Written by Sparks2006

1 Jun 2015

This happened four or five years ago and to some may sound a little tame but for us it was a first. We were on holiday in Argeles sur-mer France at a static caravan park and during the week when we were sunbathing I left my wife and went for a walk along the beach. After about 20 minutes I realised that people were naked. When I returned to where my wife was sunbathing I teased her about going to the nudist beach that I had found later in the week she laughed and said maybe.

One afternoon the kids had disappeared of the pool leaving us sunbathing at the caravan and when I suggested that we cycle to the nudist beach my wife said straight up “Ok”. So of we went with me not actually expecting us to go completely naked. When we found the beach we pushed our bikes across the sand and set up for some sunbathing which was great as there were only a few people around. We got naked straight away with both of us trying to hide our modesty a little to start with.

We both laid there on our fronts for a while but there is only so long you can do that in the hot sun before you have to turn over, and when we did I found it very horny exposing our bits to the world. Well it was getting really hot and we both needed to cool down in the sea, so with our backs to the beach we walked in which was quite easy as we were only about 5 meters from the water. We frolicked around for a while and decided to go back for some more sunbathing. I don’t know about you but the water was cold and I felt as though I may have shrunk quite a bit and didn’t want to show myself up to anyone on the beach, but my wife was of to the towels so I shook myself a bit to wake him up if you know what I mean.

After we had warmed up, my wife sneakily started to touch my cock and balls every now and again and even started to toss me off slowly while I was lying on my side. It wasn’t long before we were discretely touching each other and turning each other on. After a while we noticed two guys sitting in different locations about 10 meters away from us….. and they were watching us play while slowly tossing themselves off. My wife encouraged me to continue playing with her while every now and again i looked around the area to make sure we weren’t causing an offence to anyone. I realised that there were not many people on the beach any more but I still felt a little conspicuous.

My wife turned onto her back and I started playing with her clit and every now and again dipping in a figure. The two guys who were watching us kept moving closer with one about five meters to my wife’s side and the other about the same distance below us and all the time slowly tossing their cocks. I didn’t know this until after we got back to the caravan later but the guy below us was directing my wife with hand movements to open her legs wider or lower her knee so that he could see me fingering her and all the time she was looking down at him waiting for instructions. After about 20 minutes my wife arched her back and shook with a lovely moan and sigh. She was soooo wet, I would have loved to just dive insider her with my cock so that I could finish, but as she came around from her orgasm and realised that we were still being watched we sort of started to gather our beach stuff together and get dressed. The two guys seemed to just drift of down the beach know doubt in search of another show.

I still think back now and wish that I had beckoned one of the guys over for my wife to toss or even suck …. Hayho maybe next time.