Written by Nylon_pylon

16 May 2010

Those of you who have seen my comments before will know I am an ordinary mature guy of 49 with a cross dressing fetish, actually its more of a nylon fetish (tights)over the years I was talked into wearing high heels mini skirts etc to show off more my muscular legs and l have to say I enjoyed it, but there is no way I could ever female, so brfor the meetings I have had I made it perfectly clear what to expect.

The older I get the more I think of giving up the crossdressing and just getting on with life in the hope that at some point I manage to get a little bi fun along the way. I have recently experienced my first full tv and what a pleasure that was.

Sevearal months ago I wrote about my partners uncle who enjoyed seeing me dressed up and we had a little session. I did think things would develop further but sadly not. I got on with things. I am a Leeds lad and in my truck driving days used to stop outside the beautiful parks we have and walk the woods wearing a full basque with stockings under my work clothes in the hope of a sexy encounter.

Coming from middleton there is a lovely park just minutes from my house. I have recently started to jog there as at my age the weight is harder to shift and due to being made redundant I can go at lunch times. Obviously I dont run in stockings but live in the hope of a meet and feel that during the day any lone man I run into who is not walking a dog just might be there for more than the fresh air.

Just yesterday (saturday) my partner went on one of her shopping trips while I wasto go running, its a great excuse for not having to follow her around the shops. When she got into town she ran into her uncle who was dropping his own partner off to do some shopping.

As I put on my trainers the phone went, are u at home now aked her uncle who was obviously driving whilst on the mobile. When I told him I was just going jogging he said sod that I am on my way to yours can you dress up for me. I told him I would need a shave I looked a sight. Never mind all that just the mini skirt and heels will do hurry I am almost there, he then explained how he had met my partner in town.

within minutes I had the black lycra mini on sheer black tights, no undies as I like the feel of nylon on my arse and super high heels. I was sat on the side of my bed fastening the shoes when he knocked and walked in. I called to him from the bedroom and heard him run upstairs. I was expecting some reaction to the plain t shirt I had on and the fuzzy growth around my face from the lack of shaving but he seemed only to notice my lower half. Before I had done up the shoes his cock was out and his groin pushed into my face, I did want to ask why he had not called but he took a hold of my head and deeply fucked my mouth. I had hardly moved, still sitting on the side of the bed with him standing between my open legs thrusting his hips at me. Jesus I though hes going for it here and I am going to get a mouthful and quickly at this rate.

Suddenly he stopped stood me up to face him, pushed his tongue deep into my mouth not caring about the stubble on my face and began to clasp my arse with his hands. Within minutes he was behind me my back to his chest as he pulled on my nipples the worked his way into my tights to pull the waist band of them under my balls. We both moaned and groaned panted and sighed and I expected him to bend me over any second.

To my surprise whilst still behind me he began to walk from the bedroom pushing me along infront. He took me to the bathroom and pushed me right up against the wash basin so my cock and balls were in the basin, I thought he was going to wank me into the sink but he kept pushing and pushing until I finally got the idea he wanted me to mount the basin.

There I was like a horse rider my cock between the two taps, balls hanging in the sink, both legs dangling either side of the basin and my big firm arse hanging over the edge towards him.

As I sat there he ripped the nylon apart and that sexy sound sent a wave of pleasure through me. He reached forward to the wall mounted soad dish and lathered his fingers with the wet soap, he then gave me a 2 fingered arse poking that had me holding onto the taps for support whilst looking at my own face in the mirror infront of me.

Whether he had planned it previously I dont know, but the height was perfect, the head of his cock was already popping into my tight soappy hole and with ease the entire length of his shaft was pushed right up my big firm overhanging arse.

There I was mounted on the basin his hands firmly on my hips as he took long slow thrusts at me, each one made a little cum just dribble out of my own cock. I wont repeat what was said between us as you say silly things whilst in the heat of passion.

His paced quickened, again he clamped my nipples hard making me moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure, he swore, called me dirty names and released his tide of spunk into me.

I can only speak for myself, but when I have a cock deep in my arse I get an immense feeling of relief and intense excitement when its fully withdrawn, its like my arse hole tightens up again and just as it tightened I shot my own load between the taps.