Written by Graham

5 Jun 2014

After reading the last posting you will understand, James left in a ruse being a bit late

That left us alone I sat on the bed with Jill, if I had thought about it at the time her attitude had really changed by jest staying where she was naked after her lover had left they had not taken all there cloths off and laid on our bed jest to chat, the bed was a mess the duvet was on the floor so they had quite a season when I was down the pub

She not expected me to walk in on them I didn't think but now she seem quite at home with me being there

Jill looked right at me and asked seeing us like that didn't upset you, no I said its made me horny she smiled as she said we need to do some thing about that, I have never got undressed so fast as that, my cock as hard as its ever been I want straight into her

James could only been in her a few minuets before, Jill had felt loose before after coming home from seeing him but this time she was gaping open his load was all still inside her she was full of his sperm, her pussy felt hot almost it was still stretched her muscles hadn't had time to contracted it also felt like she was swollen inside her nerve endings must of been sensitive she was enjoying me fucking her, I found the feeling the sensation wonderful and soon added my cum to his

When I rolled off we where both covered in sperm it was every where my cock had strings of it stuck to it, we both lay there not giving a dam, I said how much do James cum looking at my dick Jill laughed and told twice this afternoon, it gave me the opportunity

to ask more about him, I went on saying his got a big cock he looked big this is some thing Jill had avoided say much about before, I went on how big is it, she said she didn't know, so I said his bigger than me,to which she replied yes, I asked much bigger then and it was another yes, after a bit more pushing I was told its two hands one on top of other and a little bit that's all she say at that time

IT got us talking about what I had let happen that afternoon, me going out to let them sleep together in our bed, Jill was say how good it was of me to that for her, I said maybe we should do this instead of you two trying to find some where, it was strange how we could talk like that, she agreed it be better but what about me what would I do

When I said well I be here, she didn't seem to think it be a good idea she said she not be comfortable with me here,I pointed out about today she seem to have second thoughts saying she would have to think about, what she meant was she wanted to talk to James

It was a couple of days later she said to me would I really mind if James came here

I said no that be fine also adding but you know I am not going out because his here

Jill seemed to accept that, so another mew chapter started

The first time he came round it did seem a bit stranded with the three of sitting in the lounge it was more like a dentist waiting room, in the end I said okay I have a few things to do I will most likely see you guys later and went into the kitchen and got my lap top and played a game on it

It must of been over an hour later I thought I go and see where they where, they weren't in the lounge I had not heard them go upstairs,, I went to the bottom of the stairs the first thing I heard was squeal and I could make out what seemed like a rumbling noise which must be our bed there was more squeals my wife was getting a right seeing to up there, then it went quiet I must of got there to hear the tail end of a fuck, even so my pants felt tight my cock was hard, I went into the downstairs loo and stood close to the sink got it out gave it a few good strokes a white line went up the mirror and the rest into the sink I had not cum like that in a very long time

I went back in the lounge to wait for them to come down, quite a time past and no sigh of them I went back to the stairs, and bloody hell I could hear him going at her again Christ James must be some stud to do that

Later they both did come down and both had a happy look on there faces, things where changing there was no concern with me being there we spook to each other as if it was a normal thing for James to come round and fuck my wife in our bed, I watched Jill kiss him goodbye I know it may seem silly but I had never seem her kiss another man before like that I did get a pang of jealousy for a second or two

James left and we sat in the lounge Jill in jest in her dressing gown, she thanked me say how nice I was, then said lets go upstairs off we went and the sex was marvelous

This became an almost routine thing after that I wanking down stairs and my wife was getting fucked upstairs then we have sex afterwards

After a few weeks of this I started to want see them at it, I was going upstairs and listening at the door by then, one night I said to Jill I like to watch at first she thought it was a joke when she could see I was serious she wanted to know why I couldn't explain it but I wanted to, she thought for a minuet and said I have to ask James so she had not discounted it

James was over about a week later, it was the normal thing they where about to go to bed and Jill said to me are you staying down here or coming up with us, if you are come up give us a little wile give us a few minuets, I waited outside the door I could hear them inside talking then it went quiet I waited and waited, then I slowly opened the door, what I was about to see I want prepared for really, James was on his back on our bed my wife was bent over him sucking about the biggest cock I had seen I steeped in she stopped sucking on it and looked at me so did James nothing was said she went back to given him a blow job I thought she was doing it to get him hard but she keep going and going, his breathing got labeled he ground a little Jill was now wanking it as well as sucking on the en, he was now groaning then his body tensed he gasped Jill looked like she sucked harder as she did that he started gasping it was obvious he was cumming in her mouth I could see her throat moving she was swallowing his cum she keep sucking till he almost pushed her off it Jill has never done that for me and I was thinking it was over after he had cum

How wrong I was my wife told me afterwards she often do that to slow him down, I was going to see why later,I looked on in amazement she jest swallowed what must of been a large load, she looked pleased with herself there was a dribble of sperm running out the courier of her mouth she licked that off, it was becoming obvious she was a different woman to what I thought she was

They both looked at me from time to time but said nothing, I don't think they put a show on for me what they did was much as I have now seen a number of times also they been lovers for well over year by then

After some playing with each other, I could see James was almost ready by the look of his cock it was stiffening up again, I had moved to sit on the dressing table stool and was much closer now, I watched my wife start to play with it, she held it looking at it almost in a loving way, she then moved down and as she held it she started to lick it from top to bottom all over it, he was soon erect when her mouth was at the base the end was in her heir it was quite veined they looked dark and some where bugging the one at the back the large one had gone quite dark and did stick out she had his foreskin rolled right back it was under the flange of the helmet witch looked bigger than the shaft the head looked purple when drops of precum emerged she liked them off, I was mesmerized see her do that

She started to suck on it, he let her do it for a minuet or two before stopping her

He then moved her away, she seemed to know why she lay on her back on the bed with parted legs almost as if was ready and waiting for him, James got between her legs holding that piece of scenery meat, I watched my wife's hand go to her crotch she was holding her pussy lips open for him as he moved that thing closer she looked right at me as if to say watch this or was it to judge my reaction, she was still looking at me as he pushed I heard her go AAAH I guess his knob end went in, her eyes closed and she grounded as more was pressed into her he didn't thrust jest pushed she moaned a little, by then she taken quite lot of it he seemed to pause and adjust him self this time he gave a thrust she squealed out she was impaled on his cock when he trusted Jill's legs where forced apart as wide as they go but then she lifted them into the air and got hols of her ankles to keep them apart and Christ did he fuck Jill I have seen a few movies but this guy could be in films his a bloody stud what shocked me was my wife almost screaming fuck me fuck me I never dreamed she be into it like that, he got stanmar and staying power I guess that is what the blow job was for he fucked the hell out of Jill and she loved it

James fuck my wife hard and really fast for a good fifteen or more minuets I would say

She was wriggling about under him making all sorts of noises I guess she climaxed twice at lest, it was like watching a woman I didn't know not my wife

James got a surge of energy and speed his ball sack emptied inside my wife he almost fell of her knackered sweaty and panting

Jill looked my way she didn't say any thing she got off the bed and came to where I was sitting I looked at her she looked flushed and sweaty her nipples where like closes pegs

She bent down kissed me on the cheek and said did you enjoy watching was it what you thought it be I nodded, the way she stood her thigh slightly parted I watched a little white string hanging down from her pussy lips then it dropped to the floor, she then said do you want yours next and went back to the bed James moved over I got my pants and trousers off going over I thought my cock must look small to James

I was in her in a flash it felt weird I had a hand on the bed between them and I was touching him as I fucked my wife James was watching us he was started to rub his cock but I didn't last long and cum, once I got off Jill she got out of bed and went to the bathroom she shouted back you two have filled me up there is loads of it

James and me both laughed, she came out asking what the joke was, from that point on things really changed with us the three of us, they got me involved and I got friendly with James