Written by jo

17 Aug 2014

Hi we are in south of france at the min on holiday we have been visiting the nudist beach for the last couple of days

We went this morning and got naked lay down on sunbeds and it was about 2 when there was a a young guy looking over at us so i thought i would see if i could get him horny

There were a lot of people around but to the back of us trees he was sat about 15 foot away so i started to rub sun tan lotion on my wife making sure he was watching me rubbing oil on her tits down her body on her legs and then on her pussy i made sure he was watching when i opened her legs and played with her pussy sure enough he got a hard on cool i thought what i did nt notice was a french guy in the bushes wanking i got the attention of the guy to and rubbed more lotion on her and played a little with her pussy

The guy signaled to me to come in bushes so i said to wife i need a pee

Sure enough round the corner was this guy wanking a nice big cock and asked if he could as he put it a horny experiance with my wife i said what would you like to do he said play with pussy and fuck her i had a nice chat with him our cocks hard and said car nt at min we are about to leave but said we were going back tomorrow he said she is sexy and would love to play with her