Written by Jane

9 Jul 2012

My name is Jane 33, married, blonde, quite pretty with a decent figure even though I say it myself. I’ve read stories on your site on a few occasions and would like to get what happened to me off my chest.

I am a nurse and have been for 12 years, 10 years NHS and the last 2 Private.

Last month we admitted a 66 year old patient who I will call Jim, for a routine operation on his BUPA insurance. Jim was quite good looking and didn’t look his age.The nature of his operation would require a 3 day stay.

The clinic where I work, all patients get their own private room with all the mod cons. To get to the point, Day 2 of Jim’s stay after recovering from the anaesthetic, still being bed bound I was required to give him the routine bed bath. So I shut the door and pulled the bed curtains around his bed to preserve his dignity and provide some privacy. When I removed his pyjamas - WOW!!! What a penis – flaccid it was bigger and fatter than most males when erect. I’ve seen many cocks of all shapes and sizes in my 12 years of nursing, but nothing like Jim’s boner, I would imagine he would have been very popular with the girls in his youth (because I’m sure the word would have certainly got around).

I washed the back of his body first before gently rolled him back to on his front. I couldn’t take my eyes off his impressive manhood and the more I looked the hotter and wetter I got between my legs. I soaped my flannel told Jim to bend his legs started from his feet and worked the flannel upwards, once I had reached groin level I told him to straighten his legs, cleaned the flannel and generously re-soaped it and started washing his testicles, god they where so big and heavy obviously fully loaded with sperm. I took more time than I should have cleaning his bull like balls, before pulling his foreskin back and soaping and washing his monstrous cock in a up and down motion..

Jim’s penis starting to swell and harden in my hand, He apologised saying he could stop it, as it had been while since he’d had a women’s touch, I assured him it was a common occurrence. In no time he was fully erect, I would guess it must have been 9” and so thick I couldn’t get my hand and flannel around it, it was so hard a was perfectly banana shaped. It was at least 3” longer and was twice the thickness of my husband’s and it possessed the most pronounced sperm pipe I’ve ever experienced. I just couldn’t release the beast. My panties where so sodden, I could feel my juices beginning to leak through my thin panty gusset and was making my upper thighs sticky.

Soaping his pole up and down, I was sub-consciously actually wanking him off, his foreskin was so stretched - probably caused by shagging lots of tight pussy. I discarded the flannel. It suddenly occurred to me that I was breaking the code of nursing, something that has never ever entered my head before.

I noticed pre-cum starting to leak and I couldn’t resist and I will never forgive myself because I licked the spunk pearl from the eye of his knob. I then proceeded to tongued under his foreskin causing his shaft to twitch, before putting his nectarine sized and coloured bulbous bell-end in my mouth and started sucking him off; wanking his length up and down in a twisting movement and playing with his heavy balls all at the same time. I was so horny and completely mesmerised by his massive cock, the size of his release vein and the feel of his fully load bollocks I just wanted his cream.

Jim was moaning saying how good my cock sucking was and that it was better than any pain killers. Jim’s hand started to wonder up the inside of my sticky thigh and found the soaking wet gusset of my white panties. He said you are so fucking hot and wet and I want to stretch and fill your tight cunt fill you with my oats. Hearing this encouraged me to sucked his swollen helmet and squeezed his balls even harder.

I have been married 6 years and never been unfaithful, nor have I had sex with a patient as the consequences if caught, would be horrendous. But I was too far gone and be honest I didn’t care; I was incensed with lust and I just wanted Jim’s fat prick up me.

Jim had 2 fingers inside me finger fucking me whilst playing with my clitty with his thumb, I felt my love hole start twitching which lead to the first orgasm rip through my body. Jim sensed this and said if you don’t stop sucking and start fucking you will get a mouthful of spunk and believe me I come lots. I stopped sucking Jim’s leaking dick. I moved my wet smelly panties to one side, took my nurse’s dress off and mounted the stud,

Although we didn’t kiss at any time, Jim rubbed his knob up and down my wet slit and over my swollen clitoris attempting to insert it into my wanton pussy.

It was a struggle but he managed to penetrate and once balls deep with his cock head nudging the entrance of my cervix; I creamed again all over his unbelievable cock. He played and sucked my tits while he fucked me good and proper causing another 2 orgasms before saying he was about to fill my well fucked cunt with spunk.

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for some time without any luck. So I was totally unprotected. – Then I felt his massive penis and cum pipe swell stretching my pussy to its limits prior to a final thrust, lodging his knob end into my womb and with a loud groan I felt his cock pulsate spending load after load of semen into my fanny. I have never had so much hot seed pumped inside of me forcing my 5th cum.

What seemed like ages it was actually only about 15 mins, I got dressed, adjusted my panties, dusted myself down and went about my normal duties. A colleague asked if I was OK as I looked flushed and told me sit down and rest for a while which I did. The problem was I had to find a pad because Jim had cum so much it was flooding out of my gaping hole and with my panties not offering any resistance I was worried it would drip out of me and run down my legs or even worse onto the floor in front of a colleague...

Jim was discharged early so I didn’t see him again, however my husband is now over the moon because he shagged me that night commenting on how wet I was, little did he know all he was doing adding his small amount of juice to Jim’s, but I’m pregnant – so If it’s a boy I name him after Jim’s proper name.