Written by Jonniespunk

4 May 2018

“The best laid schemes of mice and men,” wrote Robert Burns, “oft go awry.”

We’d already plotted in a series of horny messages how we hoped things would pan out. We’d forgo the tea ritual and get straight down to it, which is exactly what happened. I just got him straight to the bedroom and instantly began feeling him up and snogging the face off him. Pete was going to get his butt pounded with no mercy. I’d fucked him once before of course, but it wasn’t ideal. That first time I’d had him doggy-style for maximum penetration, though I think he was hoping for a face-to-face encounter. Also, the condom snagged, required adjusting and then changing and finally when I achieved rhythmic strokes I just came too soon. A milestone was reached but it wasn’t the full Monty as it were. This was going to be round two. Except it wasn’t quite like that.

As we snogged I started to get him out of his clothes and pushed my hand right down into his pants. Pete was rock solid already. This fella can go from candy floss to cast iron in a nanosecond. He was also a little damp with precum. Talk about being ready and raring to go. I stroked and sucked his nipples as he was fighting his way into my kit to reciprocate. He tweaked and stroked my nipples, which are the on switch for me as they’re wired directly to my cock. I have no idea what sort of funny neurological quirk that involves but touch my nipples and I get a stiffy.

Free of clothes we eventually fell into a heap on the bed. After a lot of stroking and kissing we find ourselves locked in a sixty-nine licking each other’s bollocks, perineum and then he takes the whole length of my dick into his mouth and do the same with his. I usually go au natural with my balls, but on this occasion trimmed them up to encourage Pete to lick them. I’d done this with considerable difficulty. Let’s just say the process wasn’t entirely pain free and bloodless! Anyhow, it has the desired effect with Pete gently sucking each of my balls and fingering my man hole. I love how he does this. I’ve met guys who are like a bull at a gate with balls and you end walking like John Wayne for a week. He’s gentle and caresses them in the warmth of his mouth and uses delicate strokes of the tongue. I think this might be one of the advantages of having a straight fuck-buddy more used to eating pussy… well that and the fact that for reasons inexplicable some gay guys go in for CBT. No that’s not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as I once thought, but cock/ball torture! There’s no accounting for tastes. Live and let live.

At one point after sucking and licking my bollocks, Pete goes further back with his tongue running it up and down my perineum and getting close to my butt hole. This is so intensely pleasurable that I instinctively try to lift my arse up off the bed to get the target under his tongue. I don’t quite make it, but the anticipation of getting rimmed is exquisite and it makes me tremble a bit. A wave of gooseflesh moves up from deep in my groin, over my torso and my tits are absolutely fizzing. “Fuck my arse,” isn’t something I say in my encounters with guys, but I find myself uttering the words as I am overwhelmed by the desire to get filled with his jizz. “Condom, yes or no,” I say as I stand up over him. He hesitates for a second and then shakes his head from side to side. “Sure,” “Yep, I’m sure.”

Now before anyone jumps onto any high horses, if you read about our previous sessions here you’ll know we’ve already talked about the fact that safer sex isn’t reducible to condoms. If two guys know their HIV status and both are negative and they’re keeping any encounters with others safer, then in terms of HIV a condom free fuck is okay. I think Pete and I are going to be fuck buddies for a good while and I’m happy to stick to the condom rule with others and get tested regularly as a way of staying healthy. Hell’s teeth, I’m a confirmed fully certificated top and I’m surrendering the pink to Pete, so cut me some slack. I don’t do this much!

I squeeze a good handful from a tube of lube and massage it over full length of Pete’s hard on as he lies on his back. With one leg on the bed and one on the floor, I take the next squeeze of lube and push it up my arse with two fingers and smear it into my butt crack. Then I do something I’ve never actually done before, I straddle him and lower myself down, gradually impaling myself on his cock. I just sit there for a few seconds before I begin a rocking motion, my arse sliding effortlessly up and down his pole. It’s not uncomfortable as such, and much of the pleasure is coming from watching him and the idea he’s going to cum inside me.

After a couple of minutes, we switch positions to spoons. This doesn’t feel comfortable. He’s pulling my hair! That’s the hair around my fuck hole. I didn’t make such a good job of trimming this. Christ how do you guys do it without a trip to A&E? I don’t know why it’s the one place on my body with an abundance of hair. God’s little joke maybe. Killjoy! So, we swap again, and I go full slut on my hands and knees right at the side of the bed presenting my hairy hole to Pete who is now standing up. He enters me very gently at first stopping when he’s just past my ring to ask if I’m okay. Then he eases the rest in. Pete classifies his cock as small, but in reality, it’s average in length if on the girthy side. I know some boys dream of being fucked by 9” porn star proportion dicks, but I’m really glad my fuck buddy is as much as I can manage! He starts with some slow thrusting. My cock has softened a bit, but I can feel my own precum running down my leg. His thrusting speeds up and I push back to get the feel of his balls on my arse cheeks. “Empty your balls into me.” I encourage him. I try to squeeze his dick as his breathing deepens and quickens. He reaches around to wank me, but I push his hand away, I want him to pay full attention to the feel of his cock up another fellas butt. “Fuck me. I want to feel your spunk in me.” This time it’s more of a command. I realise he’s probably watching in mirrored wardrobe doors. This makes me push back again. His cock feels as solid as rock and he’s thrusting faster and faster. “I’m cumming,” “Yes, yes spunk in me.” He cries out as he pumps me full of hot spunk.

I flop back onto the bed on my back and immediately he grabs my cock. I take his hand away and urge him to lie still and relax for a while as I’m not eager to cum straight away. I want him to take in the experience.

“Bet you weren’t expecting that were you?”

“No, I wasn’t, I thought you’d be fucking me.”

“So did I. I’m a top, Or I was until five minutes ago. I was just overwhelmed by the idea of getting your load inside me.”

We both have a laugh about what just happened. I tell Pete that if he wants me smooth he’s going to have to shave me. Indeed, my cock stirs at the thought of it! There are places I simply cannot see or reach. Then I learn something. Pete’s smooth big balls and hairless crevice are down to Veet. Who knew? That’s the straight fella giving the gay guy grooming tips. You don’t see that on Will & Grace.

Pete sits up over me and strokes my balls and cock. “Do you want to cum?” I nod in the affirmative. He plays with my tits and wanks me and I can feel the sap rising gradually. As my orgasm builds to a crescendo he quickens the pace and cum explodes from me with the first jet hitting the pillow beside me and my ear, the next one is in my beard and then several more spurts over my chest and belly.

Well that wen't awry in the nicest possible way!