Written by matt

20 Oct 2007

this little tale is how me and my wife first became intersted in being watched ,we were on holiday in spain in a small fishing village with a nice but small beach .are first day my horny wife put on her new swim wear just about fitting her large bust in and down the beach we went .we got talking to old fella that afternoon who eyes kept wandering all over louise, not that i could blame as her tits looked ripe and heavy and were hardly kept in check by the small triangles of cloth .He said that down the coast there was a larger much quieter beach with stunning veiws that was a short walk down the coast .That night me and the wife louise whilst drinking stared chatting about going ther in the morning , As we got quite drunk i managed to stip my girl naked and fuck her on the balcony of are apartment ,her big knockers bouncing away as i fucked her doggy wispering about dirty old men geting an eyefull of her on the beach which never fails to make her cum .The next day as we turn up a this beach we find it is nudist and i said to louise now i know what paul the old fella meant about when he said he would love to meet us here .lousie strated to laugh yes noticed he was all eyes well if he turns up today he get to see my freshly shaved pussy ,and with that she striped totally naked showing me her fine body and anyone else who cared to look .We lounged and swam then paul shows and sits dowm chatting with me asking is my wife here

, louise just then saunters our ocean water dripping of her largre tits and fine shaved pussy and lies down beside us demanding i put sun cream on her top to toe ,she smiles at paul then spreads herself out letting him get his fill of her sweet body .I start rubbing cream into her legs and carry chatting to paul who is just making sure he looks over every inch of louise .by the time i am rubbing cream into my wife huge tits paul just stips and begins stroking his semi erect cock , i look at lou and she has a wicked smile and says lets give him some thing to remember .then begins to rub cream all over her pussy slowly masturbateing in front of this dirty old fellla ,well this made lust take over my cock sprung up and lou graped it and began sucking away. I still can not believe it there i was in broad daylight getting my cock sucked by my wife as paul wanked like crazy soaking up every detail her naughty body ,soon my cock pumped its load down my girls throat and she carried on playing with herself as paul the cheeky git begged to cum on her ripe tits, with a throaty chuckle louise nodded and he gratefully let fly all over her sweet naked body then quickly left . you complete hussy lou , yes anytime you want me to was her reply