredible release. I don't think I have been that frustrated in such a long time which made the orgasm even more spectacular!!