Written by Rob

30 Mar 2018

I woke with a hangover to find myself in a double bed, sunlight was starting to beak through the curtains and I was not alone. With the hum of a hangover rattling my brain, I remembered that Diane and I were the last ones at Ian’s party. He lived in a fantastic house set in its own grounds in the country. Ian an old friend had been a great ladies man, but had turned gay. He was a successful travel agent and had made plenty of money. Diane and I just could not be arsed getting a taxi home and had decided to stay over. Ian gave us his bed and we had just stripped and crashed. Diane was waking up next to me and it was warm in the room, and we were sweaty. Diane was behind me and spooned in, pressing her lovey tits against my back, reaching round her hang hung over where me cock was. Aroused and sweaty I started to grow and my cock started to nudge Diane’s fingers. She responded by curling her fingers around my cock and circling her thumb over my circumscribed helmet. With a slow rhythmic pumping she started to wank me, slowly and firmly. My pre-cum started to ooze and her thumb smeared it over my cock head, tickling the so sensitive point underneath. She held me firm like a prisoner and told me your trapped, your my prisoner and I am going to make you cum. I was hot and sweaty and so was Diane and I was panting and pulsing, my cum rising. Suddenly there was a rap on the door and Ian loudly whispered morning, I have made you a brew, Ok to come in? Sure Diane said, releasing my cock and sitting up. As she did Ian came in and she grabbed the sheet to cover her breasts, but she pulled it off me, revealing my hard cock with its glistening helmet, still pulsating from Diane edging me close to orgasm. In my nearly, but deprived orgasamic state I was not as nimble as Diane and Ian feasted his eyes on my now displayed erect manhood. Involuntarily he licked his lips and said that looks delicious, realising as to what he was referring too Diane reached round to grab the sheet to pull over me and instead grabbed my cock. Instinctively she curled her fingers round and that action, coupled with me being on the edge and having my hard cock exposed to another man, I started to cum. I shot a load so hard it flew over my head and hit the head of the bed, Diane tried to direct me elsewhere but the next gob shot out, splattering on Ian’s leg, the remaining shots hit my chest and belly and dribbled over Diane’s fingers. Ian had put down the tea on the side of the bed, he was wearing tight, Lycra boxers and a tea shirt. He just knelt down and took hold of my dribbling cock and put it into his mouth, sucking the last remnants of cum from my softening cock, his hand had reached over and under the sheet and whilst he lifted his head from my cock, he trailed his tongue upwards licking my spunk from my belly and chest. His other hand was slowly resting between Diane’s thighs, he legs parting and he was slowly fingering her sweaty pussy. This had all happened within a couple of minutes and as I took stock, coming down from my orgasm I noticed and felt Ian’s cock jutting our from his boxers over the side of the bed. Diane was horny, I don’t think she realised Ian was fingering her, she was more aghast at him lapping my cum from my chest. He reached over me to kiss her and dropped some of my cum from his lips. Diane was stunned and it must of been at that point Ian flicked her clit and her eyes rolled back and she just said Oh fuck. Diane rolled into her back and Ian rolled over on top of me, trapping me under his weight. Diane opened her legs wide as Ian fingered her pussy hard, she was starting to cum. Ian’s cock head was now starting to press against my cock and balls and it was turning me on. But I couldn’t breath and pushed Ian off me. Diane came hard and groaned. Ian sat up and pulled off his tee shirt and rolled down his boxers. This was a three some we had not imagined or started. Ian reached round me and opened the drawer pulling out some baby oil. He sprayed it onto my erecting cock and balls and started to wank me, still holding the bottle he poured some liberally into his own cock and then turned it into Diane’s pussy and up onto her tits. We were sweaty and oily and Ian was pumping my cock. I had never been with another man, here I was naked, another man wanking me and my girl friend looking bewildered. Ian slid from between us and said I should roll on top and fuck her. So I did, rolling over between Diane’s outstretched thighs I slide my cock smoothly into her well lubed pussy. Ian pushed us sideways and oiled Diane’s butt cheeks. I could feel his fingers circling her pussy as I thrust in and he must of been sticking his thumb up her arsehole. His cock was hard and he started to rub it between Diane’s butt cheeks, I could feel his rhythem. I pulled back and my cock slipped out of Diane’s pussy and in an instant Ian had his shaft in her. Diane gasped and he pulled out, I pushed back into her and then she went tense. My cock was firmly in her pussy and I could feel Ian squeezing his cock into her arse. Diane groaned and I lay still, embedded to my balls in her pussy. I felt through her thin wall, Ian’s cock slide slowly up her back passage. Diane trembled and orgasmed hard, really hard clenching my cock and making Ian grunt. Slowly I pulled back, Diane was trembling and I pushed back in. As I pushed in, Ian pulled out and we started to alternate thrusting. Diane was cumming hard again and clenching, it was too much for me and I came. Ian came too and I could feel his cock pulsing against mine. Fucking hell, that was an interesting start to the day !