Written by New Nudists

31 May 2010

I have got to tell you what happened to us on a nude beach after reading the story about Pete. We went on holidays during February this year for our first time to fauerteventura, we were told by the travel agency that the beaches were spectacular, and we wanted a week where we could just relax. We walked up the beach from our hotel for ,about 20 minutes and realised that we were on the nudist section, my wife said that she didn't mind going on the nudist part but would rather walk a bit further up the beach to some sand dunes we could see. We got to the sand dunes and picked a dune that was not to far from the sea but far enough to be private, this being our first time to go nude. We both sat there for about 15 minutes until my wife said we are the only ones with costumes on and she took hers off and I did exactley the same, we both commented on how sexy it felt to be in the nude with other people and we felt a little turned on. We spent the morning sun bathing and having a little walk about watching other people to which ,everyone was clean shaven like my wife. During the afternoon we were both sun bathing and my wife was a little more adventurous she led there with her legs open, which showed off her big pussy lips, a man was walking towards us and said hellow, we both spoke back to him and he introduced him self as Pete, and we had a conversation for a while, Pete was looking at my wifes pussy which was having an effect on him, because he started to get a semi hard on which must have been about 6 inches big, Pete congratulated my wife on her big pussy lips and said that men found it very sexy, to my supprise my wife thanked him and opened her legs further and touched her lips that were now about 2 inched long and she said were getting wet. I was also getting a hard on and Pete asked if she fancied a massage, my wife looked at me and I said have one if you want to, she said ok and Pete nelt down and started to rub her shoulders after about 4 minutes Pete said it would be better if she led on her back, which she did and Pete nelt in between her legs facing her, Pete was now fully hard and was about 9/10 inches long, he parted my wifes legs so he could get closer to her and started to rub her legs, bum and lower back. I was now fully hard my self and my wife was laughing at me getting so turned on and said why dont you have a wank and get it over with, Pete had moved closer to my wife and was now sat down with a 9 to 10 inch hard on which was about 5 inches from my wifes swollen wet fanny, and he was rubbing her bum, which she said was nice, Pete looked at me for approval and i nodded back to say it was ok, I noticed my wife had opened her legs wider and was showing her big wet fanny, which was now about 2 minches from Pete cock, I was so turned on that I started to wank and my wife was watching me and said why should you have all the fun, Pete looked at me and gestured if it was ok for hime to move closer and I nodded yes, when he moved his cock touched my wifes fanny and she looked at me and smiled, so Pete jerked forward and entered my wife, I was starting to spunk with all the excitment and when my wife seen what was happening she moved back on to Pete cock untill it fully entered her, they were both moving faster and this total stranger was fucking my wife it was fantastic, Pete then jerked hard against her and spunked deep inside her, she was still jerking when Pete pulled out his cock which was dripping with spunk, and he finished her off with his hand untill she came. We said our good bye's to Pete and we were both so turned on by what had happeded that we went back to the hotel room and I licked and sucked her fanny which was still wet from Pete's spunk, what an experience which is a true story that we hope will be repeated again in the future - we are now converted nudists, and looking forward to our next holiday in october back to Fauerteventura.