Written by Suzi

11 Jun 2013

Me and Jeff have been swinging again for about 3 years now. We'd dabbled for a couple of years, twenty or so years ago, swapping and a few MMF threesomes which I enjoyed, before settling down when I got pregnant. That was it until 2010, the kids off our hands and we decided we'd try it again. Much easier arranging meets than it used to be and I was soon enjoying some extra cock. I'm Forty six years old now, my figure still trim, 34c tits quite firm and perky, decent legs and bum. I keep my pussy smooth or just leave a little strip. Jeff tells me that, despite having had two children, my cunt is as tight as ever and as I've got older I've become a better fuck because I've learned to control my cunt muscles to grip and massage cock when I'm being fucked. What was especially gratifying was to discover that guys half my age still wanted to fuck me. We eased back in to it and I suppose I had sex with about half a dozen guys that first summer.

I guess in 2011 I was probably fucked by about fifteen different guys. The most memorable being one summers night in some woods, where we'd arranged to meet four guys and I was fucked by them and Jeff. I'd discovered that I enjoyed outdoor sex most, having lots of cock and being watched doing it. It was just a shame the weather in the UK isn't warm enough to get out more frequently for me to enjoy regular outdoor sex. I wanted more cock, much more in fact. I think that Jeff was a bit shocked when I told him what I had in mind, that I wanted to be gangbanged and where I wanted to go. He soon came around to the idea when he realised I was serious and he had a potential Slut on his hands. That led to us going to Cap D'Agde last summer where I spent the most amazing two weeks fucking and sucking cock, mostly on the beach or in the dunes behind.

It allowed me to really indulge myself. It was everything I hoped for and more. I went absolutely wild, left all my inhibitions at home, adored being naked the whole time and fucking outdoors, taking on two or three men at a time, giving my body to complete strangers. I'd become such a greedy cock hungry whore, I showed little discernment, as long as they were clean it didn't matter if they were 17 or 70 as long as they had a stiff prick. One guy in his sixties had the biggest cock I'd ever seen and fucked me several enjoyable times, his huge cock stretching and filling my cunt to capacity, making me orgasm intensly and loudly. I fucked without any restraint, almost out of control, just wanting more cock, not that any one seemed remotely shocked at my behaviour, least of all the guys wanting to fuck me. Big cocks, little cocks I wasn't bothered as long as I had a cock in my pussy. I revelled in being the centre of attention. I deliberately walked from the dunes into the sea to wash, passing people on the beach, spunk on my face and body, running down my legs from my gaping pussy. I have absolutely no idea how many different guys fucked me, thirty or forty at a guess, probably more and I must have been fucked 7 or 8 times each day, except the final night when I was fucked almost continuously for several hours.

On our last night we joined a party where I was one of several women, vastly outnumbered by men. I was being fucked then passed on to the next guy. It was pretty much an open invite party, guys arriving, fucking and leaving or watching, more replacing them. Most of the evening I had at least one cock in my pussy, several times two cocks ramming into my stretched and spunk drenched cunt DP'ing me while I took another cock in my mouth sucking off a third guy. Total debauched, uninhibited sex and the first time I'd been repeatedly fucked over several hours, finally fulfilling my desire to be gangbanged. I lost all track of time and how many times I was fucked, but think it was about 15 to 20 times, plus numerous blow jobs. We took a couple of young Dutch guys back to our caravan and they fucked me in the morning before we left. It was the most amazing holiday ever. I would have stayed the whole summer, letting guys fuck me if I could. I could hardly wait to go again.

I'd really been spoilt in France, as much cock as I wanted when I wanted it. We had a few meets with guys before the interminable winter arrived which put a stop to any outdoor sex and we weren't comfortable inviting guys to our house. On New Years eve we went to dinner, booked a hotel for the night and we invited two guys up to our room to fuck me. I enjoyed it, especially getting DP'd again, for the first time since our holiday, but my real turn on is sex outdoors, ideally being watched whilst I'm being fucked, masturbating or performing sex acts on myself with a vibrator or dildo.

I was looking forward to booking to go to Cap again, getting excited at the thought of being repeatedly fucked night after night. I'd started buying the essentials, packs of condoms for a start, as I had decided that this year I would allow guys to arse fuck me if they wanted, a treat reserved for Jeff previously. I wanted to experience taking a cock in my cunt, one in my arse, after being assured by Jayne, a women I chatted to online, that the sensation of having both holes fucked together was exquisite. If I could take one in my mouth simultaneously and swallow some cum too that would be a bonus. Those were my plans and I got to work persuading Jeff to ask for three weeks off in June so I could be an absolute Slut again.

I'll never know how many of the things that I wanted to do, I'd have managed or how many guys would have fucked me. Jeff was laid off in February and we should have been on holiday in the south of France now. Instead we've just returned from a weeks holiday in our Caravan in the UK because it was all we could afford on my salary. At least the weather was good and it didn't turn out to be a complete disaster, not quite Cap d'Agde but I did manage to get fucked.

We booked a farm site, basically a field with a tap, the use of a toilet and shower on the end of a barn about 100yds across another field. I think they are only allowed five tents or caravans, the field was secluded, we had it to ourselves when we arrived on the Friday afternoon and about 400 yards way across a field and some dunes was the sea. We parked up facing away from the farm, though hedges surrounded the field screened us from view, and erected the awning. It didn't take me long to realise I would me able to sunbathe nude and stripped naked and lay outside on the grass, for an hour or so before venturing as far as a second gate, to one side and behind the caravan, leading to the dunes. Still naked I climbed over and went about 50 yards further before turning back.

Over the weekend we went to the beach and had sex there and in the dunes. The first time we went I wore a thong under my shorts a loose vest top without a bra for the walk there. The beach was deserted, with people visible about a mile away where there was a car park. We soon got naked, fucking in the open on the beach. I slipped my thong back on for the walk back to the caravan for lunch, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my almost naked body, the light breeze caressing my body, cool enough to make my nipples stiffen. In the afternoon I only wore a T shirt, just long enough to cover my naked pussy. A breeze had picked up so we found a sheltered spot in the dunes, more nude sunbathing, more sex before I walked back to the caravan. This time I walked back naked, carrying the T shirt just in case we met anyone.

We did the same on the Sunday and Monday. It was returning on the Monday afternoon that things changed. I was naked, we hadn't seen a soul in three days. We went through the gate, approaching the caravan at an angle. It wasn't until we were close that I saw two small tents had been pitched about 20 yards in front of our caravan. My first thought was why there when you've got the whole field. My second thought, a moment later, was wow, maybe not so bad after all. Four young guys, real muscular hunks wearing shorts, all turning to look at me. I'd almost forgotten I was naked in my excitement, but the loud whistle reminded me, but also reassured me that they weren't likely to complain, liked what the saw and that my luck had just changed.

After a moments hesitation I continued walking, stuck my tits out, enjoying them feasting their eyes on my body, aware they were staring at my tits and pussy, already planning on letting them fuck me. I was behaving as I would have in Cap, ignoring the fact I wasn't there. I smiled at them, admiring their fit bodies, three white guys and a black guy who must have been well over 6 feet tall. “Fancy a beer lads?” I called as I reached the awning, bending over, legs parted, exposing my cunt to them as I unzipped the awning. Jeff ducked inside to open the caravan and fetch the beers whilst my four new friends helped me roll up the front. I laid on a lounger legs slightly parted, while Jeff handed out the beers.

I quickly discovered they were all soldiers. Chatting nonchalantly as if it was perfectly normal to be naked with four strangers. For me it was after last years holiday, I certainly felt no shame or embarrassment. I was enjoying them looking at me and glancing at each other, obviously not certain what I was up too. Just in case they hadn't realised, I didn't beat about the bush, telling them that I was a Slut, loved cock, opening my legs wider, “Am I glad to see you four. I was getting desperate with only Jeff here to fuck me” I grinned. I reached down, touched my pussy, felt three days growth, wished I'd shaved, but that would have to wait. I was feeling horny as hell. I ran a finger along my slit, then slipped a couple in to my cunt and began to masturbate in front of them. I really enjoy being watched while I wank, it's a real turn on, maybe because it usually such a private act, being watched is, for me, intensely arousing. While I fingered myself I looked from one to the other, telling them that I'd be very disappointed if they didn't fuck me, inviting them to touch me anywhere they wanted.

Jeff said he'd sit out side where he could watch and keep a look out in case anyone approached, telling them to help themselves and fuck me, calling over his shoulder, “She takes it up the arse too if you fancy it” They didn't need to be asked twice, two either side, hands and fingers exploring my body, squeezing my tits, pinching my hard little nipples. I stopped masturbating, letting two of them finger me. With my hands free I was able to pull down the shorts of the two guys nearest me and reach their already erect cocks and, taking one in each hand begin to wank them.

I sat up a bit, pulled the two guys I was wanking closer, spreading my legs wider, letting one of the guys fingering me, slide all four fingers into my soaking cunt. The other guy, the black guy, stood up watching, rubbing his cock through his shorts. I was rather excited, I'd never been fucked by a black guy and was looking forward to him taking me. I turned my head, taking the cock to my right in my mouth and began sucking him. I sucked him for a minute before turning my head to suck the other guys cock, taking his cock as deep as I could. Suck, wank, massage their balls, the sensations spreading from my pussy building. The guy, pushed his thumb into my cunt with his fingers, then started twisting and rotating his hand, bunching his fingers as he pushed his whole hand into my cunt. I gave a loud groan as he began to move his arm, fisting me. I gave an even louder groan of pure animal desire as I turned my head, looked towards the black guy and saw he had dropped his shorts and was stroking an impressive, rock hard cock about 8 inches long and very thick.

It was absolutely beautiful, a large, bulbous, dark purplish knob, thickly veined shaft, I could hardly wait to feel it sliding inside me, stretching my cunt hole and fucking me. I was close to cumming, the guys fist steadily pumping in and out of my hole. I glanced down, my engorged clit poking out from under its hood, needing urgent attention. I touched my clitty with my fingers, demanded to be fisted faster, frigging myself urgently I climaxed, my eyes locked on the magnificent, hard, black cock only feet away.

I told him to keep himself hard, took a couple of minutes catching my breath, before getting up, bending over, hands on the lounger. I spread my legs offering my cunt to him. I looked between my legs, could see him stroking his erect cock, aimed at my hole. I felt the tip touch me, being rubbed along my gaping hole. I reached back to hold it, guiding it inside me, gasping with pleasure as he penetrated me. I released it as the last inch slid in, his heavy balls resting against my sensitive clitoris, the black of his skin contrasting erotically with my pale skin. He began fucking me, his thick cock, shining and slick with my sex juices, sliding in and out of my cunt smoothly, the engorged lumpy veins sending waves of delicious feelings of sexual excitement to my clitoris. I felt a cock brush against my face, one of the other guys offering me his cock to suck. I took it between my lips slowly taking more, then sucking him greedily.

It had taken some practise put I'd mastered the technique of breathing while sucking a cock and being fucked at the same time. I was being fucked steadily, simmering close to orgasm, thoroughly enjoying being fucked by my first black guy. I felt the cock in my mouth pulse, heard the guy say he was cumming, clamped my lips around his shaft, sucking harder, taking his spunk in my mouth and swallowing. His cock slipped from my mouth, immediately replaced by one of the other guys. He must have been over excited only lasted a minute before he came. I began to pant, getting really close to orgasm, felt a wet finger touching my bum, then being pushed in my anus. I gave a moan of sheer pleasure, gasped that I was cumming. That was it, I felt the cock inside me throbbing as he ejaculated, pumping his virile young sperm in to my mature receptive cunt. He thrust in to me four or five more times, each time shooting more spunk inside me. I don't think I'd ever had a guy cum so hard or heavily. He stood with his cock twitching inside me until it began to soften then pulled out, his creamy seed flowing from my hole, soaking my thighs and running down my legs. I thought the last guy might be reluctant to fuck me with his mates spunk streaming from my cunt, but he just picked me up and lowered me on to his rampant cock. I wrapped my legs around him, hung on to his muscular shoulders and he fucked me standing up, giving me another load of heavenly spunk.

I wiped myself clean, then sat on the towel, spunk oozing from my well fucked pussy. We had more beers and they sat watching me shave my pussy before I went shower. There was a pub about a mile away so we went there in the evening. I wore a short summer dress, naked underneath, flashing my pussy at them, reminding them what was available for later. We got back to the caravan about 11pm. They'd stripped me of my dress walking back,all had a good grope of my tits and pussy. I lay on the lounger, entertaining them by first masturbating then fucking myself with a vibrator, while Jeff pushed a lubricated dildo in my bum. They all had their cocks out wanking and after I'd brought myself to climax the five of them took turns fucking me, first outside in the awning then in the caravan until the early hours.

I ended up sleeping with Jay, the black guy (Surprise!!!) and it was lovely to be woken in the morning by his hard cock pressing against my bum, his hand resting on my mound his fingers exploring my rapidly moistening cunt. I moaned that I wanted him to fuck me, lifting my leg, sighing contentedly as I felt him slowly sliding his thick cock up me from behind. A slow leisurely fuck to start with, me softly frigging my clitoris until I'd cum a couple of times. Jeff was watching from the other bed as Jay rolled onto his back, pulling me on top and I rode him frenziedly until we'd both cum. After Jay had gone, Jeff went down on me, licking my hole, flicking my clit with his tongue, taking it between his teeth, gently tugging it until I came, then to my surprise he licked and sucked Jay's spunk from my pussy. He's fucked me loads of times with my pussy full of another guys spunk but it was first time he gone down on me and cleaned my cunt for me. When he'd finished he fucked me himself, before I went outside to see if the other guys fancied a fuck for breakfast. Fucked five times before 9am most certainly put me in a good mood. The holiday was turning out immeasurably better than I had expected.

Sadly they were only able to stay for three nights, but I made the most of it. They came with us to the beach and dunes, fucking me in the open air. I had Anal sex with them all, using up at least a few of the condoms I'd hoped to use in France and fulfilled my ambition of being vaginally and anally fucked simultaneously. I found it just as exciting and arousing as Jayne had told me, climaxing several times. They DP'd me eight times, as they tried to decide which they liked best in a DP, fucking me up the arse or fucking my pussy. They still hadn't decided when they left. I've got Jay's mobile number and we've arranged to met them again in about 5 weeks so they can DP me again to see if they can decide, with the added attraction that they've promised to bring some mates from their Platoon with them to fuck me too.

Not quite Cap d'Agde, but being fucked under the warm sun in the dunes by four fit hunks I could almost imagine I was there. I also had the immense pleasure of taking my first black cock and to be honest I want more and that's what I am now looking to try again in the next week or two if I can arrange it. I don't think I will become a black cock slut, but I definitely want more black guys to fuck me in future and had a quick search online last night. I think it will be sooner rather than later before I'm blacked again.

Jeff's starting a new job in July so hopefully it will work out and next year we can head south to Cap and perhaps I will get to do all the things, including being gangbanged again, that I was planning for this year. I'm eagerly looking forward to meeting the Army lads and have a feeling that I'm going to have a really good time with them. I spoke to Jay on the phone and have just discovered that a Platoon is at least 25 men. I didn't put any limit on how many to invite, but could ring him, but I'm not sure how many would be too many. I managed 15 plus guys in one night last year, so think I could cope with 20. I have discussed it with Jeff and he thinks I should set a limit, maybe 20. In my mind I know he's probably right but my pussy keeps telling me to ignore him, excited and aroused at the thought of being fucked by 20, 25, 30 or more guys. I'm looking forward to trying and would be most interested if anyone has a view or even better another woman who has done it and can advise me if 25 and possibly more is too many. How ever many end up fucking me, all I can do is give my best and hopefully use up some more of the condoms I bought if they want to arse fuck me.

That's it for now. I'll write again if you want me to and tell you what happens and how many fucked me.

Suzi xxx