Written by Gary

9 Oct 2013

As I told you Mandy my wife had jest over a week fucking a local guy Tony on holiday we didn't plan for it to happen but some how it did and with my blessing

After a holiday you are back in reality work to pay the bills and so on, we talked about what happened on holiday and agreed it was a one off no one knew about it it was an experience we both enjoyed it was as far as it would go, I still had my problem of getting an erection and keeping it I still had to go to the hospital from time to time, I still found when thinking about watching my wife on holiday I could start to stiffen that was a bit weird, things settled down a month or two past, it was on one of my failed attempts to satisfy my wife I was right pissed off with myself, I lay there and jest said what we need is another Tony, Mandy said you don't mean that

It must of started her thinking she bought the subject up of the holiday and Tony the truth is I never quite realized how frustrated she was this lead on to us discussing things the way she lead the conversation what happen helped me with my problem which it did with out going into all the ins and outs of what was said we thought we see what may happens here

There was some problems to get round, for a start we didn't know any likely candidates it couldn't be any one we knew who knew our friends of families where we live is a small town a lot of people you don't know directly may know you or of you, if we did do this it have to be discreet so going out locally to try and find some one was a none starter

So the plan was we travel to a near by town as we in the west midlands that not to bad we picked one that's twenty odd miles away, so Mandy dressed up to the nines off we go on a Friday evening, we got there parked up and went round the local pubs, we both thought it be much the same was when we meet Tony the thing I didn't consider was Tony was out looking for women or couples it been obvious to me that's what he did not so sure Mandy released that fact

Ant way we are in this pub it was obvious with me with Mandy there be no chance so I made myself sears, so there she was looking a bit lost a guy approached her offered her a drink she excepted and stared chatting okay things looked fine but we not thought about the next step if this worked what would happen he would be thinking he found some married totty out on the town and he may get a leg over there still be the question where when and how to cut this short it wasn't going ant where we ended up coming home we did attempt it once more but much the same so gave up

We then thought about the dating sites, we look at lots of them and in the end came to this one it did seem and look the best way forward also we found out you get to see whats on offer we where a bit surprised by some of the adverts we replied to a couple and for some reason or another none starters, so we put an advert on the site which in its self was quite fun I had to take some photos another first sexy ones we keep Mandy's face off the ones we used, hell we got loads of replies, I was happy to let Mandy pick chose she cut the list down to three possible ones it surprised me Mandy's attitude I would said before she not been interested but she was very interested

The guys where all in our area with in thirty miles or so the fact they where all younger

and aspired to being well endowed pointed to her experience with Tony

There was messaging then emails till she seem to pick on one Rob in his twenties single and it looked like he was well hung she explained what we are looking for I be there he was quite happy with what she told him, so they talked on the phone a few times and from there it was arranged quite quickly he come to our house

It was arranged for the following Friday evening a night when most friend know we normally go out, Mandy get herself ready she been and bought some new closes and underwear it be obvious to any one what she dressed for I had never seen here dressed like that even in our courting days, she had a black mini skirt on you could jest get a glimpse of stocking tops a see white threw blouse it was plain no bra with makeup and heir done she looked a picture okay tarty but bloody sexy

Being honest I had no idea what would happen when Rob got here how things would pan out right on time he got here I let him in he wasn't surprised to see me we got introduced there was some small take he seemed at ease with us they sat together on the sofa it felt strange to me we knew what we there for Rob took the initiative by putting his arm round my wife then kissing her she was quite happy with that in fact quite keen thing where moving it looked to me the embrace was very passionate

It didn't stop there Rob's hand where all over Mandy he squeezed on breast then a hand went under her skirt her legs parted in anticipation his finger found there goal by the way she leaned back fully opening her legs he chest was heaving it was obvious she was frustrated most likely by me not managing sex also missing what she got on holiday

After more heavy petting we moved up to9 our bedroom, I was being ignored by them, they where taken each others closes off Mandy was topless both tits swayed as she moved both nipples look extended and quite stiff would say she was excited the skirt came off next he was down to his pants I could see his dick trying to escape it looked quite a size we knew he was well hung, I watched my wife sit on the bed then tug his boxes down a very large meaty cock appeared it was as big as Tony's could be a bit longer Mandy seemed in a rust to get hold of it and get it in her mouth she then licked from the top to the bottom at that point it was level with the top of her head she was holding his nuts on one hand

I think he may if been getting over excited he pulled her off it and pushed her up the bed and almost dived between her thighs with his head she soon went wiled with his tongue

she really wanted fucking bad she almost hauled him on top of her there was a moment of fumbling then I heard her give a loud gasp he was there in her he trusted hard she cried out two or three good heaves he was right up my wife he picked her legs up pressing them almost on top of her her bum was lifted up with him doing this then he started and by Christ did he go she was screaming there was force with his thrusting the bed moved and shock with the force he had pace he fucked her like that for a good ten more minutes there was a lot of noise from both of them then it happened he emptied his balls deep inside her, when he got off he surprised me he held Mandy's pussy open and looked at me and said there you go mate she full look its coming out

Rob stayed for a couple more hours he fucked Mandy once more he lasted a lot longer this time

We sore him twice more after that it was pure sex Mane keep in contact with the other two

and one by one they came round she got fucked by a stranger once a week for almost two moths and I started fucking when they left she has found a supply of cock that has put us back where we left you last time we sitting her waiting for the doorbell to ring this with be her first black man when he got here