Written by brownbum cple

8 May 2010

Having read the two stories regarding foot massage in the dunes of Feurteventura which we found remarkably like an experience we had there last year. We are a married couple both in our 50s and are clean shaven like the couples in the previous stories, my wife likes to show off while in the dunes and takes every opportunity to part her legs when people are walking by us, we have no children so my wifes body is still very good for her age she likes to wear body jewelry and I like her to as well because it looks very sexy. We were in the dunes half way through our second week of our holidays and it was a very hot day, my wife was led down with her legs open to and i ws standing by the side of her looking at a couple that were going for a walk through the dunes, but the husband had an errection and his wife was evey now and agin touching his prick, which they both seemed to like the admiring glances of all the people sunbathing in the dunes, while i was stanging a young spanish boy approched us and started to talk to us in broken english, my wife sat up but still had her legs parted to ensure he had a good view of her shaved fanny which looks big because she has really big lips which hang down about 2 inches. the spanish boy commented on my wifes feet and said he was interested in feet and asked if he could touch her feet, she said he could so he bent down and started to touch and rub her one foot, and by doing this you could see he was getting excited because his prick started to get hard and he was not shy in trying to hide this, he aske me if it would be ok to give my wife a foot massage as he did it to women in the dunes all the time, I said you would have to ask my wife, and he looked at her and nodded and she said it would be ok. He then layed down a towel and sat on it and his prick was now fully hard and must have been 10 inches long, which he obviously liked showing off, by this time I was getting an hard on also and was excited that another man was paying attention to my wife, he got some oil out of his bag and started to rub the oil into her right foot, which was resting on his leg, her left foot was on the towel and she was parting her legs wider to ensure he had a good view of her wet open fanny which looked great because her big lips were wide open and you could see into her fanny, the spanish boy would wank his prick every so often and lookes at us for approval, which my wife nodded to gesture her approval to him wanking himself. He changed to her started on her left foot and we both noticed he moved himself closer to her and he must have been about 4 to 5 inches from her fanny, which we didnt mind because we wer both turned on by what was going on, he was stil rubbing oil into her foot and his prick was now resting on his leg and was almost touching my wifes outer fanny area, we were both watching him getting closer to her and wanking his prick more often, at this point he he parted my wifes legs wider and liked her foot which seemed to make him more excited and his prick jerked forward and was now touching her big fanny lips and she nodded to me to say it was ok, at this point I started to wank also which was making the situation very exciting for both me and my wife who winked at me and moved her body forward which caused his prick to enter her fanny about 2 inches and he stoped rubbing her feet and started to wank fast, and he started to push forward also and he was now moving backwards and forwards in a jerking movement which was causing his prick deeply to enter her fanny, he quickly withdrew and came over the towel, and he stood up and thanked us both, I could not help myself and led down to fuck my wife in front of him and shot my load deep inside her which was a fantastic turn on for both of us and he then asked if he could touch my wifes spunk filled fanny and she said it was ok, he nelt down and incerted two fingers into her and started to rub her which she was moaning in plasure he withdrew his fingers and liked them and said it tasted good and started to lick her wide open spunk filled fanny until she orgasumed. He thanked us both and asked if we could repeat it again which we did the following day. This is is true experience which we found very sexy and exciting so much so that my wife now wantes to try swinger clubs, which we are both looking forward to.