Written by Nylon_pylon

2 May 2012

I have been a crossdresser for years and have posted several stories here in the past. I make no claim to be glamorous or fem in anyway,I dont do make up or wigs. I have a good body for my 51 years and accept that like most of us I looked better when younger.

In my early 20's I was slim and athletic and always had a passion for dressing in the mini skirts, heels, and most of all sheer black nylon tights. Tights always do it for me, the feel of my firm sexy arse and cock encased in nylon, is my personal kink. I love the women, but when dressed like that I always wanted to be in the company of men, and have enjoyed many sexual encounters with them over the years.

At 51 I still keep myself in good shape and get asked if I play rugby, as that is my type of build, so I guess I must still look younger to be asked if I play at my age. My legs are by far my best feature, big thighs, firm buttocks, and muscular calfs that look good when I bother to dress.

This may seem quite a tame story, as I tend not to dress too much these days, or meet anymore. I like to stay in shape by taking long walks in my local park, as it keeps the old legs firm. During these walks I have noticed on many occasions several disgarded pairs of tights, even the odd stocking just laying by the more remote footpaths. I like to think naughty things were going on for these items to be abandoned in the woods, maybe the stocking was torn or the tights cum stained and had to be left behind.

Then my over active imagination began to wonder if other male tight wearers or cd's were out in the woods like me, so it gave me the little kick start I needed to begin dressing again.

Now when I walk in the woods I always have my black nylon tights under my trackie bottoms, and love the thrill of walking in them. Sadly there is no great erotic outcome to this tale. I walked for many month, chatting as I do to many familiar faces, dog-walker etc, no one ever knowing I was covered in nylon underneath. Then just the once at the start of spring< I was having a conversation with a chap more or less my age, when I began to suspect he was flirting with me. I say suspect because he held back, and I didnt want to blow it by making the wrong move, so we parted. As I walked away I became very aware of how sexually excited I was by our chat, the feel of secret nylon. I glanced over my shoulder to see him walking away and he glanced back several times. At one point we both walked backwards watching each other, now too far apart to see each others face, I whispered to myself for him to walk back but he never did. He waved and somehow that wave told me he knew we both missed out. As I stood watching him disappear my erect nylon covered cock exploded in my tights just at the thought of seeing him again. I quicky nipped into the more wooded area and slipped off my cum filled tights, and left them hanging on a branch leaving them there for someone to discover and wonder like I had, when I found so many, how they had got there.