Written by JJFisher

9 Feb 2014

“I’ve always fancied you” he said as we sat on the sofa.

“Really” I replied “Why is that?”

“Well I think you are a very attractive and certainly very sexy woman” he said “Jim is a very lucky guy.”

Jim is my boyfriend and he was away for four weeks. His mate Gordon had given me a lift home from the pub and was now sitting next to me having a glass of wine. I must admit that he was a good looking guy and his comments sent a nice warm feeling through me. He was also getting married in three weeks and we were to be going to the wedding.

“Why thank you” I said back ”You are not too bad yourself and I have always fancied you a bit as well “

“We should have got together before” he smiled back. “I always wanted you.”

The warm feeling flushed through me. I must admit that I was very horny and might have picked up a guy that night. I had dressed in my shortish skirt and blouse and under them my black lacy bra with black stockings and suspenders with a tiny g-string and that always made me feel very horny and vampish anyway.

“Mmmmm” I smiled back. “That might have been nice. Maybe never too late you know.”

Without another thought he reached over put one hand gently around my head and kissed me passionately. Within minutes we were kissing like mad and he slid one hand up along my thigh to meet the top of my stockings. I parted my legs and his fingers pulled my g-string aside. As his finger probed my wetness then rubbed over my clit I moaned loudly in pleasure then with one hand reached down to his bulge and rubbed the hardness through his trousers. He felt like a rock.

“Stand up” he said. Then hand in hand we walked through to the bedroom. As I stood in front of the bed he gently undressed me until I stood in only my stockings suspenders and g-string. He then gently laid me across the bed with my legs dangling down over the side. He leaned over me and sucked and flicked on my hard nipples before sliding his tongue down my tummy and over my g-string. He quickly stripped off his clothes then went down on his knees between my legs. His tongue and fingers flicked over my very wet pussy and teased my clit. His hands lifted my bum up and one finger pushed into my anus as his tongue worked its magic on my clit. I was burning with pleasure and within a few minutes I shuddered and moaned very loudly as a massive clitoral orgasm crashed through me. My whole body shook as his tongue and finger continued working on me.

He stood up then reached over me and lifted my shoulders up so that I was sitting on the bed in front of him. He put both hands behind my head and guided my face towards his massive cock. He was much bigger than Jim and was about eight inches and very thick. I opened my mouth and took the head into me. With both hands on his bum I gently sucked the hard monster of a cock and took as much of it into my mouth as I hungrily could. I reached further behind him and probed his anus. As I did so he groaned louder and louder.

He put his hands on my shoulder and pushed me back down on the bed lifted my legs up and then slowly sank his entire length into me. It didn’t take very long before the two of us were moving hard together and then came in loud groans of pleasure.

“OMG you are one sexy women” he said.

“Not too bad yourself” I replied laughing.