Written by Girl

6 Oct 2012

Where do i begin? Too far back and it would bore you, straight to the nitty grtty and you wouldn't understand my compliance, which to many of you may seem quite odd.

My name is linda, i'm 34, size 12, 5'3" with shoulder length hair and i'm a natural redhead, and yes, my collar and cuffs do match.

Rob my husband, is 60, and we've been together since i was 18.

We've enjoyed a great life together, and ive never seen the age difference as a problem or even odd.

Friends use to say he dominated me, and my sister use to say he daddied me, but if true, i never noticed it and ive always felt loved, protected and cared for.

We use to enjoy Naturist sun clubs, naturist spa's and he use to love photographing me in various poses, usually naked and often with someone else but despite orally stimulating the other model and them me, we'd only pretend to actually making love.

A couple of years ago my husband had a nasty accident, which left him impotent and quite limited in some physical activities. For a man of his standing, this was devastating and for a good 18 months he lost all interest in life.

I took on many of the jobs he use to love doing and amongst them was the gardening.

It was after cutting back a lot of the bushes around our summerhouse and replanting the rockery that i mentioned how achy i was and even a hot soak in the bath hadn't eased the tenderness in my shoulders.

The following day, Rob returned home from the bowls club and seemed quite buoyant.

As usual i made him a cuppa of tea and took it through to him. Thanking me, he added, that as i was so achy and tender he'd booked me a massage from a guy recommended to him by Ann and Betty from the bowls club.

I thought it most kind of him and couldn't wait for the following evening, which was when he'd arranged my appointment.

I really felt the benefit of the massage and could have laid there all evening.

Whilst it was completely professional, i was fully aware of his hands as they ran across my breasts and as they kneaded the muscles of my inner thighs, i was willing his fingers to touch my throbbing labia, but they always stopped just short and each time the towel rose slightly higher than was necessary, he always preserved my modesty by pulling it down again.

Rob came to pick me up and asked xxxx about any further treatment, the outcome of their conversation was that i'd undergo a further four treatments 1 week apart.

It was after the 2nd visit when Rob picked me up that xxxx said he was welcome to wait during any further treatments. Rob thanked him and accepted saying it would save him the drive to and fo.

On the third visit, on arrival we all sat chatting for a while as i was his last client, the outcome of which was xxxx agreeing to Rob watching him massage me, so Rob could pick up some tips should he want to massage me himself.

Despite Rob hinting that he was quite happy for the towels to be removed if it was easier, Paul said they weren't only in place to protect my modesty, but also to keep me warm and continued to massage in the same way as before, and whilst i'd of been more than happy for the towels to be removed and for his fingers to explore my more intimate folds, and throbbing nipples, he kept it purely professional.

It was after the massage that Paul invited us to stay for a coffee, which for the boys, turned out to be a Murphy's and a lager for me.

As we spoke xxxx told us of a friend he had that was proud of the fact, that his wife was in fact also his slave and they weren't bothered who knew about their lifestyle.

Rob asked more and more questions on the subject and as we left, he'd asked xxxx to find out if we could meet his mate to find out more.

The following week it had all been arranged, and whilst xxxx massaged me, Rob sat chatting to xxxx's "mate" Barry about owning a slave and the fetish lifestyle in general.

The outcome of that conversation was we had agreed to attend a munch with Barry and his slave (wife). A munch is where like minded people meet and chat.

I was like a fish out of water, but Rob seemed to be lapping up the atmosphere and accepted barry's offer to put Angie (his wife) across his knee and spank her.

He was then shown how to flog a slave by some guy who owned a petite lady that was absolutely beautiful and was clearly devoted to her Master. I winced with each crack of the flogger as it landed across her naked back, but i noticed her skin was only going a deep shade of pink, and weren't a lattice work of wounds.

Rob then invited Barry to spank me. Having seen how red Angie's bum was, i was to be honest quite afraid, but forced myself to comply.

Once i was across Barry's knee, he raised my skirt and eased the back of my briefs into the crack of my bum, which exposed my cheeks. He told Rob that as i was new to being spanked, he'd go easy on me. I cried out with each smack and was nearly in tears as he told me to stand, yet i was also feeling quite horny and turned on as the pain subsided.

Rob was shown the various floggers, paddles and ropes that other people used and i could tell he was enjoying the whole thing.

On the way home he said if it was ok with me, we'd attend a party the following week, that we'd sign up to a web site most of the people at the munch belonged to and if i was happy to, i'd also become his slave girl. But i must understand that any wrong doings would not be tolerated and i would have to be punished if i displeased him.

I was ok with all that and could see the appeal, but i was more swayed by the fact that Rob had his old spark back again and it made me very happy to see him focused on something.

Over the next few months we've really taken to the lifestyle and converted a spare room into a play room.

Last night we took things a step further and I was bound, fucked and flogged by a small group of 3 especially invited Masters, after which i was showered by their slaves after which we then served our masters some refreshments.

I'm now proud to call myself a slave and i strive to make my Master happy and obey his every order without hesitation.

I know this wasnt very sexy, but master has said in time, i will get better at writing.

Thank you for reading this. xxxxxxxxxxxxx