Written by Big Ben

13 Aug 2008

A couple of weeks ago I went to a BBQ at the wife’s sisters place. Naturally I have always fancied my SIL, but not a hint in return. Nor do I fancy my MIL who was also there. However, this was the first time I had met my SIL’s MIL (if you follow my meaning). Joanie was her name, late 50s, fantastic breasts, shapely legs (for her age). And boy, did we hit it off!

She made a beeline straight for me and after some less than discrete flirting she asked me to help her to unload her car. Sure enough I put my drink down and followed her out of the garden. The drive was to the side of the house where no one could see and she flirted openly with me, deliberately brushing alongside me. As she leaned into the boot of the car I put my hands on her hips and pushed in towards her bum. “Naughty” she said with a smile and she filled my arms with blankets and BBQ stuff.

The afternoon went as most family occasions do except for frequent glances from Joanie. My wife and her husband Tom had a good chat about holidays etc which made me think that no one had noticed Joanie & my flirting. Towards the end of the afternoon I was to help her load her stuff into the car so we found ourselves on the drive again. When she’d put stuff in the car she asked me if I ever had to go to Bournemouth with my work. “Frequently” I lied. “in fact I may be there tomorrow”. “Excellent, I think you’ll find that I provide excellent hospitality between the hours of 9 and 6 (while husband at work) – and with that she slipped her mobile number into my pocket.

Next morning I rescheduled all my calls and set off to Bournemouth. I called her en route to get directions and was there by 10am. She left the front door unlocked for me to go straight in where I found her in a negligee and sexy underwear pouring a couple of glasses of wine. “I hope you don’t think it too early for a glass” she said. “only that you were kind enough to help me to unload and I thought I would help you with the same, and this will help me along the way” she said handing me a glass and taking a gulp herself. With that she led me into the sitting room, put our glasses on the coffee table and pulled me into her, kissed me passionately and put my hand on her ample breast.

Within minutes she had my hard cock out and was sucking on it as I stood there. I pushed her onto the sofa and lifted her legs over my shoulders before burying my face into her pussy. She gasped as I pulled her knickers aside and pushed my tongue in as far as I could. “pull them off” she instructed and as I did so she freed herself from the rest of her garments. I now had unfettered access as she opened her legs wide and drew me back into her soaking cunt. I worked on her clit and was eventually rewarded with her first orgasm.

I then worked my way up her body to her lovely tits and she pulled me further up to her to kiss me again, tasting her own juices. “I want that lovely prick inside me now” she said, as she guided me into her. I pumped away with her half sitting up on the sofa. Eventually I got to the point of no return and felt her clamp her legs around me as I unloaded into her.

We both collapsed in a heap before laughing with delight. We cleaned ourselves up, took the bottle of wine upstairs and spent most of the day fucking each other as soon as I could get hard again.

I left at 4pm with the promise of more to come another day. “keep in touch” she said as I left. Of that she can be sure.