Written by R

11 Jan 2018

Its been about 5 years since V had asked about the idea of more than one guy in bed with her... we were only friends back then.. 5 years on we are now very much together and I had made her fantasy a reality a few times over. The 1st time was with her ex boyfriend and me, the new few times have been night club pick ups and online and dating app pick ups... Every year for her birthday I do something special... This tradition started 3 years ago when we were in Prague and I took her to a sex club and made sure she had a good few pairs of hands all over her.. the next year we visit an old college mate of mine in Sydney and had a fun week of threesomes.. last year we were home and I called up a male stripper for her and watched her suck and fuck him all evening...

I was wrecking my head trying to find new ways to have two or three guys join us.. Most of our friends are co-workers are too close to organise anything like that with and most of my college mates and her exs are married or in relationships. Online apps were not reliable all the time... After a few week I planned out a night the best I could..I texted 2 of her ex lovers, one replied and was very keen to join, I then asked a guy I knew from the gym who I occasionally go for a drink with...he was totally in when I told him what we'd done before with other buddies of mine..

On the weekend of her birthday we went for a nice meal in a very up market hotel... and I had booked a family room for us.. she walked in to the room and smiled.. said wow how many are you planing tonight..... she was excited.. we went and had a few drinks and got back to the room around 9.. I asked her to put on some lingerie and get on the big bed... once she was there I took out our box of toys and used some nice soft cloth to cover her eyes and tied her hands behind her head.. I licked her till she orgasmed and left the room to bring in the guys... they were both in the bar having a drink... I introduced them to each other over a quick drink and came up to the room. V gave a excited laugh as she heard us come in... the guys didnt waste time... her ex jumped right in and started to lick her while my friend and I got undressed... I sat next to her and watched the two guys fondle her perfect tits and lick her..

I untied her hands so she could rub and suck me while our guests played down below. Her ex started to fuck her first and my buddy and I lay beside her playing with her tits and getting our cocks rubbed.

After her 1st orgasm we changed places , I got her on all fours and fucked her from behind while she took turns giving head to other two.... After her second orgasm we took a break.

She took off her blindfold and I introduced her to my gym friend and we had a few drinks. Her ex then got a boner again and started to fuck ... I just watched them taking turns on her and gave the occasional kiss and got some head.

She orgasmed a few more times ... she then returned the favour by sucking both guys off ... She swallowed her ex first and took the other on her boobs .. she then lay back with the cum on her and I fucked her till I filled her up...

It was 3 hours of of pure sweaty sex ... She was covered in sweat and cum ... she had a great time as always.