Written by Logan

18 Feb 2016

I have tried to have my wife have sex with other men. She would play along in bed with me but in reality she never wanted to take the step. It’s not that she was a prude or such like. She had had an active sex life before she met me. It’s just that she felt once married then I was the only one who could have her.

That is very hard to argue.

Then one night when a male friend was in town we went out and the 3 of us went clubbing and ended up very drunk. She danced with both of us. Dirty dancing would be an understatement. We headed home in a taxi and she was all over us and half undressed as well. Even in my drunk state in the cab I knew that Mitch our friend was fingering her. She was squirming all over the seat. We arrived home and once inside we continued and soon lost all our clothes.

We were all over each other. I remember she was literally panting as she was so excited. We both fingered her which she loves. Then Mitch went down on her and licked her. She had orgasm after orgasm. I thought the next step would be that he would fuck her and I was all for it. But when he went to pull himself up on top of her she stopped him. Instead she took hold of his cock and worked it with both hands.

She spat on her fingers for lubrication and soon had him to the point of no return. He came and shot all over her. She then turned to me and did the same until I came.

After that we went to bed and when we woke in the morning we were a bit seedy from all the alcohol we had consumed.

Over a late breakfast she asked Mitch if he remembered the previous night. He was a little embarrassed to say the least. She put him at ease when she said that she was not mad at him for trying to fuck her. She said she was married to me and only me was to have her but she saw nothing wrong with the fingering, licking and wanking. I was surprised but very happy with her admission.

That afternoon when we felt better we did it all again. She did not mind being naked in front of Mitch and I enjoy watching him caress and manipulate her body as she came over and over.

So that is what we have continued to do. When the mood takes us we find a male and invite him to enjoy himself with us. She lets them have access to her body but draws the line at fucking. She will not suck their cock either. Now to date, we have never had any man we invited to join us reject the option.

I firmly believe she will never submit to full fucking and I quite like that fact. But I still get off seeing what she does and the effect she has on these guys.

Also we don’t have to consider condoms or contraception as I have had the snip.

Incidentally Mitch never hesitates to line up as often as he can when he come up and visits us.