Written by Sue

8 Aug 2007

My husband wrote telling you about what happened on holiday in Norfolk, when we sunbathed naked on the beach, how I eventually gave in to him and had another man, I didn't want to hurt him because as he said he can no longer get an erection, and I would have gladly gone without for the rest of my life, because I love him so much, but his urging, the situation, and the unbelievable lust I felt at the time all came together and beat my resolve into submission.

But now it's happened I want more, he is pleased that I want to experience full sex again even though he can't be the man who'd be fucking me, he does want to be there and watch, we also decided that condoms are a must from now on, despite the fact I am unable to conceive, just for protection from STDs and we agreed to make it happen as often as possible.

With that in mind I bought a pack on Durex the first time I have ever bought any thing like that it was both embarrassing and exciting especially as it was a young hunk that served me in the local chemist's, armed with my protection I felt better about doing what we had planned, we drove to a well known dogging location, he had my blouse open to my waist and my skirt up his fingers doing very naughty things to me.

He suggested putting the interior light on but I was not too happy with that yet, so he opened the glove compartment letting the light from that illuminate my body but my face still in shadow, it wasn't long before we had company, a man was standing beside the car looking at my bare tits and his fingers working me up towards a climax, I think he had his cock out but it was so dark I couldn't really see, but his hand was doing what I guessed was wanking himself, I told My hubby that I thought he was wanking but I couldn't see properly, he said well open the door so you can see.

I unlocked the door and he moved right into the light from the glove box, his circumcised cock waving in my face, I took it in my hand and wanked it, it was the first one I had seen without a foreskin, and was fascinated by the difference, my mans foreskin rides up and down his knob as I play with it, or rather it did before his operation, this was tighter and seemed much harder, he asked me to suck it, but I reached for a condom first, I had thought of this and bought banana flavoured ones, I don't like the taste of latex, so had planned with care.

I rolled it up his shaft, it only came about three quarters along it he was a big boy, I realised he was a lot bigger than what I was used too, that only made me more excited, I didn't have any knickers on and when my man said why don't you kneel on the seat, I did so offering my naked bum to a stranger, I buried my head in my husbands lap as I felt the strangers cock touch my pussy, I thought oh my god what am I doing, but it was too late for second thoughts he pushed it in not all the way but plenty far enough, I climax very quickly and easily, it only takes a cock entering me to start me off, and I burst into a frenzy as his cock opened me up, wider than I had ever been, he obviously liked what effect he was having on me and of course my climax caused me to grip his cock and buck backwards taking more of him.

His hands gripped my hips and he pushed the huge thing right up me making me come more or was it again, I don't know but it was good, he then started to fuck me in earnest his hands pulling me back to meet his thrusts, his cock was delving deeper into me than anything I have had, even my big black dildo wansn't this big, god he felt huge, he was huge, he fucked me hard for several minutes before he grunted and shot his stuff into the condom, making me cum again and again, I had my man's limp cock in my mouth and sucked him as hard as I could, wishing I could suck some life back into it for him, but it didn't respond at all.

I straightened myself up and we sat there just letting me get my breath back when another man came up and said I watched that it was fantastic, would you like some more of the same, but to be honest I had been well satisfied and said no not tonight, but on the way home I needed the loo, sorry but it's always the same after a good fuck, I need to pee, we pulled into a picnic place car park with toilets, he said come with me and took me into the gents, but that's another story for later if you want me to tell you?