Written by Adrian

9 Dec 2015

We had not intended to have extra relations when we got married 15 yeqrs ago but it just happened. Peg had left school and got a job in aprinting company under the watchfull eye of George. Much of the time theywould work on general printing but seasonnally they produced brochures for a holiday company. This involved all details of the holidays including hotels and flights. The holidays were based around the Mediteranian and the photos were allheld on file from previous brochures. The company wanted to expand and include holidays in the UK and didn't have pictures so asked if the printers could provide photos of the selected venues. George was asked if he would go and take the neccessory shots. He said he would go and take Peg with him for the expeciance. They mostly travelled in the one day but had to stay over now and then. Peg was in her late teens and George was in his late 40's but having worked closely together for some time got on well together. After several trips things got a little intimate and they would share a room whilst away. They were proffessional however in the pffice environment..

After we met things changed and Peggy and George were not involved anymore. We got married settled down to a normal married life. After we had the 2 children Peg was still at work with the printing firm and was now in charge of the holiday company promotional literature. The company had expanded its holiday business and was to expand into the skiing holiday business. They needed photos from Austria and Peg asked George if he would go with her to take the pictures. Whilst there they again shared a room just like the good old days and as well as the photos of the hotel and ski slopes he took some pics of Sue in various stages of undress. These she shoed me on their return. Some time later I was talking with George and invited him to our house and after a few glasses of wine we got Peg to do a strip for us. That time nothing happened other than we had a feel of her boobs but laterwe did get round to going all the way to a full on 3some.