Written by Paul

4 Jul 2009

As we got to know each other he casually sat down beside my wife and gazed down toward the water. There was an uncomfortable silence for a minute when he said. “Paul say’s you would never get your kit off in public?” “That’s right, I see no point frightening anyone by exposing my fat body” Now my wife is not fat, a little overweight I suppose, she is a lovely size 14/16 with nice firm boobs even though they are a 38DD, so it was no surprise to hear this young hunk answer “your not fat, you have a great body, much better than most who strip off here, but if you don’t want to strip off you don’t have too, but topples would be a good compromise”

“I don’t know” she answered “maybe later” A typical delaying tactic I thought, she wont.

This guy had said his name was Richard and lived quite close, just outside Helston, and worked shifts so he was lucky that he could get onto the beech quite often but his girlfriend worked normal 9-5 so he was mostly here on his own. All of a sudden my wife moved a little and her tits spilled out of her costume, we didn’t even notice she was slipping the costume straps off her shoulders, but there she was topless.

“Well. OK, is this what you want?” She remarked. “But I am not taking it all off”

I leant over and gave a comforting kiss and said thank you.

I started to get hard; it was knowing she was consciously letting another guy look at her beautiful breasts that got me aroused. I moved onto my front to hide it, but it had not gone unnoticed and Rachael said “your incorrigible, how can my getting my boobs out get you hard? “Not just me” I said with a grin, looking over at Richard who was laying on his side facing her with a huge hard-on.

I will have to put my costume back on then she said, “NO DON’T” rang out in stereo as Richard and I replied simultaneously. “Well I am ignoring you both then” she said.

It went quiet and all you could hear was the sound of the waves gently breaking onto the beech. Rachael just lay on her back with her eyes closed with Richard and I on either side of her, both stroking our cocks and studying her tits.

When Rachael did open her eyes she looked toward me first, seeing I was wanking she said “oh my god” and turned away toward Richard as if in disgust and not to look at me, but was greeted by Richard also rubbing his cock.

Rachael turned back onto her back and closed her eyes again, mutteting something like oh my god, were all get arrested, stop it.

There had been no physical contact as yet and so I moved in closer and my cock touched her hip. She did not react and just lay still. I whispered “touch me, make me cum babe, please”

She lifted her elbow and her hand came down onto my cock with the tips of her fingers stroking its head while I rubbed myself.

Now as a rule, sex for us is fairly brief, a little oral, then usually I get on top while she rubs her clit, I do all the in and out moving and we are normally climaxing together quite quickly. Its really nice sex actually.

But this was so different and I felt myself reaching a climax really quickly, and when I saw she had also put her other hand down onto Richards’s cock I shot my load. I only then realised she was also looking over at Richard. WOW.

I leaned in closer and kissed her nipple. She loved it, so I put my hand onto her tummy and slipped it down the front of her costume. Again, no rejection, I was amazed. I had my fingers going in and out her, she was soaking, but the costume really restricted what I could do.

In for a penny, in for a pound I thought. So I sat up and just started pulling at the costume. Only then did she freeze up. She took her hand off Richard and said “no more, no more, that’s it” I pleaded with her “just a little rubbing, that’s all, nothing more, I promise, just let me make you cum too, I know your really turned on babe” “ok, but that’s all, nothing else”

She lifted her bum off the towel and off came the costume.

She reclined back to her original position but let me pull a leg aside to open her up.

Richard was now on his knees and wanking his cock directly over her body looking down at her pubic hair watching my hand vigorously working her clit.

I had never been so close to another guys cock in a state sexual arousal like this and I wondered how on earth she could possibly resist plonking her mouth over it and sucking him, my mouth was watering just at the thought.

She has to be guided into doing everything.

Part 3 asap.