Written by Arlington_49

2 Sep 2014

I don’t normally go gross and rude…or even touch being offensively aggressive. NOT…that is…until I met Leanne at a haberdasher establishment I’ve frequented for almost as long as living here in the London.

Leanne is a relatively new sales rep for the clothier. She’s an American herself…had her beginnings at a specialty men’s apparel firm in NYC. I’d rather not mention Brand…may shake and rattle a few folks…including my colleagues. BUT, Leanne is a piece of work… She’s aggressive to the point of extreme…pushing for the money as far as possible. She tries to promote more than what I wish to buy at the moment. Her WA lip goes too far…attempting to embarrass me…OR other clientele…into spending more than they wish. Several weeks ago I had it with her demeanor…and put her lip to better use. Furthermore, I had the support of two other customers…both gentlemen from my office. I also personally cleared my intentions with Gabriel, the proprietor of the men’s fashion studio. ALL he asked for…NOT to be told details…;) I sense Gabe has had his own issues with her…;)

At purchasing several dress shirts, I surprised Leanne…asked her out for drinks and dinner at my club. The brazen cunt had gall to ask if my wife approved…or if she would join us. I kept my calm and cool…simply said I appreciated her attention and wanted to say ‘thank you’ my way… She cooed her acceptance…juggled her calendar to meet my invite for that coming Friday evening. I was surprised…I presumed this aggressive little slut…attractive and all…would have ‘dates’ on the calendar up her wazoo…! As Geoff suggested…once she realized a potential ‘sugar daddy’ asked her out…the lads were set aside. Geoff and Alan would join me in Leanne’s seduction…OR did I mean dinner plans…!!

Screw it all…I said I’m rarely nasty. BUT, Leanne’s style did not go down well with me. I would ‘forgive’ all her demeanor and rudeness for the simple reason…I had plans to fuck the young lady after dinner. I had plans to fuck her into the night. AND, as circumstances would warrant, my friends would be there to fuck her as well.

DON’T misread me…nothing rude here…! I learned a little about her sexual habits from Gabe…Leanne would always be ripe for a group party. AND, a group party she got that night. Gabe’s share of information about Leanne’s habits was not altogether innocent. Gabe put the touch on her several times… The little bitch told his wife…and further threatened to expose Gabe to his religious ‘community’…he’s quite the ‘conservative.’ I’ll let SH member wisdom know what the fuck I’m talking about…;)

Gabe was thrilled that someone outside his circle would take her clit…and more…to task. I envisioned my evening as more than a straight gang bang. I even invited my wife to participate…her option. Leanne is right in that sweet spot age my wife enjoys pleasuring. Leanne is in her early 30’s…very trim…stoic…sexy…great ass…legs…AND as we all learned that Friday evening…a great lay!!

Judi joined us…and she invited one of her colleagues to join us. I thought it would be another gal… Turned out, one of her male co-workers participated. I learned after the evening, Judi promised Kent a ‘good time.’ Kent thought she meant…a good time between Judi’s legs. As it came to be, Leanne served well…4 men…and one lady…we all took turns teaching Leanne some lessons of sexual rites. Amusing…she never objected even when she realized she was the sex object of the entire evening…

The girl’s cunny AND derriere I might add, by evening over, were played well and raw. She would remember her time…likely not retell anyone given her circumstances… Also amusing…Geoff is still seeing her…here it is nearly 4 months after that fateful Friday night. Geoff’s wife also in the party groove with Leanne… Last week Geoff asked me if I was aware Judi also playing Leanne’s pussy. I laughed…told him I had NO awareness…BUT not surprised… The little bitch is getting attention.

As a colleague suggested at breakfast the other day…”Arli…don’t you get it…! Leanne is getting exactly what she wanted…the attention…the sex…and the support…!” I asked what he meant by “support.” Greg understood from the rumor mill…Leanne was being paid handsomely for her sexual “transgressions.” I may have ‘forced’ her legs open that first evening…BUT ever since, she’s played the tune and gotten paid for her sexual favors. To add another stunning angle…guess who else has fallen into the pattern of playing with our little whore…!! You likely guessed correctly…Gabriel…;);) Leanne no longer works as his sales rep…BUT her pussy has become a pleasant little play pen for Gabe. Funny how matters have evolved. AND, my anger and frustration with the little bitch…made all these good things come to pass…;);)