Written by timefor it

1 Nov 2013

I was at home and the wife, Liz was doing some late work when she eventually strolled in with a grin on her face that you would not be able to wipe off for a week.

I asked what she had been up to and she lifted her skirt to reveal no panties and a silky sliver between her thighs and a stain on her hold ups. Hold ups for work was a novelty so I sought an explanation for the light hearted entry and the mysterious lack of underwear coupled with hold ups on a Wednesday.

She promised to reveal all after we had eaten as she was starving. I had prepared the meal so my anticipation was shortened somewhat, but my bulging jeans gave away my suspicion that she had been having fun. She asked if she ought to shower and I firmly replied that I needed to be given the chance to clean her up first if she did not mind.

Food finished with, she suggested we went upstairs. Curtains closed and bedside lights on, she knelt on the bed open legged, her skirt displaying her wet cunt lips. A customer had called in and enjoyed a coffee and as it was a quiet day, she had been in conversation with him. He was a rep and got round to trying to sell her something, his patter was normal but he kept saying very suggestive things as they spoke, double entendres and some out and out sexy talk. He was obviously getting to her in a big way as she admitted he was young and good looking and seemed to be directing his smutty suggestions to her.

Being a size twelve 5' 6" tall woman of fity years of age, but with a looked after body propped up by lovely legs and large breasts to cushion a head and a mouth to kiss and have a cock sucked by, he asked if she would be open around six as he would be calling if he could at the end of the day so she could see his wares a bit better. Liz agreed, she admitted her nipples had been sticking out through her thin top as he ran his gaze over her.

When he had gone she felt very randy and it stayed with her finding she was watching the clock awaiting his return. At around three in the afternoon after being fairly busy she decided that her legs would be better off in a skirt rather than jeans so she shut the shop and returned home, just five minutes away, showered and changed into a short skirt and the hold ups, some sexy underwear and then returned to the shop.

At six she saw his car flash past the shop and his face quickly check she was open, the lights were on and she was ready. He parked up and entered the shop with a bunch of flowers in his hand for her and a quick hello kiss. She made some small talk whilst drawing the window blind separating the display and its lighting to viewers from the street, isolating them in a cosy shop with the door firmly locked.

She then gave him a long kiss and they were rubbing bodies against each other in a close embrace. Liz said she wanted to see his wares as he had promised and squeezed his cock over his trousers. He unzipped and she extracted his prick, a generous eight inches with a lovely rotund head, dark red and delicious looking.

Liz found he had sneakily undone her skirt and felt it being pushed down and it slipped to her ankles and she then stepped out of it. Going directly to her knees, she tugged his trousers and pants down together and slipped off his shoes and socks along with getting his clothing off and making him naked from the waist down. He removed his jacket and shirt and his body looked strong and manly although she would have preferred a little more hair on his chest she was not complaining.

His cock was being stroked across her face as he played with it, directing it to her lips, opening them it slipped slowly in and she tasted him for the first time. Obviously liking it she took it all the way as far as her gag reflex allowed, his balls touching her chin, a very satisfied sigh from him and a lot of sucking and heavy breathing from her. She sat him down on an armchair used for the coffee seating area and she gave him a thorough exercise in cock sucking and the art of taking a cock until the spunk was almost in her throat and then stopping and talking dirty while allowing him to undress her.

He was loving it and asked if she wanted to share his bed at a hotel later that night. She said she would like to take things a bit at a time but if he satisfied her then it was a distinct possibility. By then her top and bra had disappeared over the back of the armchair and her panties were on the coffee table. Her slim, 9 1/2 stone body was a hit with him and he kept repeating how lovely she was as she stood for him to explore her delicate folds and finger her cunt. He laid her across the table and returned the favour, licking her tasty cunt and burying his tongue as deep as he could. His efforts were rewarded by a long and heavy cum from her, squirting across the table and onto the floor, pooling between her feet and running down his face and chin, dripping onto his chest.

They were now rampant, he stood above her wanking his cock and saying that she was going to get a lot of spunk in her for being such a naughty dirty girl. That talk spurred her on, taking his cock she told him to fuck her with it and give her the spunk she was desperate for. Like animals they fucked, missionary then doggy style before he exploded inside her as she screamed for as much spunk as he could give, he strained and filled her, she felt four good shots of cum and a few minor ones, the warmth making her cum again, well fucked.

Se revealed that they stayed naked for around an hour longer, then he begged her to visit him and stay the night at the hotel, giving her his mobile number and saying he had a whole night of fucking if she wanted it. I was rampant by now and she asked if I minded her going for a good fucking from another man, knowing my answer was always yes as she had done this many times before. I said I was happy for her to go but I needed to ;ick her out first and then fuck her so she had a taste of my spunk to offer him to lick from her cunt.

I was naked and ready for her, going down and tasting the salty deposit he had given her. As I did she said she loved the idea of him fucking her again and that if he would, a few pictures of her in his room would be coming my way. My night was complete, the fabulous taste of her fucked cunt, then her dressing again and going into the night to a hotel for me and getting fucked by a different cock, what a lovely and admittedly raunchy night. Some may say it was odd, but as a lover of my wife's ways, encouraged by me, I was having the time of my life, a night of wanking and waiting knowing a few miles away my lovely sexy wife was naked with another man's cock deep in her sexy cunt and that in the morning she was coming home to show me her well used hole, puffed up and pink from its ravaging, but full of sexy cum.