Written by Green_Fox_71

8 Sep 2012

This is a true story which happened to me about just over two years ago. It is not a short "pushed her onto the bed ripped her tights off and fucked her senseless" type of tale... it's longer and will take you a while to read; i hope you enjoy it. Names and a few minor details have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved o/wise this is how it happened!

I was working for a large retailer in the Building Supplies trade (a national business with outlets in most large towns. ..you can probably guess the name). I was one of the sales reps and spent my days travelling from store to store talking to managers and trying to sort out problems with new products, misplaced orders and delayed deliveries. The area sales manager was a woman called Sally Salisbury.

It was the end of July and Sally and I together with the rest of the sales teams from the whole of the UK were at our annual sales conference in Harrogate. Three days of targets and performance reviews and new product demonstrations .... paint and decorating products for commercial projects...paint sprayers rollers dust sheets ..... like B&Q but on a larger scale... as you can imagine this was exciting beyond anything i could ever have imagined .....NOT !!

Despite being a bit of a miserable mare Sally is quite an attractive woman; early 50's but slim and toned; not very tall but nicely put together blonde hair cut in a "bob" with a cute arse and a nice pair of boobs and good legs. My relationship with Sally was not always that good. She liked to be assertive and never tired of reminding me that she was my "line / sales team manager". Over the 18 months or so that i'd worked under her she'd had a few "issues" with me; i've challenged her authority and questioned some of her decisions; she did not like being wrong.

Sally has a bit of a problem with me; she is my boss but she thinks that i don't respect her as much as if she were a man but at the same time i make her laugh and i like to think i can make her feel like a woman (though she'd never admit it) and I've always thought she found me oddly attractive -- and i'd be lying if i said that i did not consider the attraction mutual (though of course i'd never that admit to Sally).

It was the evening of the second day. I wondered into the bar of the Hotel brain dead after a day of boring presentations ...well how excited can you get about selling low odour paint for use in commercial premises? She was sat there on her own and we got chatting ... we have a three or so hours to kill before the boring boring boring annual sales dinner. Sally looked quite tasty in her daytime office clothes; knee length A line skirt, sensible 3" heels, blouse and fitted jacket.

Sally was at the bar a while before me and must have had one or two strong G&T's and when i came by and she was feeling a little mellow and as i later found out slightly aroused.

She started off being friendly but then she started to tell me off about some petty misdemeanour and then she was nice again; i think she wanted to show me who's the boss in the business sense but at the same time the submissive "Sally" wanted me to take her, dominate her and to use her body.

As we chatted and she off loaded some of her angst she started to relax; neither of us was looking forward to the dinner and a few stiff ones to dull the pain of the speeches and presentations seemed like a blindingly good idea.

The drinks came and went and the talk became less formal and more like two people on a date; a bit of flirting and Sally playing with her hair and licking her lip from time time.

I wanted more than a drink with her but she was my "boss" and then all of a sudden we were talking about a the MD and his senior PA and how everyone knew that he was fucking her on the company's time....and Sally's comments was something along the lines of "what happens at conference stays at conference" and the penny dropped.

We had just under two hours before the dinner but i thought it was long enough .. time to act ... now or never...

"Sally - l 've a bottle of gin in my room and some crisps if you fancy another?"

She smiled and picked her mobile up off the bar "A bottle of gin ... why didn't you say? The price of drinks at the bar we should have been at yours ages ago!" and we were off Sally following behind me as I led the way to the lift and then down the corridor to my room.

At the door I fluffed the credit card key; the fucking thing wouldn't work ..."let me" she said and gently took the card from my fingers and with a smile that said "I'm still the boss" she opened the door and led me inside.

As the door clicked shut behind she turned to face me there was a mili-second of silence and i caught her eye and reached forward placing my hands on her shoulders and it was like a gun had been fired and we were in a race; a mad panic overcame us both and i was tearing her jacket off and pulling her blouse out of her skirt and she was pulling my tie off and grabbing my shirt tails and i kissed her hard; not tenderly or lovingly not even passionately ... it was more urgent more aggressive than that. I kissed her as though i wanted to hurt her .. and she kissed me back with equal urgency

And then she was back against the wall and her leg up on my hip bone as she pulled her hips onto my aching cock. I grabbed her skirt and pulled i up over hips . black stocking tops and suspender clips and lacy black panties .......... i was in heaven.

We quickly realised that being pushed up against the wall in the hotel room might look good in porn movies but was not going to be the most comfortable place to fuck each others' brains out. we separated and moved to the bed. I shed my suit trousers and shoes and socks she joined me on the bed still in her stockings and suspenders with those lacy panties but otherwise naked.....

God what a sight she was... my cock already hard in my boxers strained to be released and Sally's hand reached down and grabbed my hard dick; the feeling of her hand around my shaft was fantastic and i felt paralysed unable to move for fear that i'd break the spell and that she'd let go of my member.

She pushed me back on the bed and slid down to the foot of the bed; kneeling on the floor she took me in her warm mouth bobbing her head up and down my length and squeezing and teasing my balls.... a moment of blind panic shot thru my mind... wonderful though this was (and it was truly wonderful) i did not want to come in her mouth ... wanted to fuck her.

I broke off and managed to get her to change places and i started to lick and chew and nibble her swollen lips and tongue her clit and as her pleasure rose my panic at coming too quickly subsided.

Sally was writhing and moaning and pushing my head into her cunt and i was doing my best not to suffocate between her sweet thighs and the soft folds of her labia; once i felt that i had regained control of the path to my own orgasm i broke off and moved up her body kissing and squeezing her flat tummy and her sweet breasts as i went. Quickly i was between her legs and she helped steer my erection into her moist and welcoming cunt......."what a feeling!"

For a few seconds I caught my breath and held still inside her savouring the exquisite feeling of total penetration.

It was the lull before the storm.

Together we started to move. We began the rhythmic movements slowly apart slowly together, apart together, apart together, apart together all the while picking up speed making each stroke slightly longer than the one before until the pace became too fast for us both to move and Sally lay still beneath me legs pulled up to her chest as i pounded in and out and in and out with as much speed and force as i could muster; i could feel her stockinged thighs warm and slightly scratchy on my shoulders pressing my ears; my own hands moved from supporting my weight to squeezing her arse to feeling her breast and back again.

It couldn't have been more than three or four minutes before we were both covered in sweat and starting to pant; time to change gear. there was no panic .. the dinner was still more than an hour away and it was time to slow down and savour the experience. We started to move more slowly; changed position so that she was on her side my legs scissored between hers me pistoning into her from behnd and then we changed again, she on top her tits jiggling as she rose and fell her hips rolling as she ground down on me. another move and she was on her knees and i was behind her driving my cock into her soft cheeks pushing down on her shoulders to keep myself steady another change and another and another until finally she was on her back again her legs wide supported in the crook of my elbows our pubic bones forced together as we ground out our climax ... that mix of pleasure and pain as my seed erupted deep inside her in spasms filling her cunt mixing with her own sweat and love juice making a sweet cocktail of bodily fluids.

Lying back my fingers playing lazily with her clit savouring the smell of aftershave and perfume mixed with sweat and clean bed linen we fought to control our breathing.

"What time is this dinner" she asked

"It's ages yet. We don't need o be there till about 8.15" i told her.

"Right" she said "Come and join me in the shower and then you can go and get dressed before you escort me down to tonight's bun fight"

It wasn't a suggestion or even a request.. the Bitch was telling me what to do! She was reminding me yet again that she was the boss and that i worked for her ........but do you know what? .... tell the truth, in all the circumstances ..... I did not really mind at all !