Written by Girl

11 Oct 2012

Good day to you all.

Many thanks to lipspreader8 and the others who kindly left positive comments about my previous post.

As you'll recall, my name is Linda and im married to, plus owned and collared, mind, body and soul to Rob, my Master.

Yesterday morning master took me to a photoshoot, i was to model for a friend of his.

I expected it to be fetish gear, and was secretly hoping it to be leather wear, i dont think i'd like rubber wear although i'd never worn any and i couldn't see it being a fashion shoot as i knew my master and his friends too well.

The studio turned out to be a spare room in Masters Gregs house and in stead of large studio lights with the big diffusing boxes on top, there were two flash guns and a camera, each mounted on a tripod and all facing a king sized bed. knowing my master and his friends i weren't surprised, but i was, if im honest, disappointed, as i'd of loved some quality prints of me in some sexy and revealing clothes.

Master gregs slave M, ushered me into the kitchen where we made our Masters a cup of tea.

It was as the tea was brewing that she outlined the details of the shoot.

Like your probably thinking now, i thought i was going to do a shoot with M, who was Petite, aged about 25-30, blonde and with a figure that had clearly never carried a child.

I was wrong, she was to play the part of a nurse and i was to be the patient. But there was also to be a Dr in the story, this turned out to be Master Ben.

If i'm honest, i didn't like him that much, he was muscular, really good looking and always had a group around him, eager to hear one of his tales, which if i'm honest, did make me along with everyone else smile, but he was too handsome not rugged or distinguished, and to me, he was far too young to be a master, or at least one that i could look up to with absolute respect.

M helped me undress and assisted me as in slipping on the nightie that Master said that i was to wear.

Her hands caressed more than assisted me as i wriggled out of my clothes, but with aching nipples and a throbbing clitoris i was enjoying her every touch.

With the tea brewed, we took it through to the lounge, M knelt by her master and left me to serve the refreshments.

My nipples were clearly poking through the nighties thin material and my master drew attention to that fact.

Master Ben Picked up on my master's comment and asked permission to touch me.

My Master confirmed i was available for either of the masters to touch as they wished.

Master Ben reached up a caressed my breasts, pinched my nipple and said, roll on the photoshoot, because ive waited a long time to get my hands on you.

When i served Master Greg, he told me to stand closer.

He throw me slightly, because, in stead of reaching for me boobs, he slipped his hand beneath the nightie's hem and ran his hand up my leg, and without stopping, slid his fingers straight into my pussy.

"My god Benny boy, this bitch is dripping just from you touch", adding "You've got one horny little slut here Rob" he said smiling at my master.

Three or four times he probed his fingers inside me before easing them from me saying to M,Lick my fingers clean Girl.

We then knelt silently listening, whilst the Masters discussed a range of topics over their tea.

Having cleared the cups away, we then made our way back into the bedroom.

I was told to get into bed and M was told to get the Dr's bag out of the cupboard.

Master ben entered the room wearing a white lab coat and My master was making ready his camera.

I did ask about any storyline, but Master Greg said "Just go with the flow and do as your told, you horny bitch, who do you think you are, bloody Liz Taylor"?

I know better than try to explain, so apologised and asked for his forgiveness.

M handed Master Ben the genuine looking Dr's bag saying, "thank you for coming Dr, this is Linda, she is complaining of chest pains and i thought it best to ring you in case its important"?

He said it wasn't a problem and asked M to pull back the covers so he could examine me.

He places the stethoscope on various parts of my body and felt my boobs, he then pinched my nipple quite hard which made me flinch and cry out.

"She's obviously very tender around her chest nurse, you did right to call me. I think it best if we took her nightdress off so i can have a better look at her".

M and Dr Ben eased the nightie from me then laid me down again.

As Master Ben probed, prodded and squeezed every inch of my body i heard my masters camera capturing every moment.

Master Ben then told M to suck my nipple to test for reflexes. As she bite, sucked and tweaked one nipple, he did the same on the other.

Nothing wrong there he said sitting up and running his hands over my breasts and nipples, which by this time were so hard you could have hung your coat on them.

Standing up he said i think your trying to pull a sicky on me, as i cant find a thing wrong, now before i waste any more time, are you ill, or just pretending?

My immediate thought was, My Master thinks of every thing and had put the control of the shoot back in my hands, obviously if i wanted the shoot to finish i just had to say sorry Dr, your right, i was just pretending, if on the other hand i wanted it to continue a bit further, i could say that i genuinely felt ill.

But before i had chance to answer, M pleaded forgiveness saying, we're sorry dr, We didn't mean any harm, but linda needs a week off so she can join her hubby on a trip to Germany, and i thought this was one way of sorting it.

Master Ben said, for him not to report M, she had better strip off and continue with the examination and if i wanted a sick note, i'd have to do something for him, and i could start by sucking his dick.

"i can't afford to lose my job hun M said by way of explanation as she had already began to strip and a second later her breasts popped into view as she eased her tunic over her head.

Master ben undid his fly, eased his semi hard dick from his trousers saying, well its up to you, whats it to be?

M had already made her decision because her head was just an inch from my pussy and her fingers were easing my lips apart. As her tongue made contact with my clitoris, i bent forward and took Ben into my mouth.

I soon had him hard and after telling M to sit sit astride of my face he eased himself from me.

i ate M and she enthusiastically grind-ed her moist fanny against my eager mouth.

Master Ben had obviously stripped off because i felt his naked body brush against me.

He told M to move off me for a bit, then pulling me down the bed slightly he positioned him self between my thighs and without a word pushed himself inside me. After a few thrusts and a little shuffle here and there he told M to kneel across my face once again, but this time facing him so he could play with both of our tits at the same time.

There was no tenderness in his actions, he was rough and quite brutal as he pounded, eased, then pounded once again inside me.

"If you think this hurts, wait till next time you bitch he grunted, cos next time im going to have your tight little arse".

After a few more thrusts, he eased himself from me and told M to get off my face and lay on her back.

He then told me to kneel and eat M, whilst he serviced me from behind.

Although i was wet and really turned on, i moaned in sheer ecstasy as he drove himself deep inside me. I swear he was so deep i felt him hitting my womb with each push, and as i licked M's freshly shaven pussy i felt him ease his thumb into my anus. Without warning i shook and shuddered as a orgasm ripped through me. I bent forward to take even more, thumb and dick inside me and with my own thumbs I eased M's lips apart, which exposed her hood for me to suck on. But in stead of taking me deeper, he pulled himself from me and grabbing me by the hair, he pulled me into a position where both master's could shoot him fucking my face. Suddenly he tensed, tightened his grip on my hair and grunted swallow mr you little bitch, i was trying to swallow my own spittle when he ejaculated inside my mouth, i couldnt keep up with his load, and as it squirted into the back of my throat some was dribbling down my chin.

My Master had moved closer and his lens was nearly touching me, but i noticed he was smiling, so i'd done well to make him happy.

M and i showered then served the masters more tea.

Master ben said i was great to work with and next time he'd be joined by a few more masters.

i looked towards my master for confirmation, but he was smiling at Ben and said, Knock ya self out, she can take anything you her Benny boy.

I shall take that as a challenge Rob, and up the wager by adding a case of wine as a sweetener?

"Your on" was my masters immediate reply, then looking at me, he said, I know my Girl would never let me down.

I hope i have written this in a more favourable manner. Master caned me for the last one because i didnt go int enough detail.