Written by Bondiboy

25 Mar 2007

My wife and I last year went to croatia for our usual summer beach holiday - I'd never been before but my wife who is slovakian and got body to die for has been years ago. We're both in our late twenties and so have pretty fit bodies so love to hit the beach. We were walking for a while the first day trying to find a decent spot when we noticed we were surrounded by naked bodies of various ages - we'd hit upon a nudist beach! We've never been on one before and didn't really want to turn round and go back as it looked really obvious we'd made a mistake.

We both lay out our towels and remained in our swimwear just contemplating whether to join the masses and strip off! I lay down for 5 mins just thinking what to do and when i got up again my wife had fully stripped off! I thought well bugger it and stripped off too. It looked quite obvious it was our first time with all our white bits but the whole experience was really novel and increasingly erotic. My wife has always been a bit of an exhibitionist in that she likes the thrill of someone seeing a bit more than they should do and she was really getting into the swing of rubbing suncream on her breasts and vaginal lips. I was having trouble trying to hide my excitement so would lie on my front a fair bit and let my imagination run away - The resort was mostly czechs and so there were many young ladies cavorting their great bodies about the place. Although that was a great turn on, the biggest turn on was the many older guys on the beach getting to see my wife's fine assets - esp her lovely voluptuous ass. I've always encouraged her to dress sexily which she likes to do anyway bit i love going on beaches with her topless - the sight of her naked on the beach in front of many ogling men was driving me crazy! I noticed the same guy would always go in the sea when my wife was taking a dip. She had a lilo which took ages to get on, although i think she was taking longer than needed just to prolong the event and show guys nearby an eyeful. I told her about this guy so when she went in the sea with her lilo she would position it so that when mounting the lilo he was just behind her and with her legs spread so widely when getting on u could see everything from behind. The guy would always swim fairly close behind the lilo to get a full-on view for few minutes then when she came out he would stay in a bit longer to let everything return to normal!

This kind of teasing carried on the beach as well - as this guy always sat close by us, my wife would make a real play of bending over kneeling down to get something out of her bag so again he got a prime view of her great ass and vagina from behind. She would put cream on my back and do it in this position for few minutes whilst the guy would be trying to hide his huge erection. She would then put cream on herself slowly rubbing her breasts then working on her lower regions in a seductive, suggestive manner, exposing her flaps and clit to the guy but done in a manner that made out she was doing it innocently.

One day she went out on lilo to a little cove just round the corner where the guy was sat on his own with no-one about. She was lying on her back on lilo and just let the lilo drift towards the cove beach. She started to masturbate and finger herself deeply, just looking up occasionaly to catch the guy's attention. To her surprise the guy was doing the same, slowly rubbing his large penis up and down. My wife was now so wet and as she got closer, probably only around 5 yards separated them. She had one leg cocked up so that the guy could get a really good view of her juicy vagina. It was obvious now to the guy that my wife was seducing him on purpose and within a few minutes the guy climaxed with a huge explosion which made my dirty wife even wetter....More stories to follow from this holiday, but this was the highlight as later in evening she told me everything what happened which led to the most animal like sex ever!