Written by Ael

25 Oct 2017

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Eva had become a changed woman before we had gone on holiday, part of the reason I had practically forgotten about the incident at Tenerife as there was much more exciting adventures during our stay.

A visit to a sauna on our previous holiday had resulted in Eva heightening her libido when she encountered a stranger in the shower. At first she thought it was me that was washing her back and it was only when the strangers’ hands began soaping and squeezing her naked breasts that she realized it wasn’t me.

Part of one of our bedtime fantasies was being enacted for real. Eva, rather than make a fuss, allowed the stranger to explore her naked body. Once his fingers had invaded her throbbing pussy she became putty in his arms and his rampant circumcised cock was soon following their direction.

The stranger brought Eva to a shuddering orgasm before filling her pussy with his own sperm. He held Eva in, what I can only describe as some sort of sexual spell, as he guided Eva down to his groin where he urged her to lick and suck his cock, wet with a mixture of his and her cum.

As Eva sucked and stroked the strangers’ manhood, he became erect again and this time persuaded Eva to try anal. Eva at first declined his suggestion, but after an assurance that he would be gentle and she could say stop at any time, Eva finally agreed.

The stranger applied lube to his fingers and to Eva’s bum hole. With copious amounts of lube, the stranger was able to insert two of his long fingers into Eva. More lube applied and a third finger followed. Eva was now pushing herself back and hard onto the strangers’ fingers while frigging her soaking pussy.

The stranger then lubed up his cock and pushed his bell end against her bum hole. Eva froze momentarily but the stranger coaxed her into relaxing, applied more lube and then slowly pushed his cock into her.

It took Eva a few minutes to submit to the strangers cock. Finally with his whole length firmly wedged up into Eva’s bum hole he began to thrust his manhood in and out. Eva orgasmed again which spurred the stranger on. With a final thrust and a loud grunt, the stranger shot his second load of cum, filling Eva’s bum hole.

Eva had two strangers that day in the sauna, the first one had fucked her three times plus a blow job. The second guy only managed one quickie before he scuttled away.

At the moment Eva is composing some of the adventures we have had on holiday. Women seem to remember every tiny detail, even what we were wearing. When I say most of our adventures, it’s more like Eva’s adventures. Most of the time I was either not there or more of a voyeur.

I think I’ll leave Eva to write about her adventures while I enjoy a single malt whisky.