8 Dec 2016

My wife and I have had fun in the past and were keen to rekindle our sex life after a barren spell of being messed about. This site is our provider as it does tend to attract the more honest individuals for people of our interests. namely i am a guy who likes to allow my wife the freedom to enjoy her sexuality without necessarily being joined by me each time.

now this depends on a great deal of trust and therefore we do like to have the initial meeting and resultant encounter enjoyed by us together, This way seems safer by far and the barriers can be taken down to make things much more enjoyable for her and her lover if things develop. I was aware that we had been enjoying a somewhat thin streak of visits from her former lover and we decided it was not worth the trouble of waiting around, after all this is a no strings involvement for all parties and life is much better if everyone is enjoying the fun.

We were looking for a man to become her next lover and I had a few replies to our profile to deal with and run past the lovely Liz. She met one guy at a pub in York and had declined his offer before i could get there due to a work commitment, so the next candidate had been in touch and i gave him my phone number after explaining that we were keen to play but work was overruling play at present until an unexpected and very welcome window appeared which gave us one evening free. I was thinking on my feet when I suggested that perhaps we could do things a little differently to our normal meet at a neutral place first and then arrange a meet. my plan was still formulating itself so I said I needed a few minutes or so to think of a hopefully viable plan. I really needed to run it past Liz first and see how she thought about it, so i went to her workplace to discuss it first having already sent the guy a text explaining what the hold up was, trying my utmost to get a viable plan and not balls the whole thing up by forgetting a key problem, (three heads better than one ) I asked her if she was on for a bit of fun outdoors.

She looked at me daft and said 'Not dogging'. I knew that would be the first step. I said that instead of inviting strangers with the windows open and doors unlocked, we could remain inside and I would expose her for his eyes and my enjoyment and then I would fuck her in front of him. This way leaving him free to watch and wank if he was interested or leave and not feel awkward. She asked where and I said I was unsure as we did not want loads of other guys around and we certainly did not want to be in complete isolation in case of any trouble.

We agreed that we still needed to see him first so the pub idea was agreed and then to a nice hidden or discreet place not too far away from civilization. I text him back asking if he had any ideas of location and nearby pub. Fortunately I was familiar with the area he lived and I knew roughly where he was intending, a car park in a large parkland which was only thirty minutes drive from us. He said doggers did use it but never before 10pm in winter. I got the name of a nearby pub in Doncaster and wrote the name down making a date for the next night at 8pm.

Liz was a bit sceptical but agreed as it did not entail her getting out of the car and being groped by loads of dirty old men. I was quietly satisfied and slept with an enormous erection for what felt like all night (it was there when I went to sleep and still there when I woke up).

The evening came and after a bath, she came into the lounge with a short kilt on, stockings and suspenders, a low top showing lovely cleavage and a naughty smile. She put on a new coat which covered the kilt and we were off. No incidents on the way, just nervous chit chat and quiet whispers of encouragement as she gets nervous every time she meets someone new. I found the pub easily and the car park was fairly deserted as it was only quarter to eight. We went in and settled. Joe had sent a text as I drove and he had told us what he would be wearing. I sent to let him know we were there and he was entering the building as we got his reply. Liz was impressed immediately, he was around fifty and smartly dressed and clean finger nails (one of her must haves). He sat after introductions and I had done the usual insisting on buying the first drink. When I joined them, Liz was smiling with a 'yes its on' look on her face. Her coat was undone and she was freely allowing the stocking tops to be on view. As he was sitting next to her and me opposite, he had not missed a thing.

We chatted a while and I dutifully excused myself and went for a pee. Joe came in a few seconds later and stood next to me saying 'She's lovely mate, what a body, brilliant legs' I was pleased but said I had meant him to stay to chat with her. He said he knew that but from his book he was happy with just watching us this time as he was a bit of a voyeur himself. Wash hands and shake on that we rejoined Liz at the table, finished our drinks and Joe suggested we leave and we follow him to the car park. As we left I asked if she wanted to go with me or Joe, she thought for a moment and said 'I will go in his Beemer, don't lose us'

She jumped in his car and I followed. The park was around a mile or so and within five minutes we were pulling up in a concealed part of the car park where shrubs shielded us from the road but traffic noise was fairly constant. I waited and then she emerged, coat undone and joined me a mere metre or two to his right. She got in and leaned over and kissed me, squeezing my hard on and saying 'feels good'. Seats reclined and coat removed I looked down with the aid of the interior lights, her legs looked gorgeous and the kilt had ridden up. We kissed and teased each other. She asked if Joe was interested and I said 'I know he does, he wants to see your lovely tits and that beautiful cunt and he is going to see you sucking my cock and taking my spunk inside that sexy pussy. 'You first' she said undoing my trousers. Car stripping is not the simplest or most elegant of tasks but soon she had me naked and my hard on was doing me proud. (I have always been lucky in the erection stakes, I feel very sorry for those with erection problems).

Joe was now standing outside the car, our engine was running otherwise we would be lost in a window full of condensation, we were warm and her kilt was removed with one clip and a crafty release of the kilt pin. Joe had his cock in his hand and he stood close to her window with it pressed against the glass. Liz looked at it and whispered that it looked nice. I replied that it would soon look nice inside her cunt and shooting its spunk inside her. She shivered at that and said she hoped so but not tonight. I busied myself releasing her top, undoing the buttons and getting it removed, our clothes strewn over the parcel shelf. I got her bra undone and her tits on display, splendid 34GG, hard pink nipples straining and now only a little thong covering her modesty. I told her to take them off herself and she made a great job of revealing her landing strip and those delicate lips, seeping moisture which spread across my fingers as I eased them in her and drew sighs of satisfaction at the same time. I noticed she kept glancing at the window and joe's thick cock, around the same size as mine but apparently thicker. I asked again if she liked his cock and she said 'Yes'. She flicked the window switch down a little, just an inch or so and then said again'Yes I want Joe to fuck me with his lovely cock and take me bareback, but not tonight, he must just watch and show me his spunk dribbling down the window or his knob.

We got in a position where she was on her side looking directly at Joe's cock and I slipped in behind her and began fucking slowly and cautiously as the handbrake was digging into my hip. Then Liz asked Joe directly if he wanted to fuck her. His reply was quite hoarse but a discernable yes came back through the window. She likes talking dirty and she asked if he was turned on and got the same reply. Then she said that she wanted him to strip her naked and fuck her wherever he wanted her and that she would be his whore if he liked. I knew she was turning the screw, filling his mind with dirty talk, knowing I love it and he certainly seemed to have got the same effect as he began wanking faster and then he erupted over the window, streams of hot jizz flowing down the window and his knees buckling as he slowly flowed less and less, some visibly over his hand as he gripped it. I was close and shot my load inside her. joe hung about and watched as her creampied cunt was displayed for his eyes. As she lay naked in her stockings and suspenders, she showed Joe her smothered cunt and said 'Next time you can do it up me and not waste it on a window'

We came round and dressed out of the car while joe talked a little, seeking a date for as soon as possible. I suggested we get in touch after Christmas as things were very rushed until after the festive break, but egreeing that Joe could have my sexy wife as a New Year present, although not on new Year's Eve or indeed the first as we would be sleeping it off and getting our strength up for her meet with him. More to come when it happens, happy Christmas to you sexy people, enjoy whatever you get, and tell us about it