Written by Amy

4 Dec 2009

We decided to go off for a late break and returned home yesterday and felt I had to tell everyone what happened. We went to the Costa Blanca and rented a house in La Marina. It was lovely and had everything you could possibly need including a pool, Jacuzzi and large sauna. The first 2 days we spent on the balcony or on the beach and had been chatting to others who actually lived in La Marina. They told us about a nudist each just up the coast from the town and said it was very popular amongst locals and tourist alike. We got back to the house just after lunch and wondered what it would be like to sunbathe naked. The balcony was secluded and noone could see onto it, so Jim suggested that we should try it out. We put the towels on the sunbeds and stripped off. I must admit I enjoyed the freedom it gave and there was a slight breeze that blew up my body. That evening we decided to have a look at this beach tomorrow.

The morning came and around 11.00 when it was starting to warm up nicely off we went to investigate. As we approached we saw a few people on their towels or sunbeds soaking up the sun and as we progressed further up the beach there must have been a few dozen. Although I’d bared all the day before, I wasn’t too happy about doing it front of all these people, Jim took my hand and we went up and over the dunes until we found a reasonably secluded bit. We put the towels down, stripped of and lay down. During the next hour or so at least 10 people had walked passed, so greeting us others just passing. As they walked passed, I was able to compare their manhood. One couple decided to walk up to us and chat to us. They stood at our feet and as they were towering above us, we remained laying down. They were both well bronzed and about our age. He was good looking and she had a good figure. I felt nervous about looking below his waist, but saw him eyeing me up top to bottom. I did not feel embarrassed, as I thought I would, but instead got a twinge between my legs. They asked where we were staying and it turned out they were only a few doors away. I became more comfortable taking to them and eventually my eyes went lower than his waist and was pleasantly surprised. I must have had a slight smile on my face when my eyes met his. Is this your first time, he asked. To which we said yes. His wife asked if we would like to come along to a nude party that evening at their house. I looked at Jim and said, why not. They gave us the address and the time and their closing remark was, wear something that comes off easily.

We stayed for another hour and packed up to go home. Left our clothes off until we got to the end of the beach when, Jim put on his shorts and I put on my bikini bottoms. I was feeling good about the whole nude thing now and wanted to experience a party, where everyone is naked and your all chatting away. We had a shower and started to get ready for the party. Jim put on a pair of trousers and a shirt and I put on a thin wrap dress, with a coat, as it was getting chilly.

We arrived at the house and rang the bell. Our host opened the door, totally anked and invited us in. He pointed to the pegs on the wall where we could put our clothes and took us through to the huge living room where there must have been at least 40 people. I did feel a little embarrassed at this point, because it was different to being in the sun. He poured us drinks and took us round the company introducing us. Drinks were flowing and the embarrassment soon disappeared as I relaxed. Jim was talking to a couple next to the window and I wondered over to the bar to refill my glass. Before I had chance to walk back over to Jim, 2 guys started to talk to me, typical chat up lines, which I was unwittingly responding to. One of the guys asked if we had a sauna in our house, which confirmed we had. He took my hand and said you must come and have a look at this one, it great. So off we went down a long corridor with doors leading off it, at the end of which was the sauna. He opened the door and led me in. This sauna was even bigger than the one we had and just inside the door was a punch bowl. Here try this warm punch, my new friend said as he poured a large glassful. We sat on the wooden benches chatting away and knocking back the punch to help with the heat. Another glass followed by another glass and I was now quite tipsy. The guy said why don’t you go up on the top shelf and lie down. At the time I thought it was a good idea. When I lay down, he decided to lay down beside me, I did say it was a huge sauna. My eyes closed and I felt myself drifting off not completely. A hand was on my stomach and was gently tracing its way up to my breasts, where it expertly massaged them, relaxing me even more. It then moved downwards and landed on the top of my legs, where it again very gently separated my legs. It felt good. I then felt fingers delving inside me. I was starting to purr, as I opened my legs even more. I could feel him climbing on top of me, but was completely helpless to do anything to prevent his eventual penetration. It was slow and precise and I was moving with him. A hand went onto my face and truned my head to the side,the next thing a rather large cock was presenting to my mouth. I quite fancied taking it in, as the cock inside me was now doing what it was supposed to do. I opened my mouth he gntly slid it in. This was something else. Here I was in a hot sauna, with a guy who I didn't know from Adam, (except of course Adam was lacking in clothes as well), pumping into me at one end and another pumping at the other. I had never done anything like this before. I came as I'd never come before, my whole body was shuddering with delight and as I kept shuddering my new lover pumped his fluids into me and my 2nd lvoer filled my mouth to overflowing. I was well and truly shagged. More later