Written by paul

30 Aug 2008

we both like to go naked on holiday and try and find a beach we can sunbath I love to see guys looking at the wife laying naked.

i keep telling her she looks so sexy and all the guys will want to look at her I know she likes me saying it and it gets her all horny and when i see a guy coming along I tell her to open her legs a bit and see what he does.

you can see them slow down and walk past looking straight at her pussy i pretend i am not watching them and read my book some walk past and a few minutes later come back and sit close by it horny watching them try and get a better look all the time i am giving wife a comentry on what they are doing and when i see she is real horny and her nipples are hard I give her a quick feel and ask if she want to go for a walk.

every time the guys will follows as to see where we are going we go to where it is a bit more secluded and i can play about with her and get her to show more i take my camera and get her to pose for me pretending we dont know we are being watched.

we both get so horny getting her bending over showing her ass and pussy once i have got her to show as much as i can legs wide open the lot we end up with her sucking me till i cum in her mouth or over her face.

I have asked her if she wants to let the guy join us but she wont do it.

I would love to take pics of her with someone else playing with her tits and pussymaybe someday and will write about it on here for sure.